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Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 13

Wow, that sure is convenient! I can't wait to never explain it.

by shadowstrand
Was it supposed to do that?

a sticky...and slimy situation

by kieselcamper
Collaborative Confusion #2: Hotline Sloth

When that slothline bling

by 1337_masta
Just Cake #13

With time, comes change.

by flameshard
The Purrfect Cookie Household

Inside the Mind of a Lupe... one in particular!

by purrfect_cookie
Legends and... Letters? (Part 04 - Fountain Faerie)

A message for the Fountain Faerie

by _annefrank_
Jhudora's Bad Day

What a horrible day in Faerieland...

by paperbackstab
I'm not a real Grarrl

Does Clarence Chichester Coggeshale even know what a Gelert is?

by simbologies
Chaos Causers: Shopping Troubles

Those poor employees who have to dispose of each item every 20-40 minutes or so.

by huntercn
Balthazar's Secret

The truth about Extreme Herder

by dianalovee
The Misadventures of Lenny - Snow Problem

sNOw problem

by mandypandy667
Round Table Poker Champion!

Why else he would have so many coins?

by neopieceluffy
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"An Off Morning" by arqien
Larry woke up early Tuesday morning. Something was off, but he couldn't quite place it. Sure, he woke up before his alarm went off - but that wasn't it. He didn't really want to get out of bed, but he felt it better to just get up and moving. If he stayed in bed he would just wallow in his thoughts and considering how off he already felt, it wasn't a chance he was eager to take. He got up and put coffee on as he does every morning, and he whipped up a bowl of Fantastic Fly Pie - a Quiggle's favorite breakfast. It was a tradition he carried down from his father, at least. So, maybe not an official sentiment, but a family motto he stood by. Larry slowly made his way upstairs to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and to finish washing up for the morning. He decided to take a longer shower this morning, as he got up a bit earlier than usual, and he was enjoying the warm water, wishing the weather outside were as warm and satisfying as the water pouring down from his showerhead. "I'm so in need of a vacation," Larry thought as he wrapped up his shower and prepared to get dressed. Larry is a manager over at the NC Mall.

Other Stories


Steel- The Greatest Chef in the World!...Almost
A little poogle's dreams come true...well almost

by rkbear


The Faerie Academy
Joura stared at the paper on the desk before her, pencil poised and ready to write. She knew she would be forced to make this decision before graduating the Faerie Academy, but it had come so soon.

by kenorencee


Do You Love Free Stuff?
Do you love free stuff? I think we all do. There is just something so satisfying about getting something without paying for it, whether it is a really rare Battledome weapon or even just a common NeoHome decoration.

by cinnamontea


15 Overlooked Petpets
I'm not here to bash Kadoaties, Snowbunnies, Warfs or Meepits (especially Meepits). They all have legitimate reasons to be popular! But there are hundreds of Petpet species all over Neopia that need homes, and spreading the word of their existence can help these lesser-known critters.

by applepowder


The River that Flows Eternal
Morning came with little fanfare. Evett and Rikti woke and stood slowly, squinting in the light. The rainclouds were gone, leaving only a muggy scent on the air. Today was a warm day, sure to get warmer.

by movie138music


Harker's Story
The problem – one of them, at least – with owning the single copy of a rare, priceless, personal and dangerous item – was that Harker couldn’t tell anyone.

by tanikagillam

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