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Halloween Shopkeepers to Creep it Real

by _razcalz_


     This article is a collaborative effort between larkspurlane and _razcalz_. We hope you enjoy the read and have a lovely day!


     Halloween is upon us! It’s time to pull together your most terrifying customizations, overdose on Halloween candy, and decorate your Neohome with the spookiest decor you can afford!

     What do all of these efforts have in common? NP, of course! You don’t want to be the only one in the neighbourhood whose Halloween spirit isn’t up to snuff, so it’s time to rake in a little moolah. And what better way to make NP than to spruce up your shop, clear your SDB and start putting some old junk up for sale?

     You will find below our suggestions for spooky-themed shopkeepers to give your shop that Halloween vibe. Our recommendations come complete with back-story and some light commentary for your edification and amusement. All shopkeepers have been thoroughly vetted and have received their security clearance through the Chia Police.


     Shoyru - Halloween BOO!

     This Shoyru is in the middle of a heated argument with a Batterfly(1). He suspects that the petpet snitched his precious Halloween Shoyru trident, a key instrument for dealing with intruders, shoplifters and the like. Make no mistake, this Shoyru has a zero-tolerance policy for theft and misplaced items and will run your shop with the strictest discipline! He won’t shy away from scolding naughty customers and will ensure that your goods are all paid for.

     One con worth noting: he does have a tendency to keep the windows open -- Shoyrus like to see the sky -- perhaps if he did so less frequently, fewer Batterflies would wander inside the shop.

     (1)We note that the above Batterfly is innocent; the lost trident is actually concealed under a huge pile of Sticky Snowballs (the most popular r100 commodity for the 5th year running). No doubt an ambitious Charity Corner stockpiler will find it later. Moving on...


     Kougra - Halloween Hiss

     This unfortunate Kougra has just sat on an Urgoni on her shopkeeper’s chair. Ouch! Those sneaky kids!

     She gave out lackluster candies to trick-or-treaters last year (Lemon and Lime Fish Pops do not count as satisfactory treats). As a result, she has been the recipient of many creative pranks this year, the latest of which is the stray Urgoni. This shopkeeper will not be giving away your precious food for sale to any asking trick-or-treaters, and will keep a sharp eye out for pranksters!


     Grarrl - Halloween Trick-or-Treat

     It’s important for a shopkeeper to be opportunistic and entrepreneurial. This Grarrl will not miss any chance to score some candy, even when he’s on the job. With his winning, two-toothed smile and cute pumpkin tote bag, he convinces customers to offload a few of their sweets or items while they shop. Confused, they realize later that they left the shop with fewer items than they went in with.

     He’ll even leave a few pieces of bonbons on the counter at the end of the day for you, his employer! They will consist of the flavours he didn’t like, but hey, sugar is sugar.


          JubJub - Ghost Sleep

     The ideal shopkeeper is organised, good with numbers, vigilant, ever-alert… Wait, this one’s asleep! And drooling on your best mahogany table... the nerve!

     Ah… Don’t mind her; past experience actually tells us that this JubJub is too lovable to steal from. Thieves are deterred by the cuteness of her three-toed feet, gentle snoring and soft, pettable head. It tugs at their conscience - it’s just not right to steal from the apparition of a gentle fuzz ball who never meant to harm anyone.

     On high-traffic days, a few well-timed caramels will keep her awake, bouncing and making great sales!


     Techo - Halloween

     Q: What kind of music do mummies like most?

     A: Wrap music!


     If you select this shopkeeper, we hope you’re up for some cheesy Halloween jokes, because they are his favourite thing! Your unsuspecting clients will find themselves subject to relentless spooky puns. His mummy wraps do constitute a tripping hazard; you have been warned.

     He insisted that we include a sample joke, to wit: Halloween candy is yummy and all, but don’t forget to save room for "I scream!"


     Halloween - Kiko and JubJub

     Two shopkeepers for the price of one! The Jubjub is the more responsible one; he will count your change, tidy up your shelves and keep customers honest. The Kiko is… well… a little crazy eyed. You couldn’t ask for more enthusiasm but be warned that some clients find him just a little intense when he watches them from around a shelf and whispers "buy more things."


     Peophin - Halloween

     Ahh, a witch costume. Classic. Right?

     Wrong. This Peophin is an actual witch. She trained with Edna in the Haunted Woods and worked with her to make Morphing Potions, until she tragically mislabeled a Mutant Lenny Morphing Potion. The buyer thought that she was drinking a Faerie Usul Morphing Potion, chaos ensued, the Peophin was fired.

     Anyway, she is now out of a job and available to supervise your store. She promises not to turn anyone into anything unnatural & is still banned from touching Morphing Potions so it’s a fairly safe bet. Just double check the labels on things; she means well but attention to detail never was her forte.


     Petpet - Halloween Puppyblew

     Pros: this shopkeeper is absolutely adorable and people will flock to your store because everyone loves cute petpets. Just look at his head!! It’s so big! His feeties! They’re so small! His little devil horns! Aww!

     Cons: he gets into everything and will literally eat all of your stock before your clients arrive. Best hired if you are around to supervise!


     So there you have our brief overview of your best options for Halloween-themed shopkeepers. We do encourage you to further peruse the Halloween section of the shopkeepers list; there are many more excellent choices we didn’t have space to get into here.

     With one of these shopkeepers manning your storefront, you’re guaranteed to see an uptick in sales this Halloween. Have a fabulous Halloween!

     Spookily yours,

     _razcalz_ and larkspurlane (pictured below in our Halloween costumes)


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