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Hi there everyone, don't forget next week is Halloween so we will have a Halloween themed issue so please submit all your spooky and strange bits you got.

Hi there! I was wondering if we could get some more flavor text for our pets- They're such a huge part of the site, and with how long we've had them for there's only a small rotation of the different comments your active pet can make as you browse the site. A little extra variety would go a long way, and would just be a fun little addition. Thanks heaps, and happy halloween!!~~leitra
This is something we'd already discussed before, and it's slated to go out with the site redesign! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU TOO!

Can you please change the rarity of the Burgundy Lipstick please? I dont know why it got changed but all lipstick r80 so why is this one any different?~~_sissiy_sis_369
oh how odd, sure I will have Donny make this change.

I've seen rumours of a new Letters and Legends stamp being released soon. Would it be possible to put it in the Ghouls Catchers stamp album, and rename the album to something more fitting, like Apps? Otherwise that album will likely never be finished, and the new stamp would either have to be put in Other IV or have a new album created just for it.~~shadiochaos
This is a great idea. Done!

Heya, TNT! Is there any chance that in the future we could see some Legends and Letters Avatars? I'm really enjoying the game and I wouldn't mind showing off an avatar of sorts based off it.~~yoshisislandbandit
Why yes, you can expect to see one in the near future. Happy playing!

Am I early enough to request Burlap Usul for Usul day? ~~silly_mistake
You're just in time! I've placed an order for one Burlap Usul.

I think we need more silly food based costumes like the Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard, Commemorative Birthday Cupcake Costume, and Corn on the Cob Costume. Maybe a burrito or taco or banana costume please? :'D~~winner19955
I totally agree I love the food themed ones I got to come up with the corn on the cob one which was really fun. Sadly the spooky season is almost over therefore everything we have planned has already been in the works for a while, but I will definitely keep in mind for next year!

Hi! I adore the colors of the dyeworks extra plaid scarves and I was so excited to use them on my cybunny until I saw that it's fully hidden behind the ruff! The original version restricts ruff - is there a possibility of tweaking the dyework versions' restrictions to do this too? Thank you!~~happychild01
Ohh you're totally right, Donny did some switches and snips so it should be all good now!

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