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The Kadoatery: The Various Kadoatie Personalities

by mel_liew_ming_li


     I will never forget my journey towards Pink, which for those mewbies out there means obtaining the Kadoatery - Mew avatar. During this period, it slowly dawned on me that if I wanted to successfully feed a Kadoatie, I didn’t just have to be quicker than the other Kad Feeders, I also had to be aware of the type of Kadoatie I was trying to feed. With every feed came a lesson about the Kadoatie and how each of these little fluffy creatures have their own quirky traits.

     Whether you’re new to Kad feeding and are working your way towards obtaining the avatar or you’re an over feeder who spends the majority of their time hanging out at the Kadoatery, I guarantee that at some point you will have met some, if not all these Kadoatie personalities!

     The Predictable Kadoatie

     The Predictable Kadoaties are the easiest Kadoaties to keep happy because they always behave in the way you’d expect. They always ask for their food at the right time, and they don’t keep you waiting too long past the first pend. These Kadoaties also usually ask for foods that are easily obtainable, and it is their predictability that keeps things running smoothly in the Kadoatery. Whilst I really enjoy looking after the Predictable Kadoaties and making sure that they are fed, they are unfortunately the hardest Kadoatie type to find!

     The Fussy Kadoatie

     Kadoaties are notorious for being fussy, so it’s no surprise that this is a personality type you will frequently encounter. It is always frustrating when Kadoaties refuse food if it is not exactly what they asked for. I’m sure we’ve all encountered this situation: Fatdoatie is asking for a Green Apple, so we run along to the Shop Wizard and ask him to search for Green Apple. However, because we’ve forgotten to tell him to search for items identical to Green Apple, he gives us an Organic Green Apple instead… There is no bigger embarrassment than a Kadoatie wailing so loudly that you didn’t bring the right food that another Kad Feeder comes over to see what all the fuss is about and snidely gives Fatdoatie a Green Apple because they had a spare. So what if I brought Fatdoatie an Organic Green Apple instead of a Green Apple?! they look identical, and Organic Green Apples are actually healthier and tastier than Green Apples!!! *takes a deep breath to calm down*

     The Royal Kadoatie

     Expensive or refined tastes are what sets the Royal Kadoaties apart from the rest. When you walk into the Kadoatery, these are the Kadoaties you are most likely to see. They are the ones at the top of the Kadoatery who are often crying because they have gone hours, days, maybe even weeks without getting any food because what they’re asking for is so extortionately expensive like an Upside Down Ice Cream or so rare and elusive like the newly released Burf Mince Pie that no one would be able to get their hands on it even if they tried. The Kad Feeders who usually have the resources to keep these Kadoaties fed are also considered by the Neopian community to be Kad royalty.

     The Happy-Go-Lucky Kadoatie

     These Kadoaties are essentially the daydreamers of the Kadoatery. Sometimes they get so distracted just thinking about what they want to eat for their next meal that they end up forgetting to ask for their food on time. This means that Kad Feeders who go into the Kadoatery to check if the Kadoaties need food leave again, only to look back inside a minute later because they can hear the Kadoaties crying! This creates havoc amongst the Kad Feeders because no one knows when exactly the Kadoaties began asking for food, which in turn causes confusion for the subsequent Kadoatie feeding times. The good thing is however that The Happy-Go-Lucky Kadoaties hate feeling hungry and learn their lesson, and almost always revert to the proper feeding times for the next meal time!

     The Mischievous Kadoatie

     These are the Kadoaties that live to make you crazy! Rather than behaving themselves and asking for food at the same time as the other Predictable Kadoaties, you will sometimes encounter a group of Mischievous Kadoaties who pride themselves on being trendsetters. They hate to follow the masses (of Predictable Kadoaties) and so they will either ask for food as soon as possible, thus throwing you off balance because you weren’t prepared, or make you wait for hours because they know that at the end of the day you will always be there with food in your hand. Once in a while these Mischievous Kadoaties will decide to merge back with the rest of the Kadoatery, but don’t get too used to that feeling of relief, it won’t be long before they decide to shake things up again!

     The Lone Kadoatie

     Some Mischievous Kadoaties are also lovers of attention and will do whatever they can to make sure that they get the food that they asked for. It’s quite smart really, if you have 10 people in the Kadoatery and all the Kadoaties were to ask for food at once, there may not always be enough Kad Feeders to feed all the Kadoaties. However, the cunning Lone Kadoaties know that if they ask for food at a completely different time to the rest of the Kadoaties, then they are more likely to have several Kad Feeders clambering to be the first one to feed it. And right they are! It has been somewhat of a competition amongst Kad Feeders to be the first one to feed a Lone Kadoatie (also known as a mini), as it reflects super-fast feeding skills. This mutualistic arrangement thus leaves both the Lone Kadoatie and the Kad Feeder feeling satisfied.

     … so these are the various Kadoatie personalities that I’ve encountered in the Kadoatery during my time as a Kad Feeder. No two days in the Kadoatery are the same, and I am looking forward to seeing if I discover any new Kadoatie personalities as I continue to make sure that these furry little creatures are full and fed!


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