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Slushie Recipes from 101 Slushie Recipes

by happyinengland


Continuing on with the Summer theme, there’s one thing that I would like to share with you – my love of Slushies! Slushies are the ultimate go-to beverages to slurp on, especially on a hot, Summer’s day.

In this article, I am going to share with you my favourite Slushie recipes in which I hope that you will enjoy. Maybe it will inspire you to make your own! I know, I know… you can buy them at the Slushie Shop in Happy Valley but that’s not the same, is it? There’s nothing better than a homemade Slushie!


For each recipe, you will need the following:

- 1 cup of sugar

- 2 cups of water

- 2 cups of Melted Ice Cubes*1

- Green Kacheek Blender*2

Extra ingredients will be mentioned for each recipe below.


pg. 14 Loveberry Slushie

Let’s start off the article with something simple and easy to make. Do not worry – it may be simple but it is still delicious and full of all the nutrients you need to kick start your day in Neopia!

Extra Ingredients:

- 3 cups of Loveberry

Firstly, you will need to take a trip down to Meri Acres Farm where you can pick your own Loveberry. This is the only place you can pick a Loveberry and what better day to spend your day than with your Neopet on a farm, right? This is totally a win-win situation. You will need 2-3 handfuls of this Medieval Food.

Before I share the recipe with you, did you know that you can earn an avatar at the farm? All you have to do is collect any six items (excluding Piles of Dung)! It’s worth the 400np, I promise.

Once you’re ready, wash the Loveberry and leave them to the side. You do not need them yet! Add 2 cups of water into a bowl. Stir the cup of sugar into the water until you can’t see the sugar anymore. Add 2 cups of Loveberry into the blender along with the sugar water. Also, add 2 cups of ice into the blender and mix until the ice is ground finely. You do not need to add in any extra flavouring or colouring as the berry provides both of these things – nifty, huh?! Keep checking on the slushie every few pulses to see if the texture and consistency is to your liking.

Now here’s the best bit – taste the slushie. Is it to your liking? Great! You’ve made a slushie all by yourself. If you don’t think it’s perfect yet then don’t worry. You can add a little of whatever you think it’s missing but don’t forget to blend afterwards! ;) Add the extra Loveberry into the mixture and leave the leaves on for an added taste and texture. You will notice that it is pretty sweet and pretty tart. It’s the best of both worlds!


pg. 22 Berry Cola Slushie

Let’s up the difficulty a little bit. You could’ve made the Loveberry Slushie with your eyes closed! The Berry Cola Slushie is a little bit harder to make. It isn’t too difficult so don’t stop reading just yet!

Extra Ingredients:

- 2 cups of any berry that you fancy

- 2 cups of cola

Do you fancy taking a trip to the Neopian Fresh Foods shop? Well, you have no choice if you want to make this recipe! Head on over to buy some Neocola - any will do! This recipe can be left open to interpretation as you might like a specific type of Neocola. I, myself, am a fan of Raspberry Neocola. It has that fruity zing that both myself and my Neopet love!

Next, you will need to visit Meri Acres Farm. I touched on it in the last recipe. Choose whatever berries you like over there!

You know the drill - once you’re back, wash the berries and leave them to the side. You do not need them yet! Add the water and sugar into a bowl and mix until you can’t see the sugar anymore. Add 2 cups of berries and ice into the blender along with the sugar water. Mix until the ice is grinded finely. As with the last recipe, extra flavouring and colouring are not needed due to the berries. Keep checking on the slushie to see if is is to your liking.

You are not done yet!

Pour the slushie into a spare bowl. Now do the exact same thing before but replace the berries with Neocola.

You’re nearly done!

Now here’s the fun bit. Pour a layer of the Neocola slushie into a glass, then pour a layer of the berry slushie on top. Keep alternating until you fill your glass.

Now here’s the best bit. Slurp it! You will notice that it sweet and fruity. Another way you can describe it is a vibrant explosion of taste in your mouth!


pg. 89 Coconut Shell Slushie

This is another recipe that will tickle your taste buds! It’s definitely a personal winner of mine.

Extra Ingredients:

- Coconut

Before you get started, you will need to make a trip to the Deserted Fairground. You specifically need to go to Leeroy the Quiggle at Coconut Shy and take one of his coconuts. If stealing is not your thing, then you’ve got to play to win one of them. It’s rigged, though, so you might be there for a while!

Did you know you can win the avatar above by knocking a coconut down? It costs 100np per attempt!

Now before we get carried away, let me tell you how make the final recipe.

Break the coconut in half and collect the water. Pour the coconut water into a bowl. Add 1 cup of water into the same bowl. Stir the cup of sugar into the water until you can’t see the sugar anymore. Break chunks of the coconut and place them into the blender along with the sugar water. Add 2 cups of ice into the blender and grind the ice finely. No extra flavouring or colourings are needed. Check on your slushie and pour into a glass when you’re happy with it.

It’s time for the fun part. You have two coconut shells, right? Use whichever one looks cooler and place it on top of your glass. You now have yourself a Cocnut Shell Slushie! You should be able to taste the perfect blend of ice, coconut water and coconut pieces. Delicious!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading and following the secret recipes that I have shared with you. It’s been great sharing these healthy and fun recipes with you. If you try out these recipes then let me know if they have exceeded your expectations. They definitely have with mine. Yum! You can also share your own recipes with me. I would love to expand my slushie skills.

Happy slushie making and save the slushie slinging for the Altador Cup! ;D


*1 If you do not have any Melted Ice Cubes then you can take some of that lovely, white fluffy snow from Terror Moutain. I’d recommend hanging around Snow Wars 2. They don’t aim very well so the snowballs can fly into your hands!

*2 If you do not have a blender then this is where you can involve your Neopet. If they are not busy fighting in the Battledome, then use their strength for another purpose – crushing the ingredients together! Followed with their agility, I’m pretty sure they can deliver the same consistency as a blender could.

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