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Kougras: The Colors Edition

by butterflybandage


As we get ready to prepare for Kougra Day, the wondrous day that celebrates Kougras of all shapes and sizes, it might be a fun idea to change up your Kougra! As of right now, this feline species is available in 64 dazzling colors—from subtle Camouflage (a gorgeous autumn-color scheme that is perfect for shy, subdued pets) to futuristic Robot (fitting for technology savvy pets). But how do you know what color is perfectly suited for your Kougra? How do you sift through all these colors and decide which one works, the one that was seemingly made just for your tastes? With this simple, easy to follow guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect color for your little Kougra!

When deciding what color you want to paint your Kougra, there are a few things to consider. What kind of image are you going for? Are you trying to follow a certain theme or idea? Maybe there’s a story idea you have, but you’re not sure how you want to portray that character through a paint brush color. I’ve divided all the colors into different categories (yes, all 64 colors!) so it will be easier to determine the best paint brush to purchase for your Kougra.

Remember, these are my opinions, and I’m sure that you may find that some of these colors conflict with your design, or that you simply don’t like them. That’s okay! This is just a guide to give you some ideas or spark inspiration. If you like these ideas, that’s amazing and I hope it works out fantastic! If you don’t like these ideas, that’s alright too. So let’s get started!

Age Before Beauty

Do you want your Neopet to look like they have years of wisdom tucked within their belt, or like they are starry-eyed and ready to tackle the world? Whether you want your Kougra to appear as if they’re experience the world for the first time or they’ve been around the block a few times, these color options are prime choices!

Wise: Darigan, Pirate, Royal

Fresh-faced: Baby, Pink, Plushie, Purple

Common or Unusual?

Sometimes, there’s more to a Neopet than meets the eye … is your Kougra common or out of the box? Do they look like they could fit in a crowd of millions or would their very appearance draw the eye of those millions? Kougras are a familiar face, and if their intention is to draw attention, then these colors will look great on them … or if they prefer to hang back, then these are some great options!

Common: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow

One-of-a-Kind: Chocolate, Cloud, Custard, Fire, Glowing, Gold, Mutant, Orange, Silver, Sketch, Skunk, Snot

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Is your Kougra adventurous, artistic, or definitely one-of-a-kind? The perfect way to express this is with a strikingly colorful paint brush color to show their creative side. There’s nothing like a vibrant color against a fresh background to make your Neopet look like the next Art Gallery winner.

Checkered, Christmas, Dimensional, Disco, Eventide, Pastel, Rainbow, Striped

Different Lands

Some Kougras aren’t necessarily from civilized Neopia Central; some of them come from different lands, or even different planets—this creates interesting, dynamic backstories and dialogues that can cause a myriad of fun stories to tell! The perfect paint color combined with an amazing customization will make your Kougra look like they’re from a mystical land, full of mystery and wonder.

8-bit, Desert, Halloween, Island, Magma, Maractite, Maraquan, Relic, Robot, Snow, Strawberry, Tyrannian, Water, Woodland

Shy or Out There?

Is your Kougra shy, preferring to hide behind the scenes, or out there, ready for the world to see them? Colors that are more subdued and neutral are perfect for shy Kougras, while colors that pop or draw the eye are perfect for the more outgoing, attention seeking Kougras you know. It all depends on if they’re introverted or extroverted!

Shy: Biscuit, Camouflage, Ghost, Invisible, Shadow

Outgoing: Faerie, Ice, Jelly, Speckled, Split, Spotted, Starry, Wraith

Things to Remember …

Colors aren’t inherently boy or girl, meaning Faerie isn’t just for female pets and Pirate isn’t just for male pets—colors look good on both, even if you do what is called cross gender. This is when your pet is male, painted Royal, then changed female; because the gender-specific clothing was obtained before the gender change, your girl Neopet will now have boy clothes, and vice versa! For Kougras, this is currently only available with Royals. Going back to the “gender” colors, there are plenty of beautiful male Faerie pets and female Pirate pets!

Some colors can’t be customized with regular clothing, such as Baby, Mutant, Maraquan, and 8-bit. You’ll need to be aware of what clothes will or will not fit the color you choose to paint your pet! If you scope out the NC Mall, there are chances you’ll find Mutant-only clothing or Baby-only clothing.

The perfect paint brush color can only do so much. Customization is one of THE most important things in creating the most beautiful, cohesive pet design; from backgrounds to accessories, foreground items to trousers! There are lots of ways to find the perfect customization for your Kougra—Dress to Impress and SunnyNeo are two of them! When you come up with a great design, you don’t merely stop at the basic outline, right? You keep working on it until it’s completed … same with your Neopet! Don’t just stop at painting, keep going!

Some of these paint brushes are extremely expensive (the Wraith Paint Brush can set you back at least 3 million Neopoints, when a Christmas Paint Brush is often less than 90,000 Neopoints) and some can only be obtained through the Secret Laboratory Map, which can set you back a few million Neopoints depending on the season you attempt to purchase the pieces. Always be aware of where, when, and how you can obtain these colors; you may be luckily chosen by the Fountain Faerie to do a quest, or even be rewarded with a dip in the Rainbow Pool if you help out the Grey Faerie! You can select a vast array of colors, but unfortunately these ones can’t be picked: 8-bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Quiguiki, Robot, Royal, Sponge, or Usuki. Sorry!

The Lab Ray, on the other hand, can provide you colors you can’t obtain any other way … but there are also colors impossible to get from the Lab Ray. Colors you can’t zap are Baby, Magma, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. Too bad. But, Lab Ray exclusive colors are Clay, Garlic, Ice, MSP Robot, and Sponge. Nice!

(But remember, Kougras can’t be painted MSP, Quiguki, Usuki, or fruits/vegetables. So don’t be crossing your fingers for a Peach Kougra!)

If your Kougra is looking for an updated look, why not try something outside of the box? Or maybe you’re perfectly content with the way your Kougra looks now, because let’s be real: any and all Kougras, from the smallest Baby to the overwhelming Darigan is amazing!

Happy Kougra Day!

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