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The Best and Worst Dressed Gelerts in Neopia!

by spukl1


Miss Prickles, the Fashionable Uni here to shed some more light on the fashion around Neopia. I have a surprise in store for you this week, it is time to highlight some of Neopia’s favorite little fuzzy quadrupeds. The most loyal and friendliest creatures in all the lands, with pointy ears and large noses, who else could it be but the Gelert! In honor of Gelert Day, I have for you Neopia’s best and worst dressed Gelerts!

Neopia’s Best Dressed Gelerts:

1. Sandro . Sandro is the well-dressed Philosopher hailing from the eternally studious Brightvale. With swooping hair that covers his eyes, he gives off an air of mystery that is always attractive. His outfit is perfectly coordinated. Wearing a three-piece suit with appropriate shoes and a necktie, this is the level of sophistication all male Gelerts should strive for. Add to it that he always has a book in his hands and you have a perfect outfit complete with charm. Sandro is crisp, clean and looking smart!

2. Hospital Gelert . You didn’t think I would forget Neopia’s favorite Doctor, did you? The Hospital Gelert is always brilliantly dressed (it may be his required uniform, but there is no doubt it still looks Faboo). He has a neat green shirt and tie which give his Doctor coat the little pop of color it needs to make it fashionable. No doubt when he walks down the streets of Neopia Central, he commands the respect he deserves.

3. Spellseeker Wizard . Oh, the stars and the moons! What more could you ask for?! Looking regal and wise in a long purple robe adorned with the celestial bodies from above. His wand is equally as exquisite and, I heard it was hand made from melted Novas. You may think a wizard of his stature would be too busy working magic to spend time on his appearance, but you better think again. This outfit exudes wise-ness beyond his time.

4. Kanrik . Tall dark and mysterious! He has chosen extremely fine and upscale fabrics to wear beneath his armor and most importantly, his layering skills are superb. His fingerless gloves are practical for wielding a dagger, but also very high fashion. Kanrik has intricate layers of accessories that not only work well together but are not overbearing on his frame. His head scarf gives him a dark and brooding look, that he is the best at pulling off. His clothes are tailored to perfection, and we’ll give Hannah half the credit for keeping her dearest friend looking sharp. I have no qualms about calling Kanrik the BEST dressed Gelert.

5. Seradar . Seradar is a top sorcerer and a top fashion icon as well. He takes risks with his clothing, but they have paid off well. The brilliant green of his floor length cloak, matches perfectly with his scepter. His robes lead up to a hood that presents a beautiful and classy ornate decoration laid perfectly on his forehead. Green and gold is always a great combination! His fashion risks are shown in the layers within his fabric. From the under robe peeps an unexpected blue, which nicely balances the striking nature of the bright green. On the outer upper layer of his robes, is a custom two-sided fabric, starry on both sides but different . Serdar mixes almost every color under the Neopian sun but it WORKS for him. On most Neopians, the number of accessories he has heaved on would seem too much, but on Seradar, I say the more the merrier!

The Worst Dressed Gelerts in Neopia :

1. Bruno . Ah little Bruno from Neovia. You were once a very fashionable lad, until you drank that awful potion. Now your clothes are tattered and torn. I understand that when your spirit is broken so is your style but that does not mean you should give up. My first piece of advice is to go to Sophie and have her make you an alternative potion to reverse the impacts of Mr. Krawkley’s. If this does not work, then just repair the clothes you have, you were once so dapper!

2. Morton G. Firefly . While the fingerless gloves worked well for Kanrik’s blade yielding, they do not work as well for Morton’s pie yielding. This prankster is a funny fellow, but sadly, his fashion-sense gets an equal amount of laughs as his jokes. I adore his purple top hat and matching suit, but add the tie, gloves, flower and briefcase is just too much. I suggest switching out the polka dot tie for a simple Black Satin Bow Tie, and lose the gloves. You can keep the little green flower for all your little pranks needs though.

3. Gelert Beast Hunter . You can do so much better than a simple brown tunic. It ebbs way too close to looking like an Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack. Ideally, I’d love to see you hunting all those beasts in a fancy Plush Purple Velvet Tunic, but it might not be the most practical choice. So instead I’ll suggest picking up the less flashy but still stylish Daring Seafarer Tunic—practical and chic!

4. Prince Tourin Rathbone . Sorry Prince! Polka dots, knee stripes, gold accents and diamonds?!?! You need to narrow it down. I say keep the gold accents, as they look nice with the blue and pink. Keep the diamonds as well, they match those on your crown. However, lose the stripes and polka dots, keep the jacket simple – channel Taelia here (but without the hood) and the pants too. That with spiffy you right up.

5. The Gelert Assassin . The Gelert Assassin wields a most splendid sword, so why does he not dress to match its magnificence? The intricate twirls of red on a silver-inlaid skull that leads onto the glorious blade is wasted against a backdrop of bland brown and grey. His outfit, frankly, looks like he has been rolling in the dirt all day. His grey fur would be stunning contrasted against a Dashing Gothic Jacket, add into his eyes Staring Skull Contacts and you have an exquisite attire fit to match his flashy weapon (and his career).

There you have it, the most eye-catchiest of the Gelerts (in the best and worst ways possible)! Now you know who is on the style watch, and which of our little Gelert friends could use some help. That is all for this week’s report, until next time my fine fashionable friends!

Fashionably yours,

Miss Prickles

* This article does not denote Miss Prickles' preference towards or against any of the Gelerts on this list.

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