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Ghosts and Monsters: Appreciating their Evilness

by sky_lady


Hello dear readers. This article was specially written for the Ghosts and Monsters issue and therefore features some of the most legendary villains in the entire Neopia world. The purpose of this article is not to criticize or demean Neopia's villains, instead it's written for admirers of these creatures. If you are not a fan of spooky beings you would better stop reading from this point. Still with us? Great, then read on to hear the backstory about six great evil characters. And since Halloween is very near, this article also contains some suggestions on how to customize your pets based on these infamous characters. Grab your Evil Popcorn and start reading!

Dr. Frank Sloth

Dr. Frank Sloth, also known as simply Dr. Sloth, is one of the most infamous villains of the whole Neopian world. His age is not precisely known, but he is rumored to be hundreds of years old. Dr. Sloth is a brilliant and insane scientist who is recognized for his experiments on Grundos. He had spent many years trying to create powerful creatures by mutating Grundos into stronger forms for the purpose of enlisting them into his army. And why, you may ask, would he need an army? Well, his initial plan was to enslave all the neopets and rule the Neopian world and that would surely require a great and mighty army! Unfortunately, Dr. Frank Sloth's plans failed because he was defeated by the Space Faerie. Sloth loves to be immortalized, and luckily for all his willing (and unwilling) followers, paying tribute to his Slothiness is an easy task! To begin with, there is not one, or two, but THREE Sloth appreciation avatars that you can sport on the neoboards. The I *heart* Sloth avatar can be obtained only on Sloth Appreciation Day (January 14th, but I'm sure you already knew that). To get it you must successfully complete the quiz at Sloth's Mind Control Laboratory. Once you have that shadowy avatar rendition of your favorite evil genius, you can then obtain the I ♥ Happiness avatar by visiting the Space Faerie at the Gallery of Heroes (while I *heart* Sloth is your current avatar). Some Sloth admirers may not appreciate this cuddlier version of the evil doer, but sometimes it's nice to show his vulnerable side. Finally, if you are lucky enough, Sloth might even grant you access to his number one avatar: Sloth! but that's reserved for only his highest devotees.

Now that you have your avatar ready to go, it is time to dress up your pets like Sloth! A quick search of wearables shows that there is no shortage of Sloth gear for you to stock up on, from the Dr Sloth Stone Statue to Glorious Sloth Throne. Other items, such as Vampire Counts Cape and Red Contacts are also great additions for a Sloth themed outfit. The real Sloth lovers, however, will make sure to get themselves a Halloween Moehog, who wears a Sloth costume that is sure to flatter even the most wicked of dictators.

Eliv Thade

Eliv Thade is one of the most famous undead characters. He lives in a castle in the Haunted Wood and was known for his brilliant mind and ability to solve all kind of complex puzzles and anagrams. Rumor has it he was driven insane by one of the puzzles he could not solve. Sadly he died before being able to solve the puzzle that tormented him for years. Nowadays, the spectre of Eliv Thade haunts the castle and invites everyone to solve dangerous puzzles and riddles in his very own game: The Castle of Eliv Thade. If you think you have what it takes to be a pro anagram solver, then you are well on your way to showing your love and support for the notorious Eliv Thade. To obtain the Evil Eliv Thade avatar you will need to score 1,200+ points in his game. Doing so should be easy enough, but may take up an hour or two of your time. If you are willing to give up your whole afternoon, you might even get a trophy to add to your collection.

To capture Eliv Thade's look there are two trademark items you will need: Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit and Eliv Thade Cloak. For added details you will also want to add Hand Wrap and Cobweb Banner. These items will give any pet the Eliv Thade makeover, but only a zombie or royal boy Kacheek will give off the true Thade feel.

Lanie and Lillie

Lanie and Lillie are two Wocky twin sisters who lead the Awakened (the undead faction who fought in the War of the Obelisk). The twins have a deep passion for candies and macabre parties. The twin sisters are known for finishing each other's sentences when speaking and are rumored to be zombies. And while they look cute, they are very evil and nefarious. Thus, one should remember not to trust their innocent look. Idolizing the undead warrior children, Lanie and Lillie, is simple to do if you are patient. To obtain their avatar you will need to wait for the Awakened to be a choice in the ongoing Obelisk battles. Once they are, you need to pick them as your team, battle at least ten times against the other opponents, and then hope your team pulls out the win. Doing so will not only award you the Battleground: Awakened avatar, but also the Awakened site theme!

Unfortunately a zombie Wocky has yet to be released, which would be the perfect pet for any Lanie and Lillie look. On top of this, there are no specific Lanie and Lillie clothing items. However, copying their trademark look can be achieved. To match the twins' dress, the closest options are Usukiland Collectors Dress or Young Sophies Dress. Both of these dresses offer a frilly and belted look that mimics Lanie and Lillie's outfits. The closest matching wig is the Dyeworks Black: Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig, and the best shoe options are School Girl Shoes. If your pet would rather be a Lanie and Lillie supporter, as opposed to copying their look, you can also give them the Lanie and Lillie Handheld Plushie Set.


Vira was a very different character than the evil villain we all know her as now. She was a pretty and futile Acara who spent her days playing with the flowers and braiding her beautiful long hair (how boring). One day, however, Vira decided she wanted to be the most beautiful Acara of the entire Neopian world, needless to say that didn't go over so well. Over the years, Vira's vanity turned her into an evil, ugly creature who twists and poisons everything she touches. Her mirrors don't show the reality, they only offer a twisted version of the truth. Getting a Vira image to show off on the neoboards could not be easier. First you will need to put any old mirror in your inventory, then just visit Vira's page in the Gallery of Evil. Vira will recognize the mirror in your inventory and offer you her face in avatar form.

Mimicking Vira's look on your own pet is a bit more difficult then obtaining her avatar. To begin with, Vira is an odd species. Although technically an Acara she has Korbat features as well, specifically a tail and wings. A biscuit or tyrannian Acara is the best fit color wise, but zombie gives off the ugly Acara vibe which is characteristically Vira. Finding the perfect wings for a Vira look is tough, but Darigan Wings or one of the Warlock Battle Wings, are probably the best fit. To copy her eyes, you will need Torchio Collectors Contacts, and for her outfit be sure to pick up Deadly Beauty Dress. Last but not least you will need Viras Collectors Horns.

Ghost Lupe

The Ghost Lupe is one of the most well-known ghosts of Neopia because of how often you see him in random events. The Lupe likes to growl nonsense things like: My what tasty Neopets you have! and Begone! Leave this page!. Do not be bothered by these things, he is just trying to scare you. The Ghost Lupe is featured on the Gallery of Evil and it is stated that he was once a brave knight who was killed in Mystery Island while trying to rescue his bride from the natives. That is probably the reason why he also growls things like Dont go to the Mystery Island!!!. It is evident that the Ghost also has a soft spot, for in one of his random events he growls randomly at you and in turn all your neopets regain full health! The Ghost Lupe also has its own avatar and it can be obtained through the Battledome. To show your love for the Ghost Lupe on the boards you first need to get him as an opponent by visiting the Neohome at Soup Alley 131, Neopia Central. After that all you need to do is defeat him in the dome.

Customizing your pet as the Ghost Lupe could not be easier. Step one: get a Ghost Lupe. And you're done! Just kidding. True Ghost Lupe fans know that there is an alternate drawing of the apparition from Defenders of Neopia Series 1. In this version he wears a knight outfit, so you will need items such as Lupe Knight Top Armour and Krawk Island Adventure Sword. To add more spookiness to the look you can also use ghost items such as Cloud of Ghostly Orbs and Ghostly Web Garland.

Hubrid Nox

Hubrid Nox is a renowned villain of the Neopian world and regularly goes by Nox. This evil Chia ghost lives alone in a mountain located in the Haunted Woods. Nox is very lonely but he likes it that way because he doesn't like anyone interrupting his evil schemes and plans. Hubrid Nox plots to conquer the whole Neopia and is rumored to have an evil plan for every day of the week. He has an arch enemy known as MAGAX: Destroyer, a Wocky whose sole job is to protect all that is good in Neopia. The fact that there isn't a Hubrid Nox avatar is a clear oversight by TNT. Although Nox does star in the game, MAGAX: Destroyer II, it is his enemy that gets the avatar glory for the game.

Luckily making a pet version of Nox is easy peasy, as there are numerous Nox, and Nox-like items. The Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape and Hubrid Nox Moustache is a must have for a Nox look. One could also drop the moustache and opt for the Count von Roo Contacts, since Nox and the Count have strangely similar eyes. His outdated formal wear can be copied by using Frilly Neovian Shirt, and the Chic Investigator Chia Wig or Basic Short Raven Wig which mirrors his hair quite nicely. Of course none of these items will work unless you are using the correct pet, which of course is a ghost Chia.

That's all the villains we have for you today, dear readers. We hope this article taught you something new about Neopia's misunderstood villains, or at the very least gave you customization ideas for upcoming Halloween costumes. Have a spooky-good day!

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