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Celebrating Kacheek Day as a Newly-Morphed Kacheek

by opossumman


(Moltara City) Hello and well wishes, readers. My name is Jacob, and while this is my first time addressing the Neopian public directly via the Neopian Times, I have reasons for my doing so. You see, today is the 29th Day of Sleeping, Kacheek Day.

For Kacheeks all around Neopia, this means a day of mirth and merriment in celebration of our species’ long and storied history. For some of us, however, this day can be quite confusing as well. This is because some Kacheeks, such as myself, were not born as Kacheeks, but ended up becoming one for some reason or another. Be it through an incident at the Lab Ray, a Morphing Potion consumption, or a mishap involving the use of Kacheek Flour in a cookie recipe (one bite was all it took…), we have abandoned the body we’d known for however long and instead found ourselves in a brand new form, one that’s fuzzy and short. But what is a Kacheek to do on Kacheek Day when one has only recently become a Kacheek? Ponder no longer, my newly-turned-Kacheek readers, for I have created a handy guide to celebrating our signature holiday.

Gather With Other Kacheeks

I understand that this may be seen as a self-explanatory portion of the day’s festivities, but the first thing one might wish to do is try to celebrate with other Kacheeks. Say that you, the reader, were feeling confused: you had only turned into a Kacheek yesterday, and now you need some time to adjust to your new form. What better kind of pet to do this with than other Kacheeks? A popular congregation spot is at the Swashbuckling Academy, where Captain Threelegs will be giving free training to Kacheeks today.

In addition to getting more adjusted to one’s new physical form, another benefit to enjoying Kacheek Day in the company of other Kacheeks is simply forming new bonds. While we all may share the same species, we don’t necessarily enjoy the same hobbies or have the same personalities. Every Kacheek is different in their own way, but at the same time, the odds are high that any two Kacheeks will have something in common to bond over.

Discussion can take place over favorite books, favorite Blue Kacheek Group song, most wanted items, Battledome strategies, or, in the case of newly-morphed Kacheeks, how one became a Kacheek. By hearing other new Kacheeks’ stories, one might become more comfortable with their own species change more easily. Speaking of the Blue Kacheek Group, however…

Go to the Special Blue Kacheek Group Performance

While the average Neopian might be confused at this suggestion (after all, Chomby and the Fungus Balls perform at the Concert Hall that day), the more schedule-savvy Kacheek might better understand this. It’s a little-known fact, but the Blue Kacheek Group, an eccentric and theatrical instrumental music troupe comprised entirely of blue Kacheeks, perform at the old Catacombs in Neopia Central. The best part about this is that Kacheeks get in for free!

Even if the Blue Kacheek Group isn’t up to par with one’s usual taste in music (I myself slightly prefer the Neopian Philharmonic, though that’s neither here nor there), I would still suggest going to this if one is able, as it’s almost a rite of passage for Kacheeks. Of course, younger Kacheeks likely won’t appreciate this as much, as the concert may very well lose the attention of one of their age. If this is the case, then I’d suggest for them to…

Play Kacheek Seek

Kacheek Seek is a classic Neopian game that has been around for years, and still remains popular among Kacheeks in particular. The game is simple to, making it suitable for even the youngest of Kacheeks. However, this activity may not be the most thrilling for older Kacheeks, as the game at its core is simple. Often times, younger Kacheeks are accompanied by older ones for safety reasons. If you are one of these Kacheeks watching your younger sibling play with others, why not try to strike up a conversation with some of the other older Kacheeks with babysitting duty? It can then become an enjoyable and social experience for all Kacheeks involved. However, if this still doesn’t work for you, and you have some spare Neopoints on hand…

Treat Yourself to the Latest in Kacheek Fashion

Each year, new clothing gets released on Kacheek Day in celebration of all things Kacheek. Now, as this article is mainly intended for Kacheeks who used to not be Kacheeks, I’ll cover clothing released during previous years. Your old species’ exclusive clothes may no longer work, but rest assured, you can find solace in the fact that new ones can be bought for your new-found form.

For those of you who are sophisticated, but not defenseless, and enjoy a good fight in the Battledome, my suggestion is either the Fancy Kacheek Uniform set or the Elegant Kacheek Warrior set. The former creates a distinguished blend of white and gold, with the highlight of the outfit being the Fancy Kacheek Uniform Sword. The latter outfit creates a mix of blue, off-white, and light brown to take on a more classically-inspired set. In addition, there’s a third battle-ready outfit. However, this one is based more in magic than in physical combat: the Kacheek Mage outfit provides a more mystical alternative to the traditional blade-wielding warrior. The key piece to this set is the Kacheek Mage Staff. After all, how would you cast magic without one?

If battling isn’t exactly your style, but you’re into performance, the Clown Kacheek outfit and the Kacheek Minstrel outfit are also nice options. If you’re just looking for a more work-friendly or outright casual outfit, then recommended outfit sets include Proper Lady, Tourist, Pleasant, and Rugged. Of these, Rugged is my personal favorite: the outfit is quite sturdy, which comes in handy with inventing and repairing different machines.

That being said, you don’t need to spend money to have a pleasant Kacheek Day. In fact…

Just Do What You Want To Do

At the end of the day, you’re still the same pet you were before, regardless of the species change. No one guide will be able to tell you exactly what to do to enjoy your Kacheek Day. After all, this guide is meant to be a list of suggestions, as opposed to a set-in-stone itinerary. Today’s all about celebrating Kacheeks, so why not do that by doing whatever you wish? Spend time with family, explore different lands, eat at Kelp…the amount of things you can do today are as endless as Neopia is vast. With that in mind, head out and enjoy your day, fellow Kacheeks. You’ve earned it.

Happy Kacheek Day to all!

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