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20 Festive Winter Wigs

by szkageyoshi


It’s the winter season and the month of Celebrating, and what Neopet doesn’t prefer to celebrate in style? As your Neopet visits the Advent Calendar, it’s the perfect time to show off a fashionable look. One of the key elements of a good look is the perfect wig. This list will highlight some of the best as well as some of the more unique options available to help make your Neopet stand out this season.

This list is in no particular order since the best wig for a particular Neopet can depend on their species and other elements of their customization. NP refers to Neopoint items and NC refers to Neocash items. This list is primarily Neocash items and many are retired. However, if you are interested in obtaining these items, then I recommend that you check out the NC Mall board to learn about NC trading to help you obtain retired items. Now, onto the list of festive winter wigs! First, let’s begin with a classic winter look – the Beanie.

#1 - Dark Winter Wig and Beanie (NC)

Not only will a nice beanie keep your Neopet’s head warm, but it can also be a very nice look for the winter season. The Dark Winter Wig and Beanie (NC) is my favorite option because of the snow that dots the hat and hair. If you don’t like the snow, then I recommend checking out the Basics shop in the NC Mall because they have a wide selection of Beanie and Wigs, such as the Basic Beanie and White Wig (NC). A NP alternative is the Altador Cup Wig And Beanie (NP), which can also show your love of one of the biggest events of the year. Another nice option for a winter hat is the Furry Winter Hat and Wig (NC), which will help to keep your Neopet warm while offering another look.

#2 - Vandagyre Cap and Wig (NC)

Although the Vandagyre Cap and Wig (NC) is very similar to a beanie, it is so charming and adorable that I think it deserved its own spot on the list. The wig is styled after the newest Neopet to appear in Neopia and it is a great option for those that are seeking a cute winter look complete with little fuzzy ears and paws. This item comes from the Vandagyre Goodie Bag, which was released free to all Neopians in celebration of the Vandagyre’s appearance in Y16.

#3 - Holiday Bob Wig (NC)

The Holiday Bob Wig is a very sleek and pretty look for the holidays. It fits most Neopet species very well and is a great option for Neopets seeking a more fashionable look. It is originally from the On the List Holiday Snowglobe.

#4 - Warm Headband Ponytail Wig

For Neopets looking for a more simple winter look, the Warm Headband Ponytail Wig is a great option that will also make it easy for your Neopet to enjoy the winter festivities and play games with ease. It is originally from the Winter Nature Mystery Capsule from earlier this year.

#5 - Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig (NC)

For Neopets that want a more edgy look, I highly recommend the Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig. This wig, based on the intimidating Krawk from Defenders of Neopia 2, will help any Neopet look fierce.

#6 - Festive Holly Princess Wig and Hat (NC)

Alternatively, for Neopets that would like to stand out with a unique hairstyle, I recommend the Festive Holly Princess Wig and Hat. For Neopets that want to go even further and more outrageous, they should check out the Lighted Tree Wig (NC). Both of these wigs look fun and festive, but will definitely turn heads with their literal holiday look. Some other options to consider are the Icy Igloo Wig (NC), Pinecone Crown and Wig (NC), Holly Wig (NC), and Ice Blasted Wig (NC), all of which can help your Neopet stand out from the crowd.

#7 - Holly and Vine Wig (NC)

This wig has elements of the holiday season while still looking quite pretty. Another similar festive wig is the Sprig of Holly Wig (NC). Both of these wigs came from the Stocking Stufftacular of previous years.

#8 - Fashionable Holiday Wig (NC)

The Fashionable Holiday Wig is a great option for those that want a short and hip look for the holidays. It is also a bit flashy and will help your Neopet be the center of attention. This item came from the Trendsetter Holiday Snowglobe.

#9 - Braided Holiday Wig (NC)

For Neopets that are seeking an elegant holiday look, I highly recommend the Braided Holiday Wig. It has a beautiful braid with a nice bright bow on the side. The item originally came from melting a Bright Holiday Snowball. However, this item also can be currently dyed using Dyeworks and give the following color options: Dyeworks Black: Braided Holiday Wig, Dyeworks Red: Braided Holiday Wig, and Dyeworks Yellow: Braided Holiday Wig.

#10 - Crocheted Ear Muffs and Wig (NC)

The Crocheted Ear Muffs and Wig is a great option for Neopets that want a pretty wig topped off with an adorable set of holiday ear muffs. I love the slightly messy hair look. This wig is originally from the original Charity Corner event.

#11 - Gothic White Holly Wig (NC)

This short wig with shiny pieces of holly and adorable curls is a cute look that is slightly edgier than some of the other short hair wigs on this list. This item also came from the original Charity Corner event.

#12 - Gothic Winter Wig (NC)

Although this wig has some similarities to the previously listed Gothic White Holly Wig, the Gothic Winter Wig gives off a much more elegant and sophisticated look. This item was a Limited Edition item from the Wicked Winter Mystery Capsule.

#13 - Star Diadem Wig (NC)

The Star Diadem Wig is another item from a previous year’s Stocking Stufftacular. This wig has a pretty crown of stars that looks good on many different Neopets. A very similar alternative is the Starry Wreath Wig (NC) which has a longer hairstyle mixed with stars. Another option is the Crystal Wreath Wig (NC), which is a long blonde option with a shiny crown of jewels instead of stars.

# 14 - Caylis Collectors Wig (NC)

Although the Caylis Collectors Wig is not a traditional holiday look, the long and flowing wig still looks wonderful in most winter looks. This wig is inspired by Caylis, the Aisha that helped defend Maraqua from the invasion of Captain Scarblade. For those Neopets who do not want an obvious holiday look, this wig can be a great option to consider. Alternatives include the Long Charming Grey Wig (NC), Long Silver Wig (NP), and Premium Collectible: Opalescent Wig (NC), all of which has a similar white/grey look that can be perfect for the winter season.

#15 - Jewelled Winter Hat and Wig (NC)

This charming wig and hat combination is a great option for Neopets that are looking for a more sophisticated look. This item was previously a buyable from the Holiday Shop and fits many different Neopet species very well.

#16 - Limited Edition- Holiday String Lights Wig (NC)

Although this wig has a more literal holiday element with a string of holiday lights at the end, it still looks pretty. The most fun aspect is watching the lights actually light up which will help your Neopet stand out at any holiday parties. This item is originally from the Red Holiday Cracker Gram. A possible alternative to consider is the Long Gemstone Wig (NC), which has a series of gems that also light up in a similar manner.

#17 - New Year Celebration Wig (NC)

With the Month of Celebrating coming to an end soon, it’s important to keep the New Year in mind. This hat is a great option for those Neopets who want to count down to Y18 in style. It also comes in several color options - Dyeworks Purple: New Year Celebration Wig, Dyeworks Blue: New Year Celebration Wig, and Dyeworks Orange: New Year Celebration Wig.


#18 - Glamorous Snowflake Wig (NC)

This sparkling winter-themed wig is a great option for Neopets that want a fancy curly up-do that will make them stand out. This item is one of the older items on the list and originally came from the Spinning Snowflake Holiday Mystery Capsule, but has also been re-released since then so it is not too difficult to obtain.

#19 - MME20-S3a: Blonde Side Braid Wig (NC)

For those that want to look like a Snow Queen, the MME20-S3a: Blonde Side Braid Wig is a stunning option that complements most Neopets very well. This wig can also help your Neopet feel more confident at any holiday gatherings. An alternative is the Snow Queen Wig and Crown (NC).

#20 - Sparkling Winter Wig (NC)

The last wig on the list is the Sparkling Winter Wig, a beautiful blonde wig from the Winter Holiday Snowglobe that has lovely snowflakes along the top. This wig is one of my favorites for the winter season since it is pretty with a touch of winter that can help any Neopet look very fashionable.

Honorable Mentions

Christmas Hats for Christmas-Painted Neopets! Although these options are not wigs, the Christmas items from each Christmas painted look can help complete any holiday customization. Not all Christmas Neopets have a hat unfortunately, but most will come with some festive attire. The Christmas Paint Brush is also one of the most affordable Paint Brushes available.

Oversized Baby Santa Hat is a great option for the Baby pets out there that are looking for a holiday look. This hat also can be currently dyed using Dyeworks into Dyeworks Purple: Oversized Baby Santa Hat, Dyeworks Green: Oversized Baby Santa Hat, and Dyeworks Pink: Oversized Baby Santa Hat.

Thank you for reading and I hope that this list will aid you in making your Neopet look their best during the holiday season!

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