A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 193,743,981 Issue: 711 | 18th day of Celebrating, Y17
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Expect the Unexpected Wig Thief

by yuskieandurameshie

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Real Life Avatars: Evil Fuzzle
It IS kind of silly when you really think about it...

by bearwife


NeoPaper: Customizeable Salad
Hey, they worked hard on that!

by mbredboy31


Hidden in the Faerie Caverns
"Do I have to? Do I really have to?" I asked my owner. Sophie gave me a firm look and nodded. "It's not scary, don't worry. You only have to take 3 turns and you'll be there. If you can find your way in the caverns, then you will be awarded with a prize. Just picture it, Laffy_Taffy! You can get beautiful glowing wings! Or a faerie caverns stamp! Just imagine the possibilities!"

by xxcandystylexx


Good Luck Charm
It's all relative.

by globetrekker

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