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Continued Series

The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Eleven

"Now that we are all gathered here," Sir Hartwick announced grandly, holding his hands out as if he were on stage, "it is time for you, Sir Rickshaw, to tell me the ingredients for the time travel spell."

by vanessa1357924680
The Fire Within: Part Three

The Font was what they called the largest of the settlements in the Moltaran Caverns.

by herdygerdy
The Prophetess's Tale: Part Eight

"We may never know why the prince was kidnapped," Audley continued, "as no one has stepped forward to demand ransom for him..."

by encroached
Scarab Queen

The constitution meeting was to take place in the throne room – this served as a not-incredibly-subtle reminder from Jazan about who exactly was in charge here.

by saphira_27
The Adventures of Trina: The Two Islands - Part Four

"Don't be afraid!" she heard him call with a mouthful of water. "I'm right here! Grab my hand!"

by ummagine3284
Desert Sojourn

King Jazan gazed at Dragao with an expression she couldn’t read. Queen Nabile looked faintly interested. “You may do so,” King Jazan said, granting his permission.

by 77thbigby
Days of Daydreams Past

To say that I was upset was an understatement.

by aifricr
The Door Closes: Part Two

On my second day in the desert I come to a city around an oasis.

Art by ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

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"This Is Our Year" by kandeegrrl
Watching little Garren take a Clockwork Yooyu in the face was hardly the highlight of my day. It was late in the season of the Junior Yooyuball League I run with Ilsa. He was convinced the kids were ready for it, and while I had my doubts, I’ve always trusted his judgement. I guess that happens when you grow up with someone. The only problem is, Ilsa turned out to be very wrong.

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Kahmileia Visits Terror Mountain
As the sun came up in the Faerieland skies, the castle went into a complete uproar.

by nycflowergirl


A Rubber Plant Castle Tale: The Dead Bearog
She picked up a little creature by the scruff of its neck. One head whimpered. She surveyed the area for its owner. A second head whined. There was no one to be found... Interesting.

by watersprite112


The Unknown Faerie Princesses: Part 2
The truth must be heard, so here it is. The middle sister of the Faerieland royals, and heir to Queen Fyora’s crown is…

by puddydog


The Traveling Neopian: Neolodge Reviews: Stop #7
Don't spend your holiday in a tent! Read a review from your buddy, Brent! Unless you like holidays in tents.

by cadetbush


The Lonely Tomato Chia
It's a lonely life.

by chunky_sushi


Altador Cup - Robot Yooyus
Dumb robot Yooyus...

Also by bankrupting

by fhujmasterofhedgehog

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