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Rags to Riches: Guildeford's Humble Beginning

by drewcr55


Nervously approaching the sliding glass doors, a quiet, young yellow Tonu greeted a boisterous group of guests as they entered the Grand Neopian Neolodge. Despite his inner feelings of dread and dismay, he smiled as he welcomed the group he knew all too well into the lobby. The group passed, in hysterics from conversation made as they entered, without ever so much as acknowledging the shy, but friendly Tonu waiting by the door. The Tonu, known to his short list of friends as "Guilly," shook his head in silent anguish as the group of guests headed for the welcome desk. Reservations already prepared and waiting, the group quickly checked in and headed back in Guilly's direction.

     "That should be everything," scuffed the narcissistic Skeiths, throwing their royal robes onto the already teeming bell carts.

     Guilly forced a smile to his guests. "Which hotel will you all be staying in this weekend?"

     "We are all in the AstroVilla, of course. That is...unless you know of something nicer around this dump."

     The soft-spoken young bellhop humbly apologized. "The AstroVilla is indeed our most extravagant hotel at the Neolodge. I can assure you, we will do everything within our power to accommodate you this weekend."

     "I sure hope you're right," grunted one of the Skeiths. "We were not pleased with our accommodations in the slightest during our previous visit."

     Guilly assured them that the staff at the Neolodge had recognized their complaints and made adjustments to the already excessive AstroVilla sector of the Neolodge.

     The group of Skeiths exited the elevator, leaving the young bellhop to push both bell carts on his own. "Hurry up, would you!" the largest Skeith impatiently shouted, his voice reverberating down the halls of the top floor.

     Guilly scrambled down the hall, exhausting all of his energy in an effort to get the carts to the Skeiths' room as quickly as possible. "Just leave them at the door," they grumbled.

     "If there is anything else I can do to assist you, please do not..." Guilly's voice trailed off. That was all he was able to muster before the door slammed in his face with a deafening thud. Guilly turned back toward the elevator, doing everything in his power to hold off the tears fighting to escape his eyes.


     That evening Guilly sat quietly in his room, pondering the day's events. The reserved young Tonu was no stranger to rude encounters, having worked as a bellhop for several years now. However, he just couldn't shake the negative experience he had earlier in the day. Guilly appreciated the intrinsic value of a hard day's work. He knew that nothing in his life would ever be handed to him. He wasn't ever too good for any job. He didn't mind the hard work.

     His frustrations lied within the vanity that typically aligned itself all too well with his guests' social or economical standing. He longed to one day become as successful as the wealthy group of Skeiths whom had so harshly belittled him earlier. He longed for success so that he could finally prove his point. He yearned to teach everyone that success didn't have to dictate treatment toward others.

     The encounter with the Skeiths resonated in Guilly's head. Upon waking the next morning, he was determined to change his path. Despite dealing with some of his more overbearing guests, Guilly loved his job at the Neolodge. However, he knew that if he wanted to find real success, he would ultimately need to look past his occupation as a bellhop. Almost serendipitously, he recalled a wise old Techo who permanently resided in the Presidential Palace sector of the Neolodge. He didn't really know how the old Techo had managed to accumulate all of his wealth over the years, but Guilly thought paying him a visit might just yield some answers...

     "Hello, is anyone home?" Guilly knocked softly near the top of the door.

     After waiting for over a minute without a response, he knocked again. Yet still, no one emerged from the room. Hanging his head and releasing a sigh of disappointment, the Tonu turned to head back downstairs. Just as he reached the elevator, Guilly heard a slow, creaking noise.

     "Hey, hold on there just one minute. These legs don't move as fast as they used to." Guilly turned and smiled, a sense of relief overcoming him. He recognized the voice of the wise old Techo and hastily advanced back toward his room.

     "Well, what can I do for you, young one?"

     Nervously darting his eyes to the floor, Guilly responded, "I was hoping you could help me with something."

     A confused, but patient smile masked the Techo's face. "Well, of course. Come on inside."

     Once inside, Guilly opened up and voiced his frustrations form the previous day's events. He told the Techo he was ready to make a change and to pursue real success.

     "I was wondering if you could offer me any financial advice..." Guilly's voice drifted off as he finished his sentence.

     The Techo laughed. "Well, it's been years, but I would be more than happy to help you. You see, years ago, I invested diligently in the stock market."

     Guilly finally had his answer. "Wow, why didn't I ever think of that," he exclaimed. "I guess I just never realized the stock market could be so profitable."

     "The stock market is a waiting game. It requires patience, fortitude, and attentiveness. Stocks may go bankrupt. There is always risk involved. However, there is much opportunity for success."

     "I understand the risk involved. I want to learn."

     For the next few hours, the wise old Techo taught Guilly everything he knew about the stock market. He explained the danger involved with buying stocks, as well as the potential reward. He did his very best to describe diversifying a portfolio, setting buying and selling points, and choosing which stocks to invest in.

     As the evening neared, Guilly thanked the Techo and headed home, eager to get started investing. That evening, he made his very first investment.


     For the next several years, Guilly invested in the stock market each and every single day. Listening to the Techo's astute advice, he diversified his portfolio and invested in a number of different successful companies.

     Before long, Guilly was raking in neopoints by the millions. He eventually quit his job at the Grand Neopian Neolodge, no longer having any real need for that source of income.

     As Guilly became more and more successful, he acquired a greater appreciation for the finer things in Neopia. One of his first purchases was a golden paint brush. The color was simply dazzling on Guilly, who decided his full name, Guildeford, was perhaps a little more appropriate for his new look.

     Guildeford quickly became the talk of Neopia, attending premiere social events with the most elite of guests. His glittering gold mane and dashing sense of style, paired with his evolved, effervescent personality, quickly made him the one of the most popular socialites in Neopia Central.

     The pinnacle of Guildeford's success came in Year 12, when he was nominated by his peers for one of the most coveted positions in Neopia, host of the Style Showdown. With his impeccable taste and debonair wardrobe, Guildeford was the perfect choice to host the annual competition.

     Guildeford's real success, however, lies within his positive attitude and endearing nature. He has not forgotten the advice of the wise old Techo, nor the snide guests with whom he was once challenged to please in the past. Today, Guildeford may arguably be one of Neopia's most successful socialites. However, his humble beginning serves as a constant reminder of what can be gained from hard work and perseverance.

The End

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