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Neopia's Top Ten: Best Books Ever

by brittanyandsteven


Being a bookworm is something to be cherished! Nothing beats a cold, rainy, or snowy day more than cuddling up with a cup of Spicy Mystery Island Coffee or Snowberry Tea and reading a good book. Here's a list of the top ten books from different lands that are must reads (if you haven't already!).

#10- Halloween Safety Procedures

If you manage to find yourself passing through the Haunted Woods, take a stop in the Neovian Printing Press. A must read for anyone to survive the weekend in the Haunted Woods is Halloween Safety Procedures. You'll never know when you might be getting a pie in the face from those awful robots in the Carnival of Terror, or being chased down by a spooky ghost pet. If anything goes wrong, this book tells you exactly how to survive and what to do. It's definitely a keeper for years to come, and it's also entertaining to read about some of the things that can happen in this Halloween forest. If you're lucky enough to not live in this haunted place, keep it on your shelf for Halloween! Always be ready for anything and everything!!

#9-Qasalan Healing Techniques

For those that enjoy reading about all natural healing or anything to do with organic medicines, this scroll found in Qasala in the Lost Desert will be one of the most informative scrolls. Qasala is not only known for their many delicious foods and weapons, but also for their ancient healing techniques. If you want a job working in the Lost Desert, being a Natural Healer is a good way to bring in some income. Not many Neopians are too familiar with the ways of Qasala healing, so if you have a wonderful heart and are interested in using fruits and sand as a natural way of dieting, healing neopox, and other diseases, then this is a good scroll for you. Note: If you can't read hieroglyphics, you might need to hire a translator.

#8-Rainbow Fountain Secrets

If you love going to the Rainbow Fountain, here's a book that will catch your interest. Did you know that not only the Rainbow Fountain can paint neopets and petpets, but also has gives away faerie good luck charms during one hour of the night? I bet not. Not only that, but many more secrets are in this novel. Over the past few hundred years, things have slowly been discovered at this fountain that is not widely known to the general public. This book contains not only secrets but also stories of the many Neopians who found out these secrets. If you want to be the prettiest painted, happiest and richest (yes, I said it) Neopian, you really need to get your hands on this book. You will not regret it!

#7-Not-So-Disgusting Dung Uses

Brightvale is widely known for having a large collection of books and scrolls. Out of all them here, I am going to have to go with Not-So-Disgusting Dung Uses as the must read of this entire shop. And now you're probably wondering "uhm, why?" and you have every right to until you actually read this book. Lately dung has been very popular, even in food form. (Why anyone would actually eat it, I have no idea). But this book gives over 1000 uses for dung in good ways, and even has a no-stink potion mix recipe in the back of the book for those that can't get past the stench. So next time you run across a pile of dung, don't throw it away. Go get this book and learn to turn it into toothpaste.

(You can also get this book in a bundle with its sister book "Disgusting Dung Uses". )

#6-How to Fold Paper to Make It Look Like Stuff

Yes, you need this book. Ever have a boring day at work with absolutely nothing to do? Bet there's some paper lying around, and you can entertain yourself by making it look like stuff! This is definite must have for the artsy-craftsy Neopian. You'll never know when you might need to make a paper rope to save someone. If you throw a party, it gives ideas for making your own paper plates and cups. This book will come in handy for you not matter how old you are. It even comes with paper!!

#5-Interior Decorating with Rocks and Cogs

For anybody that likes the Moltaran look, this book gets deep into decorating with rocks and cogs. Any interior decorator needs to have this book handy, especially if you have many customers that are looking to move to Moltara or surrounding areas. Since the discovery of this land, decorating your home to look like you're in a fancy cave has been one of the most popular things to do, and this book can help. So no matter if you're decorating for yourself or somebody else, this will give you the most hip and trendy ways to make your house completely "rock"!

#4-Zero Gravity and Loving It

Whenever you manage to stop by Booktastic Books, make sure you ask for a copy of Zero Gravity and Loving It. This delightful story is about a cute little Moehog who decides he wants to be brave and move to Kreludor for the holidays. After some crazy mishaps when he arrives and meeting some funny Grundos, he has to decide whether to stay or go back home. This book will keep you smiling and laughing.

#3-Ruki Sand Sculpture

Did you ever wonder how many of those amazing sand sculptures decorating places all throughout the Lost Desert are from? You'd never believe it's Rukis. These lovable Neopets have been secretly creating sand sculptures for centuries, and their ways of making even the largest and most impressive sculptures of dry sand stay together is still beyond me. However, this book gets into the details and even gives a simple how-to of how to make your own. If you are a fan of sand furniture, it also gives plans on how to create a table and chair set. This book also goes over some of the most famous sculptures from the Lost Desert and their Ruki master creators. If you love reading about the Lost Desert and Qasala, put this on your list.

#2-Faerie Folk

For a wonderfully fun and entertaining book, Faerie Folk is a great read! It contains over 500 different stories of fun loving, dare-devil, and straight bizarre faeries in Faerieland. Like reading about folklore and legends? This book has it! It even includes some interviews from the Faerie Queen herself. If you love having a good laugh and reading almost unbelievable stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, definitely drop by the Faerieland Bookshop and get yourself a copy!

#1- Alien Aisha Invasion

If you can ever afford to get your hands on this book, it will probably be the most action packed Sci-Fi story you will ever, ever read. If you have ever played Assignment 53, it's based on this. From Aisha's taking over Kreludor and then Neopia, this action packed story will keep you guessing what is going to happen. Including opera singing Supreme Commander Arlhox VII and lost Aishas from the Alien Aisha Invasion Force, nothing will ever be the same when you think of space again. After winning the award for "Book of the Year" for years 10-16, this book is a must have.

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