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Pen-Pals: Prexfyre and Salerio

by swimmingstar01


Also by coloridge

     10th Day Of Awakening

Dear Prexfyre

     I know this is my second letter this week, but I'm bored. I can't even read, I'm just lucky I have a steady paw to write with. If my writing is all over the page, then I'm sorry! This Blurred Vision is driving me crazy, my eyes are so itchy, and I know I've said this before, but I do not like being unwell!

     Sorry, I'm harping on again, aren't I? Not much is new here, Lorelai is still training, Peatasia has gone to visit a friend to help them get an avatar, and Lafayett is finally happy with his scores. Took him long enough, didn't it? Maybe now he'll calm down a bit!

     Hectate's in a foul mood though, when she went to Krawk Island the day before yesterday for the promotional free training, she got turfed out by Cap'n Threelegs. Apparently, it wasn't her Day, even though we all thought it was, but oh well. Hect has been stomping around the house in a horrible mood since then. She keeps flouncing out of rooms, I only get an impression of it, all wings and irritability slamming the door. At least I assume it's the door!

     Yet another letter with not much in it, sorry about that! I think I'll leave it there today, Lorelai is about to go out so she can post it for me.

     Please write soon, I'm so so bored stuck at home! But be careful, I usually have to get someone to read them to me!

     Love Salerio xxx

     14th Day Of Awakening

     Dear Prexfyre

     Happy day of love! Have a cupcake and know how much you mean to me! Because, you do, you know?

     Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, I'm better. I'm fine now, Pea went to the healing springs and managed to get a cure for me. I feel like dancing around the house and singing, but if I did that, my family would throw things at me. Hard. You know what they're like.

     Well. No, you don't. You know, it's weird. You know all my deepest, darkest secrets, you know my hopes and dreams and fears, and I know next to nothing about you. You are clearly the best listener in Neopia, even though we only communicate on paper.

     So this time, it's my turn to ask the questions. Firstly, tell me once and for all what type of pet you are. You know I'm a Koi, what are you?

     You can't answer right away, so let me guess. I don't think you're a Uni, and I don't think you're a Kiko. I don't mean to stereotype, but you just don't write like one of them. Tell me what you are, first, please. Then as I read the rest of your letter, I can picture you sat here with me.

     I know you have a petpet, that you love, and a sibling you don't get on with. But I don't know either of their names, tell me those as well. Tell me where you want to go on holiday, and your favourite Battledome arena.

     And finally, my dear friend, please tell me that I'm not bugging you. I'm an extrovert, and I know I can be a bit much for some.

     Love Salerio xxx

      16th Day Of Awakening

     Dear Salerio,

     Hi Salerio! Okay to start off, I'm an Acara from Shenkuu who really likes to go out and swim with my friends at the Rock Pool in Mystery Island during the holidays, so I'm pretty wild! Haha!

     We only go to the pool when the Kougras are not around though, as an Acara is their favorite treat! They usually roam at night so we don't go out then. There're some adorable petpets living in the pool that we hang out with like Catamaras, Ghotis and Waleins!

     One of my hobbies is playing the piano so maybe I can teach you a tone or two, lol. I also like to read in my spare time. My goal is to read every Acara book out there in Neopia!

     I also like to play the game "Cheat!" It is a pretty addicting game and it's fun to see the opponents get the cards stacked on their heads when I caught them cheating, lol!!

     Now as far as my petpet, her name is "Didi." and yes, I adore my petpet very much! I frequently play with my petpet and take care of her so she won't get bored, even on gloomy days!

     My relationship with my siblings are not too bad, sometimes we might be competing for food given by my owner, but other than that, we sometimes help each other out when we're in need.

     My favorite battledome arena is Dome of the Deep. Everyday I battle with the Koi Warrior for some codestones and dubloons that my owner can sell so we can get more Neopoints for our trip this summer to see you! I can't wait already!!!

     And let me tell you, I'm a big fan of Princess Fernypoo!! I think she's very great! Especially in the game Cheat! She can even beat the strongest opponent!!! I adored her very much! I'm starting to get better with that game with her by my side, she's truly a hero to me.

     Last but not least, my owner likes to take me to the sea to dive for treasures. I still couldn't find any treasures, but it's okay, my owner already thinks I'm a good diver! *giggle*

     I'm very happy to have a pen-pal like you!

     Love Prexfyre!

     18th Day Of Awakening

     Dear Prexfyre

     That's more like it! Now I can picture you a bit better! I'm really looking forward to your visit, if you really like diving that much, you shouldn't have a problem finding us down in Maraqua. I hope that we can go swimming together, you will love the caves near our place, the aquatic life is beautiful, and the views are amazing. We'll also go fishing, see if we can grab ourselves a Titanic Giant Squid.

     Kougras like Acaras? I did NOT know that, I'll have to ask Laf when I see him next. Don't worry, I'll make him swear not to touch you! I don't think he would though, he's a big softy.

     I would LOVE to learn the piano, when you come visit, you must teach me some! And Cheat, although I'm actually pretty good at that one. We'll get all my siblings involved, and it'll be amazing. I'm more an Agent 00 Hog fan, myself.

     I wish I had a petpet, but they don't really like me much. Maybe you could bring me a Ghoti when you come? (Just imagine my puppyblew eyes here, hehe)

     We will also battle, because the Koi Warrior was my trainer, and you are going DOWN!! You will not know what hit you, my friend, I will win. And then I will take you to Kelp, to celebrate.

     On a more serious note, thank you. I like writing to my friends around the world, and learning more about their way of life. You live in Shenkuu, and I live in Maraqua, and soon we will meet and see each other's worlds collide. And I CAN'T WAIT!!

     Please write soon

     Love Salerio xxx

     20th Day Of Awakening

     Dear Salerio,

     Hi Salerio! Yes, we must! Are you good at searching for treasures down in the deep? Perhaps you could teach me, I'm no pro in it yet, hehe!

     Really? I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and make my family jealous, lol.

     Learning the piano isn't too hard if you start from the basics. I'm sure you'll be pro in no time!

     Aww, I'm sure those petpets will make friends with you! And sure! I'll bring one for you when I visit you!!

     Yeah, I can't wait to see you too!!! I know we're gonna have the best time ever! We're getting the eleven o'clock bubble from the surface, in ten days time. I'll try not to pop it, hehe!

     Love, Prexfyre

The End

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