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The Perfect Paintbrushes for Any Land in Neopia

by thesevenwonders


There are two things that everybody likes: being fashionable, and having pride in where you come from. One simple item can show the world how fashion-forward you are AND give others a clue as to what Neopian land is your absolute favorite. That item is a paintbrush. Using this very handy article to help select your paintbrush color will help you attain that gorgeous shade you've always wanted as well as the honor of representing your Neopian land by simply looking fabulous.

If you live in Altador and have cash to burn, I would suggest buying an Eventide Paint Brush - It's a beautiful color that will surely remind people of the Altadorian night sky and all the constellations. If you're looking for something less expensive, how about White? King Altador is a white Lupe - I'm sure your pet would look just as great. Gold is also an excellent choice; just look at all the gold adorning Altadorian weapons!

The number one choice for residents of Brightvale is, obviously, a Royal Paint Brush. This color is a bit pricey but, for the most part, there would be no doubt what country you come from! If you're a bit of a rebel, try snagging a Transparent Paint Brush. Brightvale is the land of knowledge, and I'm sure a few inquisitive Neopets would enjoy seeing your food being digested (not for the faint of heart!) If a basic color is more your style, try Green. You can't go wrong when you're stylin' the same look as King Hagan.

If you live at the Darigan Citadel, this is easy - go Darigan! The purples and grays fit in perfectly with the stony, sometimes ominous environment up there. If you want to go the extra mile, you could always try to find a Transmogrification Potion. Darigans are known for going a bit over-the-top with spikes and evil-looking things, but watch out - a mutant pet might even be a bit too much for them!

Faerieland is a place filled with wondrous colors, kind faeries, and adorable petpets; even the weapons are pretty to look at! It would be easy to paint your pet Faerie and just call it quits, but there are several other choices as well. A Striped Paint Brush, with its colors of pink and blue, is reminiscent of the good old days of when Faerieland was the city in the clouds (why not just go for the Pastel one while you're at it?) Since nearly everything in Faerieland is cute, painting your pet Baby is also completely acceptable. If you like to walk more on the wild side, try Wraith - since the Wraiths originated during the Faerie's Ruin, it would also be a fitting, although less lovable, color.

The Haunted Woods encompasses a very wide array of areas, so there are a wealth of colors you could choose from to show that scary pride! Halloween, Ghost, and Zombie are all conventional and very attractive choices for anyone living there. Someone who enjoys Neovia might try to find a Grey Paint Brush, and if you prefer doing Sophie's quests you could paint your pet Swamp Gas. The most extreme option you have is, again, finding a Transmogrification Potion. Some of the Mutant pets are so frightening, you'd be bound to fit in!

A simple land of furniture (and a rather large pond), Kiko Lake has two very appropriate options: for those with heavy wallets, a Water Paint Brush would look lovely against the waters of the lake; for those with a smaller budget, a Brown Paint Brush would hearken back to the plentiful wood the Kikos make their famous furniture with.

Buying a Pirate Paint Brush would seemingly be the only choice for residents of Krawk Island who wish to show their allegiance; not so! See if your pet enjoys the Shadow color as well. It's perfect for the sneaky, sometimes not-so-trustworthy island inhabitants who slink around like shadows.

There are only two reasonable options for Maraquans: a highly expensive Maraquan Paint Brush, or a slightly (sort of) less expensive Maractite Paint Brush. Going full Maraquan requires a bit of a commitment, as your pet might have to live underwater forever to survive. But Maractite is an extremely attractive color as well - and you can also show your love for your land without the fins. Something to think about.

Like Brightvale, Meridell residents should pick up a Royal Paint Brush for their little princes or princesses. If you're more a fan of Illusen and the beautiful glade, painting your pet Woodland would be an excellent (and expensive!) choice to show your love for the earth faerie. Another basic color - Blue - works well here too. Just try not to upstage King Skarl.

Living in Moltara, so close to the earth's core, could make anybody sweat: if you can attain a Magma pet, go for it. They are made out of magma, and therefore have no sweat glands. That's one problem taken care of! If you love Moltara but want a color a bit more classic, paint your pet Fire. The blazing color will remind everybody of the fiery underground land that you hail from.

Ah, Mystery Island. The best way to really kick back and relax here is to paint your pet Island and go full native! Unless you have a Chia, that is. Go to the Lab Ray and try your luck at zapping your Chia -- you might end up with a delectable-looking fruit color (there's over twenty of them!) that would fit right in with the bountiful fruits of Gadgadsbogen. Just try to stay away from Lupes.

This leads us to Neopia Central. This hub of events and shopping is the center of attention of all of Neopia, and your color should reflect that! Why not pay homage to the great shops here by painting your pet Plushie (and if you have an Usul, why not Usuki?) If you're a huge fan of Game Central why not try to get your hands on an 8-bit Power-Up Potion? You can also always try to get a lucky zap at the Lab Ray that would paint your pet Chocolate. Or, purchase a Rainbow Paint Brush - it would be perfectly reminiscent of the Rainbow Pool, where we all get our colors from!

Roo Island is probably the most versatile of places to showcase because of the plethora of inspiration you can have! Almost any basic color (Dice-a-Roo pride!) as well as any solid color would work well here -- especially Purple, Orange, and Pink to go with the fun atmosphere. If you can't decide between Purple and Orange, go for Split! It's reminiscent of a jester costume, like the ones King Roo is so fond of. Checkered would also work quite well, especially if you often find yourself bored... you could play a game of checkers on your own body!

Climb high up the mountains into Shenkuu and find a land as diverse as the colors you could paint yourself to celebrate it. The people of this province have their own Lunar Temple, and a White or Silver tint to the fur would look lovely under the moonlight mists. If you're less into showing off and more into hiding out, try to get your grubby little mitts on a Stealthy Paint Brush and embrace your inner ninja.

Terror Island as a region is wonderfully easy to paint (and mostly cheap to attain!) Christmas is a perfect option to paint residents of Happy Valley to commemorate the Starlight Celebration. If you live on top of the mountain with Taelia, Snow would be awesome to blend into the environment -- and being a regular snowman, you probably won't be as cold! If you live in the Ice Caves and the Lab Ray just happens to give you a lucky zap, Ice would be another great way to beat the chill of the mountain.

If the cold isn't your style, maybe the sand dunes of The Lost Desert will warm you up! Painting your pet with the Lost Desert Paint Brush will instantly upgrade your pet from Desert Scarab to a palace elite, if you go the expensive route. Maybe subtlety is more your style. In that case, nip up a Gold brush to go with all that gold jewelry the desert-dwelling folk love.

Ugga Ugg Tyrannia! Blending in with the locals is simple once painting your pet with a Tyrannian Paint Brush. You simply can't beat the loincloth-and-bone look in these parts. If blending into the surroundings rather than the Neopets is more for you, may I suggest the Relic Paint Brush? It's guaranteed to help you "rock out" - and not just at the Concert Hall.

Finally, we arrive at Virtupets Station (and Kreludor.) The most expensive and technologically-advanced choice for color - Robot - is only attainable either by keeping your fingers crossed at the Lab Ray or spending a hefty amount of Neopoints for a One-Use Robotification Zappermajig. Not everyone has this type of cash to burn, so of course there are other options. Why not celebrate the beauty of the galaxy with a Starry Paint Brush? There's also the Dimensional Paint Brush, with colors similar to the glowing screens all over the space station. For all the weird meteor-gunk dripping around Kreludor, why not try a Glowing color change?

And there you have it - a fitting color for wherever you are in Neopia. May your new visage bring you joy and pride, and remember: you need a Neopet, but you also need an appropriately-colored brush. Happy Painting!

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