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Choosing Your First Tattoo: A Guide

by pepper_imp


We have all been there. One day, your Neopet is quite happy for you to pick out a shimmering new dress and a pair of sparkling slippers from the never-ending racks of the Mall; the next, you find them eyeing up wigs in shades of blue, green and orange, and lingering a little longer outside the little tattoo booth in the corner of the Accessories Department. It's hard to come to terms with your Neopet growing up, but never fear. With this handy guide, helping your Neopet choose their first tattoo can be an exciting experience for everyone!

Committing to your first tattoo can be difficult. There are so many designs, colours and styles to choose from! At such an important time in your Neopet's development, it can be tough to truly know which design to choose. I am here to guide you through the decision making process with a quick breakdown. Here you will find a complete list of tattoos currently on offer with a running commentary of what these tattoos suggest about you.

1. Brilliant Snowflake Tattoo – This shimmering white design adds sparkle and flair to any Neopet with a penchant for winter. This tattoo indicates a delicate and ethereal spirit, and would be ideal for a more introverted but poetic Neopet.

2. Butterfly Arm Tattoo – A flourish of yellow, blue and purple butterflies suggests girlishness and whimsy and would be perfect for a light-hearted and capricious Neopet who fills the room with their laughter and smiles. Warning: this tattoo may attract passing Lightmites and Draphlies. (They think it's one of their friends.)

3. Delicate Flower Tattoo – This sparkly pink affair would suit any Neopet who loves summer and can't wait for their next chance to hit the beach. You should also give this tattoo consideration if your Neopet owns an extensive collection of tiaras, ball gowns or glass slippers.

4. Fake Sloth Tattoo – Can't quite make up your mind? Then this temporary tatt is for you! A traditional style tattoo that indicates you may need to reconsider your role models and/or life choices. (Warning: These transfer tattoos were donated to the Mall by Dr Sloth. Methods of creation and ingredients used currently remain unknown. Some users have reported side-effects after application including a desire for world domination and affinity with Grundos. The Mall is not responsible for any negative side effects.)

5. Green Tribal Tattoo – A simple and popular design, this tattoo suggests that behind your stoic exterior is hidden a wild and untamed spirit. Perfect for anyone put off by flowers and sparkles but still wanting to express their flair.

6. Gypsy Henna Tattoo – This temporary design is becoming ever more popular with younger Neopians. It indicates heavy wanderlust and a deep appreciation for experience over material things.

7. Heart Forehead Tattoo – Not for the faint-hearted, this tattoo would be great for a bold pet who loves to be the centre of attention, or for any pet who likes to remind you that 'Love conquers all'. Warning: may cause tension with future employers.

8. Korbat Tattoo – Do you love Korbats? Is Kevin your favourite Gormball player? Do you worship Lord Darigan? Do you shed tears of joy with every goal Zo Junior of the Haunted Woods Yooyuball Team scores? Then this, my friend, is the tattoo for you.

9. Poinsettia Tattoo -– Do you love Christmas? Is Yule your favourite Neopian festival? Do you worship all things Borovan? Do you shed tears of joy with every rendition of Deck The Halls? Then this, my friend, is the tattoo for you.

10. Snowflake Tattoo – Slightly more sophisticated than the Brilliant Snowflake Tattoo, this delightful flurry suggests you are imaginative and fanciful, perfect for any Neopet who loves to curl up and watch the snow with a cosy jumper and a good book. This design is further recommended for any Neopet who routinely asks you if you wanna build a snowman, or tells you to let it go whenever you're a little tense about something.

11. Spooky Spyder Web Tattoo – This intricate design will definitely turn heads. A competitive Neopet who hates to stay on-trend would suit this complex line work. Also great for anyone who loves hanging out with Spyders. *shudders*

12. Sunflower Tattoo – Still haven't found your perfect floral design? Fear not: this springtime-inspired piece will certainly appeal to a happy-go-lucky Neopet with a bright and sunny personality.

13. Tattoo Sleeve – If you're feeling confident, this full sleeve of ink looks fantastic on an alternative and self-assured Neopet with a laid-back and easy-going nature.

14. Yooyuball Tattoo – This design is more nuanced than you'd expect, as it suggests not a Neopet overwhelmed by team fanaticism, but a Neopet who simply loves the game of Yooyuball itself. A good choice if you're looking to indicate your openness to conversation about the next Altador Cup with ease. (Note: It will also indicate to the less fanatical that conversation with you should be avoided at all costs.)

Having perused this guide, I hope you have managed to come to a fruitful and informed decision about your Neopet's first tattoo. If nothing on this extensive list took your fancy, don't fret! The Mall is constantly releasing new designs for your pet. If you've read this guide and you are still unsure, why not invest in some of the Mall's exceptional face paints for a temporary alternative? If you have picked out your first tattoo with the help of this guide, there really is just one final question: does your Neopet love it with all their heart? The answer should always be yes, because – and this is important! – as long as your Neopet loves their new ink, no-one else's opinions really matter at all.

So, what next? It's up to you!

1. Try it on – The Mall runs a great try-it-on service, so your pet can be absolutely sure of their new tattoo before they make an appointment.

2. Discuss with friends – Get together with your Neofriends and see if any of them would like to join you in getting a new tattoo!

3. Book an appointment – Make sure you have enough Neopoints or Neocash for your new tattoo. The average tattoo costs 50-100 NC or 10,000 NP.

4. Get inked!

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