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Top 4 Ways to Change Your Pet's Expression

by _starryeyedsurprise_


All the time I hear people saying that their pet looks 'too happy' for their customisation, so here I have lined up the top 4 methods for transforming your pet's expression, to help it to fit in with your customisation that much better. No longer will the feel of your customisation be ruined by a big cheesy grin.

*NB* some items may work better on certain species


Okay, so I'm being a little bit mean to all those poor pets out there, but honestly, nothing changes your pet's expression like being poorly or even just hungry. Now I want to state that I am in no way condoning pet starvation, nor am I suggesting you let your pet suffer with an illness in your quest for a perfectly aesthetically pleasing customisation. However, I am writing you a guide and it would not be complete without mentioning this important expression changer. *hates saying this but...* For a cheap way to make your pet poorly (shame on you) you can feed Poisonous Jelly to your pet. They will then come down with NeoMonia.

3. Neocash Items

I have put neocash items at number 3, for two reasons. 1) not everyone has access to NC & 2) all the items I have listed are retired and could end up costing a pretty penny/being tricky to get hold of. With that in mind, my top recommendations for changing your pet's emotion/expression are:

Tears of Caylis Face Paint (Currently trading for ~2+ cap value) is perfect for making your pet look sad. The tears just break your heart, don't they? Nobody likes to see their pet sad, but sometimes you might want to create a sadder tone on your customisation.

Dual Personality Makeup (Currently trading for ~2-3 cap value), is one of my favourite ways to change my pet's expression. You can use it to make your pet look so angry, perfect for going into battle.

Grumpy Plumpy Eyes (Currently trading for ~2-3 cap value) are perfect for adding a certain bacon deprived look to your pet. If your customisation requires an evil genius look or just a good old angry face, you cannot fail with this item.

Roo Island Bug Eyes (Currently trading for ~1-2 cap value) also are very good for making your pet look angry and or hairy, depend what look you are going for. ;)

2. Neopoint Wearables

If you don't have the cash to splash for NC items, then despair not, you can still achieve a new expression for your pet without the need to break the bank. My favourite expression changing neopoint wearables are:

Angry Meepit Eyes (Currently selling for approximately 90,000 NP) make your pet look as if he or she has just spun the Wheel of Extravagance and landed on the win nothing spot!! Yes, as you have probably guessed, Angry Meepit Eyes lend a certain *I'm about to lose my temper* look to your pet. ;)

Tired Eyes (Currently selling for approximately 30,000 NP) are perfect coupled with a sleepover customisation or for those long nights of playing Neopets. Nothing says I stayed up too late last night like this new NP item.

Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie (Currently selling for approximately 14,000 NP), yeah, yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be showing you how to give your pet a different expression other than "it's so fluffy I could die!!!!" but, I mean come on, it's such an infectious smile. How can it not be on my list? ;)

1. Paintbrushes

Of course my number one position had to go to paintbrushes!! Every Neopian's desire. Paintbrushes are notoriously expensive, But if you wish to permanently change your pet's expression, there is no better way. Some paintbrushes will only change the expression of certain species, be sure to check my lists below or the rainbow pool before you spend your hard earned NP on that paintbrush you've been eying up. My favourite mood changing paintbrushes are:

Ghost is a nice cheap paintbrush (Currently selling for approximately 60,000 NP) , that can usually be found by the shop wizard and has to most wonderful effect on certain species, Chombies, Lennies, Quiggles and Wockies become staring soulless beings, Cybunnies become evil pointed-toothed devils, Draiks, Elephants, Nimmos and Scorchios become worried looking cutie pies, Flotsams, JubJubs and Meercas look so confused its actually quite funny, Gnorbus and Peophins end up all pouty and miserable, Kacheeks, Ogrins, Xweetoks and Yurbles end up with a permanent shocked expression, Kaus look so angry, it looks like someone just waved a red flag in front of their eyes, and to cap it all off you can give your Mynci a look that says I'm about to hatch an evil plan!!!!

Pirate (Currently selling for approximately 450,000 NP) , if you wish to give your pet a permanent attitude problem, then pirate is the brush for you!!! When painted pirate facial changes range from a simple smirk right through to a creepy smile. If you want a pet with an attitude, Krawk Island is waiting for you!!! Species whose expressions are most affect by the wicked lick of the pirate paint brush are: Aisha, Bori, Bruce, Buzz, Elephante, Grundo, Kacheek, Kiko, Koi, Meerca, Ogrin, Tonu, Tuskaninny, Usul, Yurble and Zafara

Grey (Currently selling for approximately 2,000,000 NP), ah my favourite of all the expression changers!! nothing says 'I've had a bad day' like a sad faced grey pet, since conversion the expressions/poses you get from grey pets are not as sad as they once were, but then you can add all your other customisation pieces to converted pets to make them even sadder!! Pair your grey pet with Tears of Caylis and oh my is that a sad pet :'( every pet that can be painted in grey will have an expression change *yay*

Other notable paintbrushes in the quest for cheesy grin eradication are: Darigan, Elderly, Halloween, Relic (check out that Korbats face), Royal, Stealthy, and Tyrannian. With these please do check out your species at the rainbow pool and see what they look like, before purchasing the brush!

Thanks for reading my top four ways to change your neopet's expression. *Cheesy grin out*

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