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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part One

by downrightdude


This is the sequel to Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira.

"Sisters, we must find a way to escape," Velma sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

     The Dark faerie turned to face her siblings, who were all frowning and looking around their lavender-white surroundings. Ever since the four sisters had been imprisoned by Fyora in the Magical Seal, a life sized mirror, none of the Dark faeries had felt like doing anything, aside from gazing out through the glass into the room where the mirror hung. It was an abandoned room in a high tower of stone, the walls lined with cluttered shelves left behind by the previous occupant of the room.

     Daphne, who was trying to curl her shoulder-length red hair with her fingers, sighed loudly. "We're all aware we have to get out, Velma," she insisted.

     "I know," said Velma, the second eldest sister. "And after the stunt we pulled trying to find the Amulet of the Dark faerie, I wouldn't be surprised if Fyora gives us a life sentence."

     Violet, the youngest sister, looked around at the interior of the mirror and said, "Do you think Fyora chose these colours?"

     Daphne, the middle sister, shrugged her shoulders. After realizing her efforts to curl her hair weren't working, she groaned louder and said, "I wish that Queen would have at least granted me permission to use some sort of magic curling iron!"

     "Well, I wish we could get out of this mirror," said Velma. "I would greatly appreciate the soul who would be bold enough to break us out of here."

     "How long have we been in here?" Violet wondered. She twirled one of her black pigtails with her finger.

     "I believe we've been here for at least five months," said Daphne. "What do you think, Rosia?"

     Rosia, the eldest sister, said nothing as she stared out of the seal's surface. Though she was the Top Dark faerie of Faerieland, Rosia had also been imprisoned in the Magical Seal after she attempted to invade Fyora's palace. Since her imprisonment, she had spent her days looking out of the purple-rimmed mirror in hopes of finding an ally to help them escape. For days, however, no one had shown themselves. Still the nets scattered about and the shelves aligned with various shaped jars gave Rosia an idea as to whom else lived in this stone-brick tower. But for now, all she could do was wait patiently for her miracle ally to arrive and free her from her cursed seal.

     Violet looked around behind her and felt the solid wall there. "I wish this space was bigger," she admitted.

     "Well, I wish we were free," Daphne repeated. "I could really use some new lipstick!"

     Velma gasped as a sharp shiver suddenly slithered down her spine. Being the only sister with psychic abilities, she turned to her siblings and said, "Sisters, I feel a strong presence approaching."

     "Oh great, it's probably Fyora," said Daphne, rolling her eyes.

     Rosia smiled widely as she saw the black door knob of the tower door turn clockwise. "Look sisters, we're in luck," she said with pleasure. "Seems like our fated ally has finally arrived, after all of this time we've been waiting for him."

     "Are you sure he'll help us escape?" asked Violet.

     "Yes," said Rosia, sounding confident. "I'm positive he'll be eager to help us once he hears my proposal."


     Kira took a deep breath as she stood beside the door outside of her classroom. She was blessed, and nervous, about attending the Faeriewood Academy for Faeries, a private academy located on the outskirts of Faerieland. The building was divided into two floors: with Earth, Light and Fire faeries on the main floor while the Water, Air and Dark faeries were taught on the second floor. The gleaming pink building looked just as magnificent as Fyora's palace, and the tall golden gates had glimmered in the sunlight as Kira walked through them that very morning. Just like the other Top faeries of Faerieland, Kira was also told that before she could continue with her duties as Top Air faerie, she must first attend a local private school to further her education in faerie magic and to assist with understanding more powerful spells.

     And now here she was, eagerly waiting outside her very own classroom, feeling anxious to meet her fellow colleagues.

     "Well, here I go," Kira muttered as she opened the oak door and entered the classroom. Adrenaline bubbled inside her as she stared at the twelve Air faeries she was to attend her classes with.

     A tall faerie with her golden-blonde hair tied up in a bun peered at Kira through her spectacles and said, "My, are you late for your first class? Young lady, this academy prides itself for its punctuality, and I would be lying if I say I agree that our own Top Air faerie should be late for her very first class. Now, please introduce yourself to the rest of the class."

     "H-hello," Kira stuttered. She could feel her cheeks grow warm and sweat drip down her face as she spoke. "My-my n-name is-"

     A student in the front row pointed to Kira and said, "Your ribbon's undone."

     Everyone laughed as the young pupil twirled a finger around one of her blonde pigtails with a smirk.

     Kira placed a hand on top of her left hair ribbon and felt her face grow even hotter as she realized her sweat-soaked silk ribbon had become undone without her noticing it. How long has this been undone? Kira wondered as she hastily retied her ribbon.

     A student in the back row shouted, "Hey, why aren't you using magic?"

     "Yeah," said the blonde-haired girl. "I thought you were a powerful Air faerie!"

     "I am!" Kira squeaked, still trying to retie her ribbon. After feeling how hard her fingers were shaking, she stopped her efforts to fix her hair bow and sat herself down.

     The tall faerie nodded briskly and said, "I am Ms. Aerial. I will be your teacher and mentor as all of you prepare your journeys to become official Air faeries. Now if you could all pick up a spell book from the back shelf-"

     "Why do we need to read books?"

     "Because spell books are essential to learning how to master your powers," Ms. Aerial explained. "After all, you shouldn't count that just using your powers senselessly will eventually result with all of you girls being able to control and understand your different skill levels since each of you possess a unique level of faerie power."

     The faerie with pigtails turned to Kira and asked, "And what level of faerie magic do you have, Miss 'I can't use magic to fix a hair ribbon'?"

     Kira gave the girl a glare as Ms. Aerial picked up the student list off of her desk. She looked at where the young girl was sitting and asked, "Is your name Clarisse?"

     "It's Marissa," said the student.

     "Well Marissa," said Ms. Aerial, "you can't get anywhere as a faerie without understanding how your powers work. It's just like baking-"

     "Are you done giving us your lecture, Miss?" asked Marissa.

     Before Ms. Aerial could explain her analogy between possessing faerie magic and baking, the sound of a gigantic tidal wave crashing through the main hallway made the whole classroom go quiet. As soon as they were sure the wave had stopped, the students rushed over to the door Kira and gasped when she saw the Top Water faerie standing on a surfboard with ten other faeries laughing beside her, her arms and legs covered with light bruises.

     "Sirena, what are you doing?" she demanded.

     "Hi Kira!" said Sirena. She quickly snapped her fingers and made the whole hallway glimmer with cleanliness. "I was trying to create a controlled tidal wave for our teacher, but I accidentally used the wrong spell and created this gigantic one instead! Boy was she surprised!"

     A young Water faerie with short blonde hair exclaimed, "We also got to wash the hallway while we surfed! It was so fun!"

     Sirena nodded in agreement as she tied her long, blonde hair into a ponytail. "Hey Kira, want to see me make a more controllable tidal wave this time?"

     Ms. Aerial clapped her hands. "Alright ladies, the show is over. Please go inside and read Chapter One in your spell books." After closing the door, she turned over to face her students, who were all sulking in their desks.

     "Why do you have to be so boring?" Marissa demanded. "Who wants to make rain clouds when we could have also surfed in the hallway?"

     Ms. Aerial gave Marissa a strict scolding as the other Air faeries sat down at her desks. Kira sighed as she watched her new nemesis glare at her as she walked past her desk. Please let this school year be OVER already, she thought angrily.


     After placing his nets beside his shelf of jars, Balthazar walked over to the Magical Seal and huffed, "And why should I help you puny faeries?"

     "We're not puny," said Daphne. "Well maybe Violet is but I'm not!"

     Rosia shook her head and said, "Listen, Balthazar, we were hoping that we could help you make some huge profits with my newer and most devious plan." After giving a long pause, she added, "That is, if you were going to free us from this cage."

     "Ha! I heard that one numerous times!" Balthazar snarled. He leaned over and gave Rosia a glare. "Why else should I let you puny faeries out of this giant mirror?"

     "Because we tried to invade Fyora's palace in order to confront her?" asked Daphne.

     "I don't care," said Balthazar. "Besides, if you've really tried to invade, why is the palace still in one piece?"

     Daphne shrugged her shoulders. "Well, we were almost successful."

     Velma shook her head. "We were so close if it hadn't been those 'Top faeries' that came in and distracted us from our goal."

     "Oh, yeah," said Daphne. "We also turned the Top Light faerie of Faerieland into stone!"

     Balthazar crossed his arms and huffed. "Even I could do better with any of my personal spells! Why should I seriously let you wimps go?"

     "Because our mother, Sombra the Dark faerie, might come down and destroy you in seconds," Rosia crooned confidently. She nudged her way towards Balthazar and said, "Don't you remember when you imprisoned my mother's students? They were nine weak Dark faeries you later sold to the Neopian market for your own personal profits. So if you would be so kind to let us out, I suppose I could always talk my mother out of taking her vengeance on you to spare your life. What do you say?"

     "Sombra was your mother? Is this true?" Balthazar gasped, raising an eyebrow. Rosia and her sisters nodded.

     After close consideration, Balthazar sighed deeply, trudged over to his desk and pulled out a thick, sharpened piece of quartz. He scraped the quartz along the mirror's edges with his quartz until the giant piece of glass was carved loose from the purple frame. Once the glass had fallen over and smashed into little pieces, Rosia led her sisters into the stone tower and let out a victorious laugh.

     Velma shook her head at the mess. "It's still unbelievable that Fyora was so dense to place us in the hideout of Balthazar. What was she thinking?"

     "Well, I do have another hideout that I use in the Faerie Woods," Balthazar explained. "Fyora must have placed you girls in here since she would have thought that this tower was abandoned."

     "Too bad she was wrong," Rosia said as she closely examined every inch of the tower room. Once she was done leafing through a spell book she had discovered on a bookshelf, she gave Balthazar a smile and said, "Okay, Balthazar, time for our side of the deal. Since you freed us, we'll make sure that the fate of every faerie will be in your hands. Just leave everything to me and things will go a lot smoother than my previous plot."

To be continued.....

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