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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part One

by downrightdude


"It's so hot outside," Kira sighed, shutting the front door behind her.

     "Oh, Kira," Cyprina called from inside, "can you come back inside for a moment, please?" Kira sighed as she walked back inside and met her mother in the kitchen. Cyprina gave her daughter a smile as she handed her a piece of paper. "This is everything that I need for dinner tonight," she instructed. "Now when you come back, I would like it every much if-"

     Kira groaned. "But Mom," she began, but her mother gave her a serious glare.

     "Don't 'oh mom' me, dear," Cyprina said firmly. She handed Kira some coins. "Here's the neopoints that you would need for the groceries. I would appreciate it very much if you came straight back and helped me weed the garden. Would you be willing to do that?"

     "Yes, Mom," Kira grumbled as she left the house.

     While walking through Faerie City's almost-bustling main street, she found herself being detracted by the ongoing heat wave that had struck Faerieland for the last four days. Kira, as well as everybody else in Faerieland, knew that the sun's rays were constantly monitored by the local Light faeries, who could control the sun's light in order to help keep the weather in control and not so overbearing. But with the heat making each day hotter and hotter, Kira couldn't help but wonder if the Light faeries were doing a good job or not.

     With a snap of her fingers, Kira was able to create a perfect breeze to cool herself down as she approached the Faerie Foods shop. A passing Earth faerie, who had felt Kira's slight breeze, smiled at her and said, "Thanks. I needed that."

     "No problem," said Kira. At the shop Kira bought the two faerie potatoes, four faerie beetroots, and a dozen water faerie apples that her mother had requested from her. After she had purchased everything, Kira went over to the Faerieland Bookshop for some quick browsing.

     The shopkeeper waved at her and asked, "Have you read Flight of the Battle Faerie yet?"

     Kira nodded. "Yup," she said as she admired the cover of Breath. Seeing the sassy Air faerie on the cover made Kira smile; it made her laugh to think that anybody would think that any Air faeries were really that sassy! "Say, Leah," asked Kira, "do you have any more copies of that book I found last time I came here?"

     "You mean Faerie Clouds?" Leah wondered.

     "Yeah, that's the one!" Kira said excitingly. "Do you have any in stock?"

     Leah shook her head. "I'm afraid we haven't received any new books for the last three days. I guess Brillare hasn't flown down to Neopia Central yet."

     "Who's Brillare?" asked Kira.

     "A close friend of mine," Leah explained. "She's also the most powerful Light faerie in all of Neopia! It's strange, though, that I haven't seen her in a while... I hope that she's okay." With fear building inside her, Leah quickly wiped her eyes and looked down at the book she was reading.

     Kira looked up at the shop's clock. "I guess I should be heading home now. See you later, Leah." After waving goodbye, Kira walked back home with all of her groceries inside the plastic bag she was holding. With the heating becoming more intolerable, it was hard for Kira to use her wings fly back home-especially since the sunlight was getting brighter. I hope there will be rain tomorrow, Kira thought anxiously. At least then I could fly over to the bookshop instead of walk.

     "Hey! Leave me alone!" a voice cried. Kira stopped walking and looked around for anybody in trouble. As soon as she saw a crackling Dark faerie hovering above an Earth faerie, she immediately ran over to them, accidentally dropping her groceries as she ran.

     The Dark faerie crackled again and asked the Earth faerie, "So, Illere, are you going to give up or shall I send you through a portal of darkness?"

     Illere struggled to get up, but when she could speak she said, "How about you go back to your dark tower, Daphne!" Daphne laughed again as she watched Illere pull out a green orb from behind her.

     "You're not going to use that ugly thing again, are you?" Daphne wondered.

     "Ecliptis plantitis!" Illere exclaimed as she held up the orb above her head. Kira watched as thick, green vines sprouted right into the air and then headed towards Daphne. Before she could get away, though, another Dark faerie appeared and created a shield with her orb. "What!" Illere gasped. "How can that be?"

     "Rosia, what are you doing here?" Daphne grumbled. "Can't you see that I'm busy here?"

     "You're just making a fool out of yourself, Daphne," Rosia insisted. "And besides, why are you fighting this weakling in the first place? Don't you know we have more important things to care about then some nature-loving faerie like her?"

     "But she was the one who made me spill my smoothie!" Daphne protested.

     "Hey! Leave her alone!" Kira shouted. She shook her fist and cried, "I'm not afraid of you Dark faeries!"

     Rosia crossed her arms and grinned. "Well," she said to Daphne, "what do we have here? A little cloud-sprouting air-headed faerie who thinks that she can take me on? Yeah right." With a wave of her left hand, Rosia was able to create a medium sized purple orb-which she immediately threw right at Kira. Daphne laughed harder as she watched Kira struggle to get up from the ground.

     Illere ran over to help Kira up. "Let's go," she insisted. "Those two won't stop until they would have completely obliterated you. Why not just walk away and I can take you home?"

     "No," Kira replied. Standing up as tall as she could, Kira closed her eyes and clapped her hands as hard as she could. As soon as a light blue orb appeared between her hands, Kira clapped against; this time, sending a gigantic tornado towards Daphne and Rosia.

     "What a wimpy looking tornado," Daphne sneered as she formed a shield around herself. But when the tornado approached her, Daphne noticed that her shield wasn't holding itself against the tornado's winds. "How could this be? Why isn't my magic working?!" Daphne exclaimed.

     "You idiot," Rosia grumbled as she grabbed her sister's wrist and flew away.

     Seeing the two Dark faeries fly away made Kira smile. But the tornado, which had now vanished into thin air, made her completely exhausted and sent numerous chills down her spine. After noticing that her hands were now glowing light blue, Kira groaned and fainted, with Illere by her side.

     "Don't worry," said Illere, "I'll take you home right away. Just relax and you'll be fine."


     "Sisters," Rosia said in a serious tone, "we have a serious problem on our hands."

     Daphne sighed. "You're still not upset about that Air faerie we met, right?"

     "I'm just curious about now such a puny Air faerie could have created such a powerful creation with such little effort," Rosia admitted.

     Looking up from her hand mirror, Velma said, "I did see that tornado that faerie used, and I must say that it greatly resembled the same tornado-thing that that Cyprina used against our mother." Violet, who was the youngest sister, nodded in agreement.

     Daphne formed a fist and punched the wall she was facing. "If that little faerie really is related to Cyprina the Terrible, could that mean...?" Violet, Velma and Daphne exchanged worried glances before they turned towards their eldest sister.

     Rosia smirked. "It would only be a matter of time before Miss Cyprina Jr receives her quests from Fyora," she insisted. "If that ever happens, dear sisters, then we just stop her before she finds her true powers." Velma and Daphne nodded in agreement while Violet turned to look out of their tower's only window.


     "Are you sure that she's okay?" Cyprina asked as she watched her daughter sleep in her bed. "Perhaps I should make her some hearty soup to give her some more strength."

     Illere nodded. "Some soup would do her some good," she said with a smile. "And don't worry about her. I think the fight just gave some temporary battle fatigue. Let's leave and give her some privacy." Cyprina nodded and followed Illere out of the bedroom. As soon as the door was shut, Illere leaned closer and peered into Cyprina's eyes.

     "Is something the matter, dear?" Cyprina asked nervously.

     "No," said Illere, "It's just that you remind me of somebody that I have heard of from my mother. She told me that there was once a very powerful Air faerie that had defeated an even more powerful Dark faerie when Faerieland was still in the sky. She told me her name was 'Cyprina'."

     Cyprina sighed and nodded. "Yes. I am Cyprina."

     "You mean the same Cyprina that fought Sombra the Dark faerie?" Illere gasped. Cyprina nodded again. "So does that mean Kira-?"

     "Please," Cyprina said in a serious, "don't tell Kira about what I have done, or who I once was. If she ever does find out, then her life will forever be in danger as it was today."

To be continued...

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