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Top Twenty Shoyru Items

by happytimewithmilk


Hey there! While Shoyru Day has come and gone, (April 2nd) I think it's time we should talk about some great Shoyru items. Or well, I'll talk and you just sit there like a good pal and listen, okay? Thanks! We all know and love Shoyrus, correct? (If you don't please click away, this article is not for you.) Shoyrus are dragon-like creatures who love to soar through the great Neopian skies. They may look like they pack a punch but don't worry, they don't actually breathe fire. They are also one of the most popular Neopets species! No wonder why, as they are so playful and adorable! That's enough about Shoyrus, onto the items!

1. A Shoyrus Guide To Neopia On A Budget - r79

One Shoyru's guide to having fun without spending millions!

I don't know about you but this guide is just what you'll need to start your Shoyru off with some Shoyru fun! Oh, you're short on money as well? Great! This guide is on how to have fun without spending every last Neopoint you own!

2. Baby Shoyru Baby Bottle - r70

This strawberry flavoured milk comes in a cute dispenser that is easy for young pets to hold.

If your Shoyru just happens to be baby, then you'll need this baby bottle! It's strawberry flavoured milk (which is rather the finest thing in the world, where is the adult size?), it comes in an adorable dispenser that is easy for young Neopets to hold, AND it's made just for Shoyrus! Yummy! (Really, though, does anyone out there know where to get my own strawberry milk?!)

3. Blue Shoyru Morphing Potion - r99

Piff Puff Poof, give this Blue elixir to your Neopet and it will become a brilliant Blue Shoyru

Honestly you'll probably need this item first... as if you don't have a Shoyru then what good are you? So go run and grab this, (run, don't walk) and then you'll have your own blue Shoyru! The potion is almost like magic!

4. Blue Shoyru Stick Art Activity Set - r101

Color your favourite Neopets with this blue Shoyru stick art activity set!

Hey! Now that you have a blue Shoyru, this stick art activity set is perfect! Who doesn't love stickers, and colouring?! Exactly! Grab this up for your adorable little blue Shoyru!

5. Caring For Shoyrus - r90

Would you know what to do if a Shoyru got sick? This great guide will make sure you will be prepared in an emergency.

I mean this one is sort of a given! You have a SHOYRU now my friend, now some drooling Mutant Gnorbu that you barely have to take care of! You'll need this great book to know what to do in a Shoyru related emergency! Unfortunately this book will not inform you on what to do in any other sort of emergency. Who cares as long as your Shoyru is okay?

6. Dapper Shoyru Monocle - r89

You can use it to see how amazing you look!

If this isn't the first wearable you are giving to your Shoyru then my friend, you are doing it wrong. Look like a dapper boss with this monocle! And guess what? Only Shoyrus can wear it so all your friends will be totally jealous when YOUR Neopet is the only one walking around looking like a sir.

7. Faerie Shoyru Plushie - r96

A delightful faerie Shoyru plushie that will make the perfect friend!

Look at this adorable plushie! It's faerie and will make the perfect friend to any of your Neopets really, but most of all your Shoyru! If your Shoyru just happens to be faerie then bonus points! Who wouldn't want a miniature copy of them in plushie form to hold and squeeze? I wouldn't. But your Shoyru will!

8. Maraquan Shoyru Squirty Toy - r84

Fill it with water and have fun firing it at passers by.

One of my favorite Shoyru colours, in squirty toy form! Mess with friends and family while firing it at them as they pass by. Even strangers! They'll just enjoy the water blast in their face and will totally laugh and enjoy your prank! If they don't then I hope you can run fast.

9. Red Shoyru Puzzle - r79

Awww, what an adorable red Shoyru. Can you put this puzzle back together once you take it apart?

This puzzle is great to play with your Shoyru, or without! It's adorable and they're aren't many pieces so it's fun AND relaxing! Try not to lose a piece, though, you'll go crazy trying to find it, and you'll go even more crazy when you CAN'T find it!

10. Shoyru Artist Easel - r92

The perfect easel for your masterpieces.

Is your Shoyru an artist, just itching to make a masterpiece? Oh, they aren't? Well, with this nice wearable easel, it won't matter! Your Shoyru can just LOOK like he knows how to paint!

11. Shoyru Boat Toy - r88

Great fun for bathtubs or outdoors.

Surprise! A Shoyru toy for your Shoyru! This adorable red Shoyru is just sitting in his boat, waiting for the adventures your Shoyru and him will have!

12. Shoyru Comb - r83

Great for fixing wind-blown hair.

Just in case your Shoyru's hair gets wind-blown and crazy, it's always handy to have a comb! And a comb that was made just for Shoyrus? Perfect! In a very nice blue with just a little touch of a Shoyru's wing, this really is a must have! Unless your Shoyru has no hair. Then I guess you can just move on?

13. Shoyru Wizard Cloak - r93

A wizard would never leave his tower without his cloak.

You're a wizard. It's about time you let everyone know with this wizard cloak. No wizard goes without one, and why would you? It's a very beautiful blue colour, and full of magical pockets. Don't deny your Shoyru his chance to be the wizard he truly is!

14. Shoyru Cologne - r85

For those who adore the scent of Shoyrus.

This item is actually for those who don't have a Shoyru this fine day (boo-hiss). Oh you enjoy the scent of Shoyrus you say? You don't want your own? Well why not? Oh you have too many pets, you're lazy, you don't want to be creepy and walk around sniffing other people's Shoyrus? Okay well then this item is for you my creepy little friend! Plus it even comes in a nifty little bottle!

15. Shoyru Cereal - r85

A bowl of fruity flavoured crunchy cereal shaped just like Shoyru heads.

Here's a way to start your day great! With this bowl of fruity flavoured cereal, (shaped like Shoyru heads no less!) you'll be ready for anything! Plus they're super colourful, and tasty! I hope your Shoyru doesn't get freaked out eating things shaped like him though. Good luck!

16. Shoyru Pink Aviator Scarf - r89

This cozy scarf will keep you as warm as a Shoyru wearing a pink scarf while zooming through the atmosphere.

Does your Shoyru get cold when he flies high in the sky? This great pink scarf is just for you then! As you can see, this super soft pink scarf is striped, and just looks cozy. Let your Shoyru be a little aviator!

17. Silver Shoyru Fizzy Drink - r101

Be careful, this mug look like it might try to fly away.

Did you think I was going to have this list without at least one drink for you and your Shoyru to enjoy?! This super fizzy drink is based off of silver Shoyrus in a nice shiny tall mug! Watch out though, it looks like it wants to fly away! That's okay though, because your little Shoyru can always fly after it and drink it all, leaving none for you. It isn't good not having wings, huh?

18. Shoyru Yellow Flower Dress - r95

A light and airy dress for those warm spring days.

Spring is coming up, ya know? Get your Shoyru ready for spring the right way with this beautiful yellow flower dress! With touches of blue to the yellow, it's really rather darling!

19. Twirly Fruit Shoyru Ice Cream - r88

Lashings of vanilla ice cream, shaped like a Shoyru head and smothered in fresh Twirly Fruit sauce.

Mmm, ice cream! It's super twirly, and fruity, and Shoyru-y. Do I even need to say more?

20. Tattered Shoyru Puppet - r93

Not many pets wouldn't fall in love with this adorable Shoyru puppet.

How cute! It seems that not many pets wouldn't fall in love with this puppet, I see why! It's super adorable! While it is rather tattered, it's very well-loved. Who could ask for more?

And there we have it! Don't even complain about how many I listed, you can never have too many Shoyru items! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you had a happy Shoyru day!

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