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So, I broke down and purchased myself a Plushie Wherfy when I found one on sale, but in truth I'd prefer it to be a regular Wherfy. I don't suppose there's any chance of a future "revert" option regarding painted Petpets, is there? If not, then gracious... the Wherfy needs more colors to choose from! *serves elegant tea and dons a boater* ~fwipinator
For Wherfies, painting them blue will "revert" them to their standard colour, as that's the colour that most closely matches the basic colour.

Since Lawyerbot is no longer with Neopets, what will happen to his avatar? ~ivoryrosefrost
It will remain! Lawyerbot would never abide by us removing his stunning countenance from the site.

Boochi is no longer a threat, but Hubrid Nox is? I'm a bit annoyed that I need a Battledome 'pet guard, especially since I've been slowly training all of my 'pets. In the past week Hubrid Nox has hit me almost as many times as Boochi ever attempted. Is he really supposed to be so frequent? ~scatsmom
He was already pretty rare, but we've made him more rare to help balance out some really horrible luck. The new system actually made bad events more rare, but also increased the frequency of Random Events overall. We're, of course, still tweaking things as we go along.

There is some injustice here in Neopia! On Krawk Day, Krawks were only given one new outfit, whereas 'pets traditionally get a male and female outfit!!! How unfair! :( Were Krawks just not loved this year? ~silly_mistake
We love Krawks just as much as any other Neopet! The reason there was only one outfit is because, during our transition to JumpStart, we're low on resources as we move. Basically, we have less butter, but still the same amount of bread to spread it over! That's why we've been extending things such as Grey Day into Grey Week, so that we can still provide you with new content daily. Since Pet Days take significant resources, we've had to prune them back a bit for now. There's no offense to Krawks (or Lutaris) intended; we're just providing the amount of content that we are currently able to during this time.

*clears throat* Hi, TNT. Can you explain the difference between a person using a guide and a person cheating on Neopets? I was told that using a guide is cheating. Could you please clear this up for me? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~username removed
Think of a guide (and its writer) like a coach. Coaches teach you how to be a better player by sharing knowledge and skills they've learned from experience, and these things they teach fall within the rules and guidelines of the game. Coaches don't play for you or tell someone else to do so, nor do they show you how to trick referees or make it look as if you scored when you really didn't, because all of that would be cheating. A coach teaches you with the purpose of increasing your skill so you can become a better player. Guide writers are doing the same thing! (They are very nice and awesome people, by the way.) A "guide" that doesn't want to increase your skill, but instead wants to show you ways to fake those achievements or have someone or something else do it for you, isn't really a guide at all. It's a cheat.

Settle down, class.
Today we're going to practice exactly when
to hit the space bar while playing
Kass Basher!

So, you thought it was okay to have a bit of instrument discrimination going on, did you? Huh? Huh? You've got Concertinas through to Sousaphones. You've got Rototoms and Vibraphones. Yep, you really did a bit of research there! However, my simple point is that you haven't even bothered to include a single cornet -- the essential part of a brass band! Well, I really hope you consider making one to rectify your grave oversight. Thank you muchly. (Please leave my username out of this. I don't want to be embarrassed, thanks!) P.S.: I appreciate the Pirate Viola you made a while back! ~username removed
You're quite right! D: We'll let the Content Department know of their grievous oversight.

Hi, TNT! Last year, during the Negg Festival, we received the Counterfeit Doughnutfruits after we punched our NC Decorative Neggs. Some of us thought that we would need them for this year, but it seems we were wrong! Since the Negg Festival this year is completely different, what are we supposed to do with these Counterfeit Doughnutfruits? It seems as if you don't need them for anything. Do they serve some purpose? ~ninebreakr
The Counterfeit Doughnutfruits were actually supposed to be a bit of a precursor to a new daily that we had to cancel to fit in other content. We keep bringing the idea back up, so we might do it eventually. We recommend just letting them sit in your SDB, but if you really just can't handle the clutter, you're welcome to discard them.

The Random Events that steal items or lower a Neopet's Hit Points have me somewhat confused. They just don't seem to fit in with the spirit of the other REs, or the site in general. Sure, the text part is funny, but they delete things that we've worked hard for. Neopians have had items worth millions stolen by these events, and those with big 'pets spend upward of 100,000 NP for a single stat point. It's frustrating, to say the least, and they really don't add anything to the site. Can you guys tone down the anti-fun aspect of these REs? For example, put a rarity cap on the items that can be stolen, or keep the stat-stealing REs tied to The Coincidence daily, so that folks can decide whether or not they want to risk losing stats. ~dfgh5067
For as long as there has been Jacko appearing and handing out paint brushes, there has been the Pant Devil lurking about to steal them right back. It is the way of REs -- an endless battle between the forces of "WOOHOO!" and "ARGH!" with all of Neopia caught in the middle.

Hi, TNT! So, why is it that when some games are retired they are put in the Game Graveyard, but others are simply deleted from the site altogether *cough* The Last Smiley *cough*? Is there some kind of criteria they have to meet to be put in the Graveyard? Sponsor games obviously have to be deleted altogether, but why original ones? ~aml715
Games that are still functional are usually placed in the Game Graveyard. Other games (such at The Last Smiley) that have broken beyond reasonably fixable levels are completely pulled off the site.

Hey, TNT! Have you kept an eye on the Neopian Lottery lately? Since the new Random Events came out, the jackpots have been significantly higher! We were so close to reaching the one million NP mark one of these days... could you pretty please release an avatar for the game like someone suggested a few weeks ago? I'm pretty sure that would increase the number of tickets being sold every day. :3 ~_white_spirit_
We'd still love to do an avatar for the Neopian Lottery, but allocating resources is a bit tricky while we're transitioning. Things are moving along, though! :) We can't wait to get settled into our new home so we can JumpStart new content! *slaps knee and laughs*

Hi! I know I'm six months early, but can I request a Grey Eyrie Plushie for Eyrie Day this year? Thanks! ~sunnnday
You know what? Sure. Thanks for asking so far in advance! :)

Hey, TNT! I recently spotted a [program] that seems to make the site easier to use by making searches show up on the Shop Wizard main page as opposed to on a separate page. Would using that be against the rules? I haven't downloaded it and I wanted to check before I did! Thanks!!! ~starrdomm
Anything that alters site code is against the rules. Also, always be cautious about what you download. Many cheating programs get you to download them by claiming to do great things, while in fact they are secretly stealing your account information as you do so. :(

There are incentives for just about every kind of collector on the site (avatar, stamp, gallery, etc.), but nothing for trophy collectors. How about a trophy incentive? It could be a special trophy or something simple like 1,000 NP per trophy per month by visiting your User Lookup. This would also help raise interest in the game aspect of the site. ~hufflepuff
We think that the trophies are the incentive. :) Display them with pride!


Um... I've taken a big haitus from Neopets and now am coming on once a month or so, but every time I come on I'm finding trophies that I don't seem to remember having. At first it was a poetry win that was added to my first one, along with some rare-ish items in my inventory. I figured, "Cool, I guess I got that over hiatus." Now, though, I'm getting more and more random stuff in my inventory and my 'pet, Popcure2, has an untitled bronze trophy. Nothing has been taken away from me and all of my NP is still in my bank account. So, please... I love this stuff and all, but could you let me know where it's coming from? I know this is an odd request. Thanks! ~lionkirbys
That bronze trophy on your Neopet is the updated version of the old Beauty Contest trophy. That's likely why it seems unfamiliar. :) As for the Poetry wins, you were alerted through Neomail that you had won, but it was likely already purged by the system by the time you returned.

Hey, TNT! I'm just curious: let's say I submit my gallery for the Gallery Spotlight, but some of my graphics are added in using coding help from a fan site -- meaning that I created the graphics myself but I can't properly code them without help. While we do have permission from that fan site to use their coding for layouts and such as long as they give credit, would using it disqualify me from winning the Gallery Spotlight because the coding isn't 100% mine? ~auraichadora
The Gallery Spotlight allows entries with premade coding, but it's considered a demerit. Basically, if there's a judging tie between two galleries or themes, then the one with non-premade coding would win.

Hey, TNT! Like many Neopets users, I tend to log in every morning to check on my 'pets and the daily news. Recently, every morning I've found that I'd received 250 NP for... no reason I can quite discern. I deposit all of my NP at the end of the day so it's not left over. I can't tell if I've missed some obvious reason or if they really are just magically appearing. Not that I'm complaining -- it's just a little weird. Thanks, and could you remove my username? ~username removed
That was your NP reward for being awesome at Mootix Drop. :) (Congrats on the trophy!) If you check almost every High-Score Tables page, you'll see this info at the top:

"Remember, every night we award 750 Neopoints for the top score of every game, 500 for second, and 250 for third place. These high-scores are reset on the first of each month, but the scores in your User Lookup are never deleted."

I think the new Random Event that gives you 10% off at the Hidden Tower is awesome. =) I haven't received it yet, but I do have a question: let's say a "loyal user" were to receive the event and they happened to visit the Hidden Tower, perhaps on a certain Wednesday… would the items be priced at 10% off the normal price, or 10% off the already-reduced price? ~krazybabeh
The RE discount overrides the veteran perk, meaning it will be 10% off regular price. The discounts don't stack.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering what's up with Hissi Oil? Its item description says, "This magical oil makes your food delicious and cures all ailments. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y15." The main thing I'd like to point out is "and cures all ailments." When my 'pet got sick and had Blurry Vision, and the cure for it was around 90,000 NP, I thought, "Wasn't there an item they gave away in the Advent Calendar that said it cured everything?" I therefore decided to feed one to my 'pet and, to my surprise, my 'pet ate the Hissi Oil and was still having trouble seeing. Is Hissi Oil supposed to cure things as the description noted, or is it just another ordinary food item? ~_dark_smokey_
Hissi Oil is based off of "snake oil," which is a term for fraudulent health serums that often (falsely) claim to be able to cure all sorts of ailments.

If we submit a question to the Editorial and it doesn't get answered in the newest issue, would we then have to re-ask, or does it float around in a queue for a while? ~toocool2day
The question remains in our system, but we get so many new questions each week that we're unlikely to look at older questions. You're welcome to resubmit your questions each week!

I saw an odd situation on the Help Chat the other day that I would like some clarification on. One user had a lot on the Trading Post that was worth around 3,000,000 NP, which was what was being asked for, and an aged account offered 11 NP and an item worth around 1 NP. This individual asked if this could be considered scamming and thus reportable. Opinions varied on the subject. Some said that it's only scamming if you try and trick a person by claiming an item is worth a different value or if you try and use similar numbers like offering 250 when the asking price was 250,000. Could you clarify when it becomes a scam? Secondly, some people on the board became rather rude to the original poster by saying that they were "grown up" and could use the block option rather than reporting things to TNT like a child and sarcastically asking if the reject button was invisible. I was curious: is that crossing the line or just simply rude behavior? Please leave out my username. ~username removed
The offer, while possibly a bit annoying, would not be considered scamming because, as you stated, they were not trying to trick the seller. It's usually not the case, but if you feel they are doing it maliciously, then feel free to report them so we can look into it. With regard to the responders to the thread, they may have been rude, but it does not look like they crossed the line into harassing. If something unpleasant occurs on the site, then we suggest blocking the offending player as a first response. If they continue to harass you or you feel they are scamming or cheating, then please do report them to us so we can look into it. :)

Please accept this lovely seedling in exchange
for that horribly expensive quest item
that I just asked you for!

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