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Top 10 Valentine's Day Treats

by fairygold


Ah... Valentine's Day. A day of love, candy, pink, candy, red, candy, and candy. Not only is it a great day for parties and getting your Top 10 Valentine's Day Treats article into the Neopian Times, it is also a great day for giving friends, family, and random strangers you find in the Bakery candy. Hopefully, you'll get candy too! So, here I have comprised a list of all the candies you should give friends, family, and random strangers you find in the Bakery for maximum effect... and candies you should hope to receive yourself! Good luck!!!

10. Glitter Heart Candy

Mmm... although glitter doesn't exactly seem too edible, it is actually a wonderful treat... as long as it has been made to eat, and not to sprinkle on your flyers to advertise for your Christmas Paint Brush in the Auction House. This candy has first been mixed as a super yummy, super secret batter. Then it is poured into a heart-shaped mold, where it is sprinkled with delicious glitter and then frozen at -10 degrees. People all around flock to try and get a hold of this chocolate. Its only flaws... it is frozen so hard you can barely bite into it, and the chocolate is a bit too filling. But other than that, it is wonderful!

The guest today is Shinedrop, who will taste the chocolate.

Shinedrop: Mmm... it's good... oh my goodness, Mom, I chipped a tooth! No, no, no...! This cannot be happening...! Ahhhhhhhhhh...

Heh, heh... whoops. This candy is moderately priced, at around 6000 NP, so most people can buy it. Oh, and the effects... apparently it makes your tongue twinkle. Woo-hoo!

9. Heart Sprinkle Cupcake

Yay, cupcakes! They are like... mini cakes. Actually, that is basically what they are. This particular cupcake is delicious, with little red candy hearts on top sprinkled to perfection. It also has chocolate frosting. How it's made... they mix together a greatly delicious batter, which they then pour into cupcake tins. The cupcake batter is cooked to perfection at 300 degrees. Then it is frosted with chocolatey chocolate frosting. Finally, red candy hearts that taste somewhat like mild cinnamon are sprinkled on. Let's see what our taste tester, Shine, has to say about this...

Shinedrop: My poor tooth... oh! It's... creamy and sweet. And chocolate.

Good explanation. This cupcake is a bit too battery still. But whatever! However, this cupcake is extremely expensive... 33000 NP?! You're kidding! Oh, anyway, the wealthy person can only afford this. Too bad. The effects are that you feel immediately loving once you eat it... and hug everyone in sight. Hugsssssssssss...!

8. Heart Latte

Latte? I love lattes! This one is also better than regular lattes... it is Valentine's Day themed! Yea! It comes with a cute mug, and it has caffeinated coffee with a hard-to-find whipped cream heart on top. Aww, how adorable!! I'd stay up half the night, but it's still sooo cute! They make it by making regular coffee, then pouring it into the flowery mug that you see at the Coffee Shop when you order it. They then have careful workers whip a precise whipped cream heart on top. Perfect! Hey, Shine, stop looking at your chipped tooth in dismay and try this latte...

Shinedrop: Oh, I love lattes! Look at the cute mug! And this adorable little heart... mm. Tastes... yummy. And... I FEEL BOUNCY HEHEHEHEHHEHE.

Great, she got caffeinated. Just what I need. So, this latte is cheap, but good, at 1500 NP. Almost anyone can afford it! Effects... none. It's just normal coffee. Whatever.

7. Heart Shaped Box of Toffee

Toffee. Sounds like taffy, but it isn't taffy. Too bad, so sad. Toffee is better, though. It's delicious and tastes like candy, because it IS candy. Everybody knows toffee is good, because it is. Toffee. Toffee. Tttoooffffffeeeeee. Toffee. It's in a heart shaped box too! Hhheeeaaarrrttt ssshhhaaapppeeeddd bbboooxxx. Heart shaped box. Okay, now I'm getting annoying. Anyway, it's made by people making toffee, then they put it into a heart shaped box. Done!


Why did I have her taste that coffee...? Anyway, this toffee is reasonably priced, at 4000 NP. Great. The effects are... nothing. Next!

6. Heart Shaped Fruit Tart

This fruit tart is really cool and really affordable... with NC. It's bouncy, too. Just look at it, elated and just screaming, "Eat meeee!" Aww... cutie. Anyway, it is in a heart shaped container, and is apparently made up of strawberries. On the top of one of the bumps of the heart is a little stem and leaves like on a strawberry. Cuuuute! In the middle is a beautiful heart. This is perfect for a friend. Or you. Heheheh. Anyway, it's made by taking a heart shaped container. They then pour many strawberries in, then take some out, and put a smaller heart in the middle. They eat the strawberries they took out. Then, they stick edible leaves on some strawberries. Shinedrop, care to try? I see you are calming down.

Shinedrop: I guess. Yeah, it tastes fruity. Cool. Mmm. Yep.

Now you're being a downer. Nice. This fruit tart costs 150 NC, so it is rather affordable. It has many effects, such as filling you right up and making you feel happy. Mmm. Hey, can I have the leftovers?

5. Heart Shaped Chocolates

Nothing wrong with some good, old-fashioned Valentine's Day heart shaped chocolates, eh? These chocolates are great! Shine can't wait... these many chocolates are put in a beautiful red box with white trim and lace, then tied with a gorgeous hot pink bow. Perfect for yourself. Heh, just kidding. No, I'm not. Yeah, I am. No, I'm not. Yeah, I am. No, I'm not--

Shinedrop: ANYWAY. I can't open this box, it's so pretty!

C'mon, Shine. Pleasssse?

Shinedrop: No... wait, fine. Mmm... delicious! A real champion of chocolates!

Good. These specific chocolates are around 5000 NP, being okay in price. Special effects... you feel the urge to not want to open the beautiful box. Wait, what??!!

4. Valentine Flower Cake

This pretty flower cake is perfect for Valentine's Day. Actually, it's meant for Valentine's Day. Haha. I laugh at my own stupid jokes... someone help.

Shinedrop: No.

Okay. Anyway, this cake is complicated in both looks and preparation. This cake is green and lavender themed. First, they make fondant leaves, and paint with icing purple lines. They wrap these around a cake they made by first baking batter, then putting little fondant lavender flowers on. This cake is soo cool. I think this cake deserves some applause! C'mon, let's clap! Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap. Okay, yay, good. Shine, your opinion?

Shinedrop: It's so good! I can't believe you gave this to me, Mom! Thank you!

You're welcome. Anyway, this cake can be bought with NC, for 150 NC. Same as that Heart Shaped Fruit Tart... huh. Maybe they're related? Just kidding! Anyway, effects. Yep. Okay. Uh-huh. So, this cake also makes your pet bloated and happy. Hmm... coincidence? I think not.

3. Chocolate Heart

Old-fashioned? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely. This chocolate heart brings back memories of Neopets in 2000... when I wasn't even a member. But some people remember, don't you? So, this chocolate heart is traditional, delicious, beautiful, chocolatey... everything you could want from a chocolate heart. They make it just as you would think... make the chocolate batter, pour it into heart molds, freeze it. Ta-da! Shinedrop, you can go now.

Shinedrop: Delicious! I like it a lot... no, love it! But now I want more.

I don't have more, Shine. Anyway, this chocolate heart is priced at 15000 NP... wow. Oh, effects... none. Except a strong nostalgia attack. Oh, something I overlooked before... it has a soft fondant filling and white chocolate rose on top. Beautiful!

2. Golden Heart Box of Candies

Gold is such a wonderful, shiny color... and a wonderful, shiny precious metal, along with silver, bronze, and copper. So, anyway, moving away from precious metals, this golden box of candies is so beautiful, I could cry. But I won't, so lucky you. Anyway, this beautiful heart-shaped box has a see-through window in the middle so you can see what you are getting. It is also tied with a nice purple bow. This box of candies is more beautiful than cute! The candies inside are also sweet. They make it by coating a regular heart-shaped box with gold paint. They then cut a heart shaped window out of the middle, fill it with assorted candy, then put a window in to close it off. They finally tie a purple bow on for precision. Now, I couldn't afford this golden box of candies, because--

Shinedrop: What?! I'm hungry! Please? Are you sure you didn't get it? Is it a surprise?

No. Anyway, as I was SAYING... I couldn't afford this golden box of candies, because it is priced at a deafening price of 3,000,000 NP... don't try buying it. It isn't worth it. But you can get it if you like... I'm not stopping you. Unfortunately, it has no effects. Darn.

1. Colourful Candy Heart Bouquet

Yay, number 1! This bouquet surely is the champ, the winner, the best... number 1. Rainbow candy hearts are speared on white sticks, then tied together with a big red bow... perfect! They make it by making many candy hearts, then spearing them on sticks... then tied with a massive red velvet bow. Nothing more to say... I'm in awe.

Shinedrop: My turn?


Shinedrop: Oh... it's great! I love it! Nomnomnom...

Cool. Um... anyway, you can only get it with NC, but not even directly. It's a prize from the JubJub Power Bounce NC Mall Game. I need more NC...! Mehhh. Anyway, the final effects are... it's sweet! And a treat! It's the sweetest treat! Yep! And that concludes my list of Valentine's Day Treats. Have a nice Valentine's Day!

Author's Note: Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's as sweet as these treats!

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