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Ten Of Neopia's Tastiest Foods

by happytimewithmilk


Ahh, the greatest cuisine that Neopia has to offer. There are so many different foods and tons unique to their own worlds. Do you ever sit around and wonder the finer points in life, like which are the tastiest? Well, my friend, I do. Of course I won't list any of the foods that are sickeningly labeled "gross food". Who labels these things? We all know all of those foods are the finest Neopia has to offer!

1. Chaosfish - r101

Agh! Sit still!

To start off, let us begin with the Chaosfish. How chaotic! The first thing about this food though is that you have to catch it yourself! Literally. About twice. First you have to fish it up from the Underwater Fishing Cavern and then you have to catch it as it runs out of your pockets, your Neohome, and most likely your hands. Really any and everywhere. This fish is filled with chaos. Very tasty, though; a rather fine delicacy! Isn't it better when you really work for the meal as well? How fun!

2. Alabriss Food - r101

Ah.... nice refreshing hay with garnishes.

Yum! Look at all that nice hay! Don't be fooled, pal. This food is not just for the Alabriss in your life! It even comes with little fruits at the bottom! Is that a bunch of grapes in the corner? Yes, it is. As if you needed another reason to buy this food. Enjoy the all-natural flavour of hay today! You may want to not eat it in Altador, though... you really don't want stray Alabriss to attack you for it.

3. Artificially Flavoured Strawberry Snacks - r101

A tasty box of treats that can only be won at the Cork Gun Gallery.

Can you believe the great items that the Cork Gun Gallery gives out?! Look at this fresh, brand-new box of artificially flavoured strawberry snacks. With the sugary and fake taste of these snacks around, who needs natural strawberries? Not you! This box of snacks is in fine condition too! Just open it right up and toss to your lovely Neopets. First you have to win them, though! Just think about you and your Neopet bonding over trying so hard to win these snacks.

4. Baked Fish - r101

A large big yellow fish... how erm... fishy!

How fishy indeed. Here we have the great big meal that is a Baked Fish! Mixed with carrots and any other sort of bits lying around, this fish is for you! You really can't resist how fishy it is, how you really just get lost for words thinking about it. I know I am! Whether your Neopet is a Christmas Xweetok or a Mutant Gnorbu, they will enjoy this exquisite fish dinner, I promise. (But just in case they don't, please don't blame me. Some Neopets just aren't ready for high-class Neopia dishes.)

5. Banana Grub - r100

Mmmmm, grub and banana mixed together will create a scrumptious and nutritious treat for your pet!

Grub and banana mixed together! Who knew that would look so yummy? Not me for sure! This Banana Grub is guaranteed to be scrumptious and nutritious for your Neopet! All you have to do is visit the Cooking Pot and mixing in a few choice items and vola! Also can I just mention how beautiful this dish is set up?

6. Buzz Dung Cone - r90

How cute this ice cream has lots of little candy Bs in it... hang on did you say DUNG cone?!!?

Dung! Lovely, lovely dung! Who doesn't love a dung cone every now and then? This tasty cone was made in honour of Buzz Day, hence the candy Bs. As a Buzz fan myself, how can you resist? The candy Bs are even flavour peppermint, to add some fun into the rest of the cone. Okay, okay, don't freak out. I was only kidding around with you on this one. I don't actually like Buzzes.

7. Cannon Fodder - r100

This sparkling cocktail is quite explosive!

Do you want to be a pirate? Do you ever wake up from a beautiful dream where you were a pirate? Where your whole Neopian family were pirates? With this sparkling cocktail, nicely named "Cannon Fodder", you can be a pirate too! Only for a limited time. Also you won't actually FEEL like a pirate, you'll just be drinking a drink out of a cannon bowl that is highly explosive. Let's not let all our dreams die, though, am I right?

8. Dirt Cheese - r75

This cheese has been buried in rich soil and then watered and left in the sun to ripen and grow.

As you can see from the description, this cheese has been buried in the rich earth and left for years and years to ripen and grow! It even has a free flower with it! How yummy. Do you like cheese? Do you like playing in the dirt? Do you like the fresh, clean taste of nature? Well, then, this cheese is for you! Only the finest for your Neopet, this cheese is as rich and earthy in flavour as they come! I might warn you to pay attention while eating it, though... who knows what Petpetpet has made its home there?

9. Edible Smelly Gym Socks - r73

These socks are lucky enough to be quite smelly. Those who like socks are drawn to them.

I'm sure you've heard of the great brand of edible socks, right? If not, then you are in for a treat! These socks are made with the finest care possible. They may or may not be real actual socks. They might just be candy. It's really worth the gamble to find out! Also these socks are even used, with a fresh smelly gym flavour! Enjoy!

10. Eyeball - r180

An eyeball is a special delicacy for those pets strong enough to stomach them.

Honestly, by now do I even need to explain myself? This eyeball is a special delicacy for Neopets everywhere! Not just for those who can stomach them. Trust me, ALL of your Neopets can stomach this tasty and rather fresh eyeball. How exquisite! And chewy!

So that's it for now, friends, thanks for reading!

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