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Ten Neopoint Backgrounds For Spring!

by cybunny_2000567


For many people, the most important part of a customization can be the background; for anyone customizing an unconverted pet, it's almost always the main part, and sometimes the only item used. So, as such, it's important to know about all of the backgrounds out there, both Neopoint and Neocash, and which are right for which season. Today, I'll be telling you about my ten favourite backgrounds to use in the spring that are Neopoint! Some of them are pricy, and some are not, but when it comes to customization, there should be no limit (well, maybe some limit. But not much.). Now, onto the list! (Also, if you're wondering, they're not in order of my preference for them; just in alphabetical.)

1. Double Rainbow Background. This lovely background is one of my personal favourites; it features your Neopet standing on a grassy hill, surrounded by bushes and trees, and with a wonderfully beautiful double rainbow behind them. It's quite a simple background, really, but I think that's what gives it its charm. I've found that it goes quite well with items such as the White Picket Garden Gate Foreground, or the simple but pretty item Shrubbery, or perhaps the Earth Faerie Frame, if you're feeling spendy. Or, of course, you could always just have the item by itself; with its prettiness, it could certainly stand alone.

2. Gourmet Club Bowls Background. While the game it's based after is an annoyance to many, the background is quite wonderful. It shows your Neopet on the game field of the game Gourmet Club Bowls, surrounded by red, blue, and white spheres, with a scoreboard and a table filled with food items behind them. This is good for if your Neopet is feeling fancy, and wants to show themselves playing a game for Neopia's elite. It also happens to be a very cheap item, especially for how pretty it is; its price is under 1000 NP, so it's a nice, cheap addition to your closet! If you don't already have it, I recommend seeking it out soon.

3. Grassy Meadow Background. This is a very, very simple background; the simplest on this list, in fact, but also one of the most versatile. It simply places your Neopet in a wide, open field of green, green spring grass, with a few flowers in several colours, a cloud-filled blue sky, and mountains in the distance. Your Neopet could be playing tag with friends, or taking a stroll, or one of any number of possibilities; let your imagination run free! The price of it, too, is quite simple; it costs less than 500 NP!

4. Hollowed Negg Tree Background. This pretty item was a prize for searching out all sixteen Neggs during the Negg Hunt of Y13's Festival of Neggs. Your Neopet will be standing in a clearing, with a pretty tree to their left, featuring a large pile of Neggs nestled inside it. The trees at the top are close together, showing only a glimpse of the blue sky beyond. If your Neopet feels like going on a hunt for a Negg or ten, this is definitely the background for them; and, as another bonus, it won't cost you more than 7,500 Neopoints!

5. Meridell Countryside Background. This is a truly lovely background, definitely a Neopoint favourite of mine. It shows your Neopet in the countryside of Meridell, surrounded by flowering bushes, shrubs, and rocks of varied sizes, with the castle of Meridell in the distance. This is another background that can stand on its own, like the Double Rainbow Background mentioned earlier; but, also like that background, it goes nicely with other items as well. I've used such ones as the Flower Petal Foreground and the Earth Faerie Frame with it myself. It'll cost you 11,000 of your hard-earned Neopoints, but it's well worth it.

6. Mysterious Forest Clearing Background. This is an exceptionally pretty Neopoint background released last spring, almost exactly a year ago. Your Neopet will be immediately transferred to a beautiful clearing, hit by light rays of sun and with a gorgeous river running through it, with mushrooms and tall, aged trees surrounding them. This is certainly the most expensive of the backgrounds on this list (it can run you quite a bit, depending on which seller you choose and how long you're willing to wait; currently, most of the prices on the Trading Post say 400k, though one says 150k), but if you have the funds for it, definitely look into adding this to your closet.

7. Perfect Gazebo Background. This background features your Neopet standing before a lovely white gazebo, with potted flowering bushes on either side of him or her. The sky in the background is a gradient type of sky, fading from blue to a pale yellow as you look from left to right; the sun could either just be rising, or perhaps preparing to set; who knows? It makes a good backdrop for a Neopet who is wanting to be at a fancy outdoor party; simply allow them to dress appropriately for one, give them this background, and they're set! It'll cost you from 12,000 to 13,000 Neopoints, but for something so pretty, it's well worth it.

8. Shoppe of Neggs Background. This wonderful background shows your Neopet before a stand in different shades of purple, with several accent colours added in. A golden gate festooned with flowers is open, with one side on each side of your Neopet, and the trees in the background are rich in colour, and exceptionally pretty. This is another good background for any Neopet who wants to go Negg hunting, or even just one who appreciates beautiful scenery. It'll run you around 10,000 neopoints, but like the others, it's definitely worth it.

9. Spring Courtyard Background. This brightly coloured background has your Neopet standing on the pathway of a courtyard, with a large fountain featuring a bright yellow Negg and a pretty bench to sit on behind them. On either side there are bushes with very colourful flowers, in shades of pink and purple, to go with the season. A Neopet in spring party dress will likely love having this background as part of their closet; and, while it'll cost you an amount roughly at 30,000 neopoints, it's definitely worthy of its price.

10. Spring Path Background. This is a lovely, lovely background, showing your Neopet standing on another pathway, this one leading to places unknown. On either side of this path are beautiful sakura trees, and rays of sunlight are beaming down to gleam around your Neopet. This is one of my favourite Neopoint backgrounds that TNT has come out with; it's definitely a staple of my spring closet. Plus, for all of its beauty, it'll only cost you 18,000 Neopoints!

So, there you have it: ten options to add to your closet for the upcoming season, if you had none of them prior to reading this. I hope you enjoyed it, and that it added a few pretty things to your closet. Until next time, enjoy customizing your Neopets with these and other pretties!

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