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Six Life Lessons from Kauvara

by blessed_faerie


Kaus are known to be sociable, kind, and strong Neopets. They have one feature that is not often celebrated, though: their intelligence. Neopia has seen many brilliant Kaus. You may remember the Kau fortune teller, a gypsy who helped Neopia during the Lost Desert plot. She used her wisdom to decipher codes and unscramble riddles that no one else could figure out. Without her help, the mystery of Qasala would remain unsolved. There is also Kalora, a humble tourist who is one the best Cheat players in all of Neopia. It requires a lot of brains to play Cheat so well! You may also be familiar with the Kau Defender, one of the few females members of the Defenders of Neopia. She is just as smart as she is strong. Finally, there is Neopia's most famous Kau: Kauvara. Kauvara is an expert magician and potion maker. She has been a pillar of Neopia Central since she took over management of the magic shop.

In honor of Kauvara's wisdom and determination, below are six life lessons you can learn from Neopia's most famous Kau. Kauvara has had immense success, but her life story is filled with many ups and downs. There is a lesson to be learned from each obstacle she has faced and overcome.

Sometimes you must face your fears to reach your goals

Ever since Kauvara was very young, she wanted to be a magician. Her uncle Klum would demonstrate his magic skills and Kauvara would watch in awe. She knew that magic in her future. When Kauvara was still quite young, she made a very difficult decision. She decided to leave home and pursue her magic studies at the tower of the Light Faerie, far away in Faerieland. Some of her family members did not support her choice. Kauvara was terrified of leaving home and heading to another world alone, but she knew she had to follow her dream of becoming a magician by beginning her studies at the tower of the Light Faerie.

Following your dreams can be a scary thing! To achieve big goals, you need big actions. Sometimes, that means you need to take risks. You might be scared, but if you can get through the fear, you can achieve great things.

Family comes first

After Kauvara left Neopia Central to study magic at the tower of the Light Faerie, her family rented out their magic shop. The new manager of the shop had some shady business practices and was selling potions that contained no magic. Many Neopians lost their hard earned neopoints to the crooks that took over the magic shop. When Kauvara heard what had happened, she took a leave of absence from school and rushed back to Neopia Central. Kauvara's family needed her to help out with the magic shop. For Kauvara, family always came first.

To this day, Kauvara and her sister Allita still support each other. Although Allita is not a magician, she helps Kauvara find some of the rare ingredients needed for her potions. Allita and Kauvara have kept their family bond strong.

Don't give up when you face setbacks

Some people would have given up if they were in Kauvara's shoes. She faced her fears and went to the tower of the Light Faerie, only to be forced by a family emergency to give up her studies. It is extremely disheartening when you start to make progress, then face a setback of any size. In Kauvara's case, it was a major setback. Still, she did not give up. She found a way to make her situation work for her. Instead of taking magic lessons at school, she worked on crafting her own potions while working at the magic shop.

Perseverance is something we all need to practice. It is easier to give up when you face setbacks than it is to fight back. To get through those setbacks and keep making progress, try to think about your end goal.

Mistakes do not equal failure

We all make mistakes. Even after she had achieved some success as a potion maker, Kauvara still made mistakes. While she was crafting Kauvaras Marvellous Potion, she accidentally shrank herself to the size of a petpetpet and had to get help from a Mootix. Instead of giving up on the potion, she kept at it and her launch of the new potion was a success. Kauvara surely makes mistakes even to this day!

Mistakes are not the end of the world. Instead of seeing your mistakes as failures, try to think of them as good opportunities for creative problem solving. Finding a way to fix your mistakes is most certainly success, not failure.

Don't give in to gossip

Throughout the years, some rumors have been spread about Kauvara. These rumors have become more common as Kauvara becomes more famous and her popularity rises. Some Neopians accuse her of conspiring with Dr. Sloth. They say she is the magician behind Sloth's transmogrification potions that turn Neopets into mutant versions of themselves. Instead of lashing out at the gossipers, Kauvara has ignored them. She has stayed positive and kept her head held high.

If someone is gossiping about you, it is usually best to ignore it. Addressing the rumors just gives life to them and intensifies them. Instead, think positive and remember that many rumors stem from jealousy. If the gossip really gets to you, stay calm and talk to a friend or family member instead of fighting back.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Not too long ago, a new potion shop opened in Meridell. It is run by Kayla, a friendly young Zafara. When Kayla was very small, she used to dress up like Kauvara every time her friends played imagination games. Kayla always considered Kauvara to be her biggest role model in Neopia. When Kayla opened her own potion shop, Kauvara could have seen Kayla as a competitor or even a copycat. Instead, Kauvara was flattered to be a role model and an inspiration for someone.

Kauvara also learned that a little competition can be just what is needed to get your creative juices flowing. When Kayla brews a new potion, it inspires Kauvara to create something new, too. Make sure this is inspiration, not obsession. If you spend too much time worrying about your competitors, you will hamper your own achievements.

In all of these life lessons, there are two big constants: determination and a positive attitude. Kauvara has used both of these traits to find success and sustain it. You don't need magic to make your dreams come true!

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