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13 Friendly Spooky Petpets

by nebuloid


With the time of ghosts and ghouls upon us, spooky petpets are experiencing a sharp rise in popularity. Many Neopians want to present their beloved pets with a frightening friend to accompany them out trick or treating. Unfortunately, disastrous results can occur when you don't do proper research before making your purchase. Here are thirteen safe and spooky petpets who pose no threat to your Neohome and can be found right at the Spooky Petpets stand in the Haunted Woods!

1. The Batterfly

Batterflies are cute winged creatures with an anxious temperament. Although their big bug eyes might give more skittish Neopets a case of the jitters, they are completely harmless. They are fairly high-maintenance and don't trust easily, so your pet will have to devote the majority of its attention to caring for its Batterfly until it feels secure and comfortable. Batterflies love fruits and sugary sweet snacks, so you'll have to guard your candy stash very closely this Halloween if you choose to adopt one!

2. The Bearog

This friendly three-headed pup poses more of a danger to itself than it does to your pet. The heads of a Bearog will often get into disputes with each other and spend hours chasing themselves around in circles and growling. They only have one thing in common: they all want to be your friend! This pet will love going out with your Neopet on Halloween, and will make an extremely loyal (if unintimidating!) bodyguard.

3. The Bloop

The Bloop is a mysterious petpet who floats in the air as a combination of an ink spatter and a pool ball. It doesn't make any loud or disruptive noises; in fact, contrary to its name, it is completely silent. It communicates by drawing pictures of what it wants with its ink tail. However, its ink can sometimes leak onto furniture or stain your pet's paws—make sure your Neopet washes themselves thoroughly after playing with this slippery spook!

4. The Blorpulous

A blobbish, lethargic creature, the Blorpulous doesn't get around much and can't move very far or very fast. They bond with their owners very quickly and easily and will love to perch on your Neopet's shoulder this Halloween while they venture through haunted houses and eerie neighbourhoods. This petpet is very affectionate and will provide a warm comfort to pets who are scared and upset.

5. The Calabat

Calabats are a flightless species of petpet, although their large ears can be used to glide down from high places such as roofs and treetops, which you will often find them in due to their adventurous nature. They aren't aggressive in the least, which can actually get them into trouble sometimes. Due to their strong love of exploring, they don't sense when an area might be dangerous and have been known to stumble into unfriendly predators. If your Neopet wants to take a Calabat out with them this Halloween, they will have to keep a very watchful eye!

6. The Drugal

No one knows what a Drugal really looks like underneath their fur coats. Their hair grows in long and extremely fast, and requires frequent washing and combing. Other than their need to be groomed consistently and bathed often, these creatures are very laid-back and easy to take care of. Your pet will need to spend a long time brushing dead leaves and stray twigs out of a Drugal's fur if they decide to bring one along with them this Halloween.

7. The Green Tentacle

Similar to the Bloop, the Green Tentacle is a quiet, reserved petpet who can sometimes be a bit messy. This spooky petpet is not recommended for Neohomes on land, but will make an excellent companion for any Maraquan neopet who wants to trick-or-treat in underwater coves this fall. Green Tentacles have no fins and cannot swim very fast, so your aquatic pet will have to carry them wherever they go. They will also need to detach the tentacle from any surfaces it may get suck on with its slimy suction cups.

8. Lil Frankie

Although the origins of Lil Frankie are somewhat mysterious, he has no malicious intentions and only wants to be a good friend to your Neopet. You will need to have basic engineering skills in order to be able to properly maintain this petpet: because he is made of recycled parts, he is prone to malfunction and will sometimes need to be repaired in order to function properly. (He is quite self-conscious about this, so if you consider this to be a nuisance, this is not the petpet for you.)

9. The Mummy Baby

The Mummy Baby lives in the shadow of his ancestors and desperately wants to strike terror into the hearts of all who cross his path, but unfortunately he's just too cute! He will become very embarrassed if your Neopet laughs at him, so make sure you play along and pretend to be spooked by his silly antics. His bandages will need to be rewrapped regularly and he will sometimes trip over them while walking, so be careful he doesn't hurt himself if you choose to keep one in your home.

10. Schnelly

Schnelly is one of the snuggliest spooky petpets there are. She can't see very well because of her crossed eyes and doesn't have a very good sense of balance, but she will love your pet no matter what. She requires a large amount of attention and affection and loves to be held and groomed. Your pet will need to play with her and pet her often in order to keep her happy.

11. Skelly

Skelly is another petpet who will make an excellent trick-or-treating companion with Maraquan and aquatic Neopets. He can swim very well on his own and has a keen eye for underwater treasure. He is very easy to take care of and never has to be fed, although his bones are brittle and can be damaged easily, so you will need to be gentle when handling him. If your pet is not aquatic, he will live happily in a spacious tank so long as your pet makes sure to play with him often.

12. Sludgy

If you want to take your Sludgy with you trick-or-treating this October, it is best to take him in a separate container so he doesn't get sludge everywhere. He is extremely curious and interactive, and it is not recommended to adopt a Sludgy unless your Neohome has a wide backyard for him to explore. He is happiest as an outdoors pet, and it is strongly encouraged that you keep him outside, unless you want to spend weeks scrubbing dried sludge clumps out of your carpets!

13. Tyrowbee

Similar to the Batterfly, the Tyrowbee is a very anxious petpet who is easily frightened by shadows and loud noises. Tyrowbees absolutely hate living in the Haunted Woods and will take drastic measures to avoid having to venture there. Taking your Tyrowbee trick-or-treating anywhere else in Neopia can be a fun and exciting experience, as long as you make sure not to leave it behind!

Whatever petpet you choose to buy for your Neopet this Halloween, remember that petpets(even holiday petpets!) are not just decorations. They are living creatures just like your very own Neopets and deserve to be properly cared for and loved. Be smart and safe this Halloween, and happy trick-or-treating!

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