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Do You Have A System For Playing On Neopets?

by indulgences


Do you have a personal system that helps you to enjoy Neopets?

For instance, I have all my favorite links bookmarked in folders at the top of my browser. One folder is "dailies," another is "boards," and the third is "reference" (which contains important miscellaneous links like the Rainbow Pool and the Healing Springs).

Another system I have is something that I do in real life: whenever I'm writing articles or stories for the Neopian Times, or brainstorming poetry ideas for the Poetry Competition, I put on my headphones and blast gothic rock music. It's haunting and inspiring, and I do my best thinking when I'm writing along to this kind of music!

I asked the Help Neoboard if they have any personal systems that help them to enjoy this marvelous site. I got many interesting replies!

One user said that his browser, when opened, has a launch pad of Neopets links. One click on a colorful square and he goes straight to the page he wants!

Another user has a text file of important Neopets information, like Safety Deposit Box contents and secret pin numbers. I have a low-tech version of that: I hand-write all of my Neopets information into a black-and-white composition book. The reason I picked the composition book is because it reminds me of my elementary school days, some of the best and most innocent days of my life. It seemed totally appropriate to full the book with Neopets info. Neopets is the most fun I've had in my adult life!

The most popular answer on my thread, however, was the creation of a personal dailies page! Nearly everyone on my thread who responded had a private petpage full of dailies links that omitted the dailies they liked and included the dailies they did like.

As for pets, one user admitted that she was neurotic about her pets appearing in a certain order on her user lookup. She wanted her Hissis on the left and her Kacheek and Cybunny on the right, so it took forever to trade these pets for pets with the correct names. I don't have that kind of patience, so I admire her determination! Her new Hissis, Kacheek and Cybunny are now oriented properly on her lookup, and it makes her so happy!

One person claimed that: "i have my lottery picks bookmarked and i just open all the tabs at once and it automatically buys my 20 tickets for me." I don't play the lottery myself, but that sounds like a great system!

I previously wrote an article, "What's In YOUR Inventory, And Why?" a few weeks ago. In it, one user posted his exact strategy when it comes to his inventory and SDB. He doesn't put anything in his SDB unless it's r101, r180, Advent/GMC/site event prizes, investments, or maps and Codestones. Everything else gets sold or donated straight to the Money Tree. Can you tell by his system that he's been a Neopets user for almost 13 years? Awesome!

My own system for earning Neopoints on this site is very low-key and humble. What I do is collect rare and limited edition wearables that are given out by plots and site events and will never be released again. I store them in my Closet, sometimes for years, while their value goes up due to the wonders of inflation. Later, I sell the wearables! I recently emptied out my Closet and earned a profit of 3 million Neopoints. Not bad for barely any work!

I've recently realized that my free unopened Goodie Bags from the NC Mall have a lot of NC trading value, as well as other NC items that were given out for free from the NC Mall. Without meaning to, I've collected a handful of valuable items that I can trade for dozens and dozens of other NC items! Thank goodness inflation happens with Neocash items as well as Neopoint items!

Some users, in addition to checking the New Features page every day, also visit Sunnyneo and Jellyneo for the latest news. This trifecta of websites is an amazing source of Neopets information, and these users simply can't consider their day to be complete unless they've visited both Sunnyneo and Jellyneo after having read the New Features page on Neopets.

I have to admit, I was learning a lot by chatting with these users! Their systems, while new to me, were also very logical and I felt like I should emulate them. It would be nice to create my own dailies page, something I've never considered before, so thanks to everyone who posted! You've inspired me to try something new!

I'm also not that familiar with Sunnyneo and Jellyneo, though I'm a 74-month Neopets user. I love their game guides and avatar guides, as well as Jellyneo's much-acclaimed Item Database, but I don't know all that much about the other aspects of these websites. I decided to make the commitment to get to know these sites, and to find out why people value these fan sites so much! So thanks again to everyone who posted! You've surely opened my eyes!

So thank you, my fellow Neopians, for revealing your private systems to me! Though we all have different goals on this site, it was pretty interesting to discover that we all use the same systems to get there, such as bookmarking Neopets links in our browsers or having dailies petpages!

The one user on my thread who admitted she was very disorganized was inspired to clean up her act after discovering how organized the other users on my thread were. She posted: "I have one link that goes to a disabled account that I used to log into and a bunch of random unlabeled petpages scattered throughout my favorites and that's pretty much it." I'm glad she's going to organize her browser's bookmarks, as well as add new and useful ones! Neopets is so much more fun to play when your computer's affairs are in order!

Thanks again, Neopians, for chatting with me! May you continue to be organized, efficient and inspired for the rest of your Neopian days!

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