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A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Monotony

by hydro_thunder001


IMPORTANT NOTE: Like every other article, every thing is "based on my PERSONAL INFORMATION" but due to me not spinning this Wheel often, some parts of this article have been contributed with the help of some Neopians and also we will not reveal how rare the spaces are landed on. Anyone who has given me information will be noted at a special thank you at the end of the article, and as always, your opinions may vary.

Hello again, guys! The Wheels are an important part of Neopia, with many Wheels to come and also the Save The Wheels event as well. And we know we aren't going to talk about Save The Wheels, so we'll talk about the Wheel of Monotony! It is one of the two Wheels located in Tyrannia and also it is the second one being discussed because we went over the other Wheel in our last article. And as we discuss the Wheel of Monotony, we will also tell you differences between this wheel and the Wheel of Mediocrity, because they are both in Tyrannia. Now, to the Neopedia Article!

What We Know From The Neopedia Article

So the first thing we have know is that the cost of the Wheel is 150 NP a spin, 50 NP more expensive than Mediocrity. And also that the operator (even though they mention "Wheelmaster" twice in the article, and it means the same thing) of the Wheel is a Tyrannian Quiggle with a sundial wristwatch to keep track of the time... for a reason, though.

He encourages people to spin the Wheel as hard as they can, but it could be a bad idea. He always stands there for whenever the Wheel is being spun, and curiously, there seems to be no signs of him taking a break. And is the Quiggle related to Plesio?

Okay, we all know the Quiggle isn't related to Plesio.

And on a last note, it says in the end of the article the "There must be some truly wonderful prizes to be won..." If that must be true, this must be a good Wheel!

And unrelated to the Neopedia article, there is a poll with this question: "What's the longest time the Wheel of Monotony has spun for you?"

There were 730,115 total responses* to this question and 433,086 (or 59% of responses)* said it has spun for "more than 2 hours!" So, this is the thing to be aware of when spinning this Wheel.

*As of the 20th Day of Swimming, Y14

What You Can Get From The Wheel

Now that we discussed everything from this Wheel from the Neopedia article and beyond it, we can go in-depth into the Wheel itself!

And now we are going to show an image of the Wheel to use as reference in this section of the article:

Great, now we can discuss the icons on the Wheel through seperate icon categories!

Icon Category #1: NP Spaces

Icons in this category: The bag (and bags) of NP

Win or lose: Win NP

Highest amount of NP to win: 5,000 or 20,000 NP

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, congrats! You have won NP on whatever space you have landed on.

About the icons: The single bag of NP will give you 5,000 NP but if you get the multiple bags of NP you will get 20,000 NP (because the "multiple NP bag" space has 4 bags of NP, so 5,000 times 4 equals 20,000!).

Icon Category #2: Items

Icons in this category: The "plant" space (on the right of the volcano space), the "fire stick" space (between the "plant" and question mark spaces), the question mark space, the Petpet paint brush, the gold ticket space, the Paint Brush space, the berries space*, the paper space, the "red bird drawing" space (between the Light Faerie wings space and the "Beast" space), and the Mazzew space

Win or lose: Win codestones (regular and red), Tyrannian Weapons, Food, Petpets, Paint Brushes (regular and Petpet), and also the avatar!

Highest worth of an item in this category: 100,000 NP

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, congrats! You have won items on whatever space you have landed on.

About the icons: The "plant" space gives you regular codestones (Mostly the Main), the "fire stick" space give you a random Tyrannian Weapon, the question mark space gives you the avatar, the paint brush spaces give you either the Tyrannian Paint Brush or Petpet Paint Brush (depends on what you land on), the gold ticket space gives you a free Neopian Lottery ticket, the berries space gives you a random Tyrannian food, the paper space gives you a WoM (Wheel of Monotony), Concert Swag, or Tyrannia themed item, the "red bird drawing" space gives you a random Red Codestone (like the Kew Codestone), and the Mazzew gives you a random Tyrannian Petpet (Mazzew, Stego, and Skree are some examples)!

Icon Category #3: Health-related (which (surprise surprise!) only has one space)

Icon in this category: The rock icon

Win or lose: Lose HP

Description: If you land on any of these space, better luck next time! This space will make your active pet lose half of their hit points (and if it is odd (like 51 HP) will do the half of the last even number (which is 50) and splits it in half and subtracts it by 1 (which will be 25))

About the icons: I already explained what the space did, so why mention it again?

Icon Category #4: Miscellaneous

Icons in this category: The volcano space, the Light Faerie wings space, and the "Beast" space

Win or lose: Win abilities, a visit to either the Volcano or the Lair of the Beast! (See "about the icons" for more info)

Description: If you have landed on these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: The volcano space takes you to the volcano (which may not do anything), the Light Faerie wings space was made to level up an Old Battledome pet ability, but now in the current Battledome, the abilities don't have levels, so this space does nothing, and the "Beast" space will take you to the Lair of the Beast!...and then your pet loses a "certain" amount of hit points.

So that wraps it up for this article! Thank you for reading and good luck trying to get the avatar, a winning Neopian lottery ticket, or what else you have in mind! ;)

Thanks to the people who helped out: hellocarriebear, navalgazer, trishaheatrscats, chrizzlybear93, caramel_hugs, darkphoenixfryex, miba_whiber, and andromedanadia5

NOTICE: (Not related to this article, but to this article) On the 12th Day of Swimming, Y14, I had spun the Wheel of Misfortune and had lost 1,000 NP in the "Lose NP" space if you have read "A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Misfortune" article, so from this point on, the maximum NP you can lose on that space is not 850 NP but now it is 1,000 NP. Thank you for reading this.

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