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Top 10 Famous Lupes

by heart_of_sword_


As we celebrate Lupe Day, we take the time to appreciate and have a look at what these friendly, adventurous creatures have given us. Aside from being our very loyal friends, Lupes are very well known through-out Neopia. They have inspired us in many ways, such as a show of unyielding leadership, bravery, strength, heroism and even undying determination. They've built kingdoms, ruled justly, fought as hard as they could to protect those they care for and passionately worked for their dreams. These are just ten of the most remarkable Lupes.

King Altador - The Hunter is one of the twelve founders of the City of Altador. Seeing the greed and evil consuming everything around him as a young child, he went off with other suffering citizens to find a peaceful and wholesome city but no avail. They all settled in a tiny village but couldn't sever their ties from the other corrupt cities as they needed the resources. So once again he set off, found a wonderful place to make a kingdom and after years of searching for like-minded heroic citizens, the new City was made and inhabited by loyal generous folks from all over Neopia. When it came to choosing the name of the city, all council members but him wanted it to be called Altador, showing his humility and generosity that will inspire everyone for years to come. He rules Altador to this day and rewards those who have helped save Altador after the Darkest Faerie's betrayal.

The Ghost Lupe - Sylva was a young first mate of a ship boarding to colonize Mystery Island, many years ago. Upon setting foot in the land after the ship wreck, the crazed natives captured the remaining crew mates, including his young bride. Even after his death, he continued to search for her and even drove the natives to the deepest and secluded parts of the island. Nowadays, he wanders around the jungles of Mystery Island and warns innocents away from the very same fate he met.

Balthazar is the famed Faerie Hunter who even though he has a fierce reputation, occasionally generously donates bottled faeries to the Money Tree. Abandoned as a young cub in the Haunted Woods, he was tormented by mischievous dark faeries when he asked for help. This made him bitter towards all faeries and resulted in his hatred for them. His favourite hobbies include capturing weak faeries in the woods, terrorising Neopians in the battledome and chasing petpets in a certain young blue Kacheek's field.

Captain Scarblade is the Captain of the pirate ship, The Revenge. He led the attack on Maraqua when they refused to pay tax and after discovering that they've survived and rebuilt their city, he laid siege on them once more, only to be defeated. Villainous yes, but certainly determined, unrelenting and lacking no courage to get what he wants.

Jeran is King Skarl's most trusted knight commander who led a direct attack against Lord Darigan and afterwards, Lord Kass in the Darigan Citadel. He was successful although he was thrown off the citadel and saved by Psellia, an air faerie. Another yet another gallant example of a Lupe's stern bravery and chivalry in the face of harrowing danger.

King Coltzan III was the late king of Sakhmet, a wondrous city in the Lost Desert. After his untimely death due to Princess Sankara's treachery, he left two daughters, Princess Vyssa and Princess Amira, who now rules over Sakhmet. As a leader, he was a just and intelligent king who was praised for many noble and brave deeds and even rescued a Princess. His ghost currently resides in the Coltzan's Shrine, where he generously rewards those he deems deserve it.

Luperus guards a mysterious dungeon in the Haunted Woods. He has three heads, each looking at a direction, wary of anybody trying to get in or out the dungeon. Chias everywhere tell their children about tales of this ghastly beast in the hopes of encouraging them to behave. Luperus can sometimes be seen blessing mere Neopians with magical weapons made with his own teeth. How he has teeth to spare, we'll never know.

Reginald is the brother of Bruno and Sophie. Consumed by his thirst for knowledge, he foolishly drank the potion from the enigmatic Mr. Krawley that would give him anything he desired. After everyone in the village devoured the same potion and turned into mutants, they went to seek revenge on the family. Bruno distracted them as Reginald bought Sophie into the care of Ilere, an Earth Faerie.

Sabre-X is one of the six elders of Tyrannia who is in charge of War Strategies and is the guardian of the giant Omelette located in the Tyrannian Plateau. He is also quite the adversary in the classic Tyrannian game, Go!Go!Go! So next time you complain about not getting a good omelette or losing in Go!Go!Go! for the fiftieth time, know you'll have to get through him first!

Tomos, along with his friend Nabile, saved Sakhmet from the clutches of the undead army of Prince Jazan. He is a member of the Desert Scarabs and is a very skilled thief, due to having to live in the harsh streets all his life. Although foolish, his impulsiveness was the serendipity that was needed to bring Nabile back to Sakhmet in order to wed Jazan and therefore saving both Qasala and Sakhmet.

Though loyal and brave, some Lupes stray on the wrong side and become evil. Examples of such Lupes are: the Werelupe King, the leader of all Werelupes, Gnarfas, a four-armed Werelupe who serves under the equally malicious Werelupe King.

Other famous Lupes include the Altador Cup legends, "Squeaky" Tressif of Team Brightvale and Timu who plays for Altador. Another heroic Lupe is Tormund, the brave new knight who with the help of a sorceress, Roberta, defeated the Werelupe King and even the Darkest Faerie and turned her back to stone. So, who else to go on a mighty adventure to save Neopia but a Lupe? The warrior we use to defeat scary and horrible monsters in the first NeoQuest is one. Although we do not know his name, he bravely fights to find the truth about the sudden outbreak of monsters; he is indeed a shining example to us all.

So this Lupe Day, perhaps give it a think, give it a ponder. For adopting a Lupe may fill your life with wonder.

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