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I Think I Swallowed A Bug - A Flycatcher Trophy Guide

by quiggles_r_kewl_1


Flycatcher is one of my favourite games on Neopets! I think it is pretty obvious why I love it, just look at my username *wink wink*! I even own an adorable pink Quiggle plushie in real life! Hopefully this guide will help you lick up more bugs and thus lick your fellow competition in getting a trophy in this game!

The Basics

In Flycatcher you play a hungry pink Quiggle who is eager and ready to eat as many flies, bees, and lilies as possible! In order to move your Quiggle side to side you use your right and left arrow keys. In order to flick out the Quiggle's tongue to eat you simply press the space bar. There are 10 levels in the game and you are given 3 lives to start out with. If at any point a bee or fly touches the Quiggle you lose a life. Eat all the flies in a level and you move onto the next level. At the start of each level the flies are located all in a single line at the top of the screen and move down together in a zig zag motion like a snake. The flies progressively move down closer and closer to the Quiggle in this fashion. As soon as you flick your tongue and pick up a fly in the middle of the line, the line splits in half. Then, the 2 lines of flies now move in opposite directions and both continually move downward in a zig zag motion through the lilies and towards the Quiggle.

This pattern continues if you lick up another fly in the middle of one of the lines again. If you lick up a fly at the end of a line then the line of flies will not break apart. While you are licking up flies you have to be careful of bees buzzing towards you. They tend to come at you about every 10 seconds and they often move in an erratic zig zag motion. You want to try to lick them up since they are worth points. The pink lilies on the screen can also be gobbled up for points. I will now explain scoring in the next section.


There are 3 different colors of flies- yellow flies worth 2 points each, red flies worth 5 points each, and purple flies worth 10 points each. The tricky part of this game is that the colours of the flies change as you lick them up and separate that initial single line of flies at the start of each level. However this little tidbit of information will help you deal with this complication: a line of flies always starts with a red fly and ends in a purple fly with yellow flies in between. If you get a single fly moving around on its own it is always red. So in level 1 there are 10 flies in that initial line- 1 red fly at the start of the line, 1 purple fly at the end of the line and 8 yellow flies in the middle. If you eat a fly in the middle of the line thus causing the line to split into 2 lines, in each of those 2 lines the fly colours change so you will now have a red fly at the start and a purple fly at the back. So, essentially you have now doubled the number of purple flies and red flies in the game thus now you can get more points!

Now what you want to try to do is aim for the purple flies in each line; once you eat one the new fly at the back of the line will turn purple! You want to keep doing this till you have eaten all the purple flies and just have some single red flies left. This definitely takes practice but this is how you can maximize your score! If you can't singly pick out the purple flies at the end of the lines try to continue to split lines in half to spawn more purple and red flies and lower the number of yellow flies. This is also a good way to still get a fairly high score. There are also bees buzzing towards you in the game. You want to lick up as many bees as possible as each are worth a whooping 20 points! All the lilies on screen too can also be licked up for 1 point each. They take numerous licks to eat and aren't worth eating for points but sometimes you will need to eat some of them in order to reach the flies.

So here is a summary of the points:

  • Yellow Flies: 2 points each
  • Red Flies: 5 points each
  • Purple Flies: 10 points each
  • Bees: 20 points each
  • Lilies: 1 point each

More Things To Know

The scoring system I described in detail is very important in terms of getting a high enough score for a trophy. Besides the method in which to eat the flies, eating bees is also extremely important. Bees are hard to eat as they move around a lot but it's important to try to go for them and eat them early when they are still high up on the screen. Once they are in the bottom half of the screen I don't try to eat them unless I'm very certain I can eat them because they often move at the last second right into you and then you will lose a life. Bees tend to come down every 10 seconds and you want to eat as many as possible. In order to eat more bees you want each level to last as long as possible so don't gobble up all the flies right away! Make sure you leave at least a couple flies left until they are only a couple lines above from hitting the Quiggle so more bees will fly down that you can lick up for points. Then, lick up the remaining flies before they hit the Quiggle. Remember ultimately the most important thing is to not lose a life so don't let the remaining flies get dangerously close to hitting you just in an attempt to wait for another bee.

You start the game with 3 lives but another secret to this game is the code "deliciousflies" which gives you an extra life. You preferably want to keep all these lives until level 10. If you manage to keep any extra lives by the time you reach level 10 you can maximize your points by getting through level 10 by eating all the flies and bees except for one fly. Then, you die on purpose by either letting the fly hit you or having a bee hit you. Then, you can play the level again and get more points! Keep doing this until you only have one life remaining and then you can beat the level and the game! Only do this if you have 2 lives or more by level 10! If you only have 1 life left by level 10 if you lose the level then it is game over!

I hope this guide will give you the advice you need in order to get a trophy in Flycatcher. I also hope you all now love Quiggles as much as I do now!

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