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Neopian Milestones

by fantasyeyesuk


Issue 600 of the Neopian Times is coming up quickly – what a milestone, and definitely worth celebrating! And there are plenty of other milestones around Neopia that are worth a pat on the back or a barrage of confetti. So, as the staff of the Times prepare to party the night away with streamers of old newspaper, you may be twiddling your thumbs, trying to think of a good excuse to throw your own party. Perhaps you feel like you haven't achieved what you've been dreaming of. Or maybe you've just been slacking off, letting the milestones float on by without realizing. After all, who can top 600 publications of the same newspaper? But there are plenty of milestones to celebrate! I've investigated what Neopians are most proud of achieving, and some of their favourite milestones, to give you some ideas, if you're feeling stumped. If you've already witnessed one of these milestones, or achieved one of these goals, fantastic – party until your socks fall off and then move on to the next in the list! If you need motivation, just imagine a huge slice of chocolate cake, waiting for you when you reach that milestone... mmm.

Account Age

This isn't something you can work on actively. Rather, it's a test of patience. You could decide to celebrate every month you've been in Neopia. Or every six months. Or just when your shield changes. It's really up to you to decide what counts as a milestone in terms of account age. Account age is a popular milestone, not just because it indicates how long you've been here, but because it dictates certain things you can do around Neopia, such as visiting the Almost Abandoned Attic or the Hidden Tower. You know you've hit a milestone when Fyora will let you see her wares. ;)

Pet Age

Some owners could care less about this, whilst others love to watch their pet age, and proudly exclaim, "My pet is 2,000 days old!" This is probably one of the nicest milestones to watch out for, as you can throw your pet a birthday party... even if it isn't necessarily the day of their birthday.

Neopoint Milestones

Many people celebrate when they hit a certain amount of Neopoints. For a newbie, 100,000 neopoints is probably a huge milestone, whereas for more advanced players, milestones tend to go by every one million neopoints earned. But the milestones you celebrate is up to you. After all, one or two million neopoints might be pocket change if you know how to bring in money!

Achieving a "dream pet"

Many Neopians refer to pets that they really want to own as "dream pets". Some people only have one dream pet, whereas others have many, and fill their side accounts with all of their dream pets. If there is a pet you've always wanted, get to work! When you finally complete your goal, you will have a new family member to celebrate with. Remember, though, never neglect your other pets in favour of a dream pet!

If you're not sure what pet you would like, take a look around the Rainbow Pool for inspiration. Or, if you're up for a challenge and feel a little nostalgic, try to trade up for an Unconverted pet. Unconverted pets are very popular, and you have to either work hard, or be very lucky, in order to get your hands on one.


Your gallery is a place to house everything you have collected. You can give it a theme, or just throw anything you like in there, but usually, the most satisfaction comes from collecting something specific. One person on the Neoboards said that they were most proud of obtaining two items for their gallery... that were worth 30 million neopoints each! So, you can set your aims high, and go after rare items, or you can choose something simpler. At the end of the day, it's still an achievement, and you should reward yourself for completing what you set out to do.

Mass Collecting

An alternative to galleries. Some people like to mass collect one item in their safety deposit box, purely for the sake of seeing that number going up, and being able to say "I have 1000 piles of dung!" Mass collecting is a brilliant way to set milestones for yourself. Popular items to mass collect include dung, cheap plushies, and shiny obsidian.

Pet Stats

It takes a long time, and a lot of Neopoints, to build up a Neopet's stats, so it can be hugely satisfying when you reach a milestone such as level 50, or 100 hit points. Your pet deserves a reward for all of that intensive training, so make sure you celebrate each milestone by doing something nice, like going out for a Smoothie, or taking a well-earned break from training.

Number of Avatars

This is a popular one. Just head over to the Avatar Chat and you'll see what I mean! For avatar collectors, that little number is very important, and they are constantly challenging themselves to reach another target. Popular avatar count targets are 200, 250, and 300. There is something satisfying about seeing that number go up. The Neopian Times team probably understand that more than most!


The trophies that can be upgraded many times, such as the Kadoatery or Defenders of Neopia, seem to be more popular than other trophies when it comes to milestones. Trophies like the Kadoatery, which has a number underneath, make excellent milestone goals. A lot of Neopians love trophies like this, since they can constantly work on upping the number and reaching the next milestone. Competition trophies, such as Storytelling, are also great for this, since they also have numbers indicating how many times a player has won. The higher the number, the more impressive that trophy looks!

Books Read

This is a nice one for your pet to work on, and you can set whatever goal you like. Maybe your aim is to read 50 books, or perhaps you want to go all out and achieve the Neopian Book Award. Decide on your milestone number and go for it! If your pet isn't interested in reading, you can also set a goal for the Employment Agency and track how many jobs your pet has completed.

So, perhaps you've read this and realized you've missed a few milestones in your Neopian life. Well, go and celebrate them now! It's better late than never! Or... if you feel you want a new challenge, pick an item from the list and get to work. The party will be waiting for you when you're done!

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