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A Neopian's Guide to Draiks

by bencat52


One of the rarest neopets, and certainly one of the hardest to obtain, is the Draik! Draiks are lovely little dragons, and are hatched through Draik eggs, which come in a multitude of colors, like basic colors, ice, pirate, and even zombie! But they're certainly not easy to get, and even harder to take care of!

So How do I Get One?

By hatching a Draik egg, of course! There is a lovely nest which you bring your precious egg to, and it will hatch into a sweet Neopet. Or not sweet. It all depends on your Draik! You can get eggs from the Merifoods shop, but they are super rare, and you'll have to be an excellent restocker to obtain one! You can also get a pirate Draik egg from the Forgotten Shore. But really the easiest (and most expensive) way to get one is from the auction house!

Another way is to use a Draik morphing potion on one of your existing pets. This will certainly make the pet's personality more predictable. After all, they're just being morphed! You can get these from the magic shop, but they're also very rare. A transmogrification potion will also work, but you can't buy these!

And as with any other pet, you can certainly trade or adopt them! Although not very many Draik owners give their pets away lightly!

Draiks are Pets!

As with any other pet, a Draik is a pet! This means you should never treat them like trophies or just symbols of wealth. If you're just getting a Draik to look cool, perhaps a Draik isn't the right pet for you.

Always remember to feed and play with your Draik! They are certainly going to become quite sad if you leave them to gather dust on your user lookup.

One more thing to keep in mind: It is FORBIDDEN to sell your neopets! SO if you think you'll make a lot of money selling your neopet, THINK AGAIN! You can certainly trade your pet for another pet, and sell items that give you cool pets (like morphing potions or Draik eggs), but once they are a pet, it is forbidden to sell them!

Draiks aren't Scary!

A lot of Neopians are a bit scared of Draiks, because they're dragon-like! While I would certainly understand a bit of fear when confronting a hungry Skeith, a Draik is nothing to worry about!

Most Draiks are often misunderstood for sneaky and mean, but are actually quite friendly! A Draik will never bite you unless provoked!

Draiks Defend their Owners!

And their honor! A Draik is full of pride and honor, and anyone who threatens that will certainly go down in the battledome!

Draiks are often very loyal to an owner who takes care of them. My pirate Draik, Corsaryna, has many times defended me when people have come at me in the Neoboards!

A Draik will also defend their friends! So even if you don't own a Draik, rubbing one the wrong way will never benefit.

Draiks Aren't All Pirates!

A common misconception is that every Draik in Neopia is a pirate. Now, pirate is certainly a popular color for Draiks, but Draiks aren't even FROM a place known for pirates! Draiks originate from Meridell, which, last time I checked, was more known for knights and kings! Of course, it goes without saying that not all Draiks are kings and knights, either. Draiks are a varied species, and placing an occupation on all of them is preposterous.

Draiks Can Be Needy!

I'm not certain why, but many owners often think that Draiks are self-sufficient, and loners. It may be because Draiks are dragons, but that doesn't mean they're loners! Many Draiks are actually quite fond of having companions. I certainly wouldn't recommend leaving a Draik all alone, and getting a companion right away, whether it be a petpet or another pet!

But they can also be quiet! I know that Corsaryna is very shy, despite being a pirate, and normally takes pleasure in the company of her Snarhook, Pirat.

So make sure to get to know your Draik, and cater to their wants and needs!

Draiks Aren't Just for Boys!

This happens a lot with pets. They are given a gender based on a characteristic. Since Draiks are dragons, it is often assumed that all of them are boys or for boys. I invite you to take a look at the Maraquan Draik, a Royalgirl Draik, a striped Draik, or any female Draik! Feel free to take a look at Corsaryna! I can assure you that any Draik can look masculine or feminine. And even if they don't look it, they can certainly act it!

Be Careful with the Lab Ray!

While you could get a Draik by zapping with the lab ray, I would recommend caution while taking a Draik to the lab! It is very dangerous, especially if your Draik loves being a Draik. If you must go to the lab ray, perhaps you are attempting to turn your Draik into a robot, be sure to get a Draik morphing potion! That way, you can reverse any species-changing that goes on!

"Looking for a Krawk/Draik!"

This drives me nuts. I'll be mindlessly scrolling down the pound neoboard, when I see a user who is asking for a "Krawk/Draik!" Last time I checked, a "Krawk/Draik" was not a neopet.

Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to like both Krawks and Draiks. They are both very great pets! After all, who could resist a Krawks squishy little tummy! But for the most part, the people asking for a Krawk/Draik aren't looking for a pet, they're looking for a trophy! If you'll notice, Krawks and Draiks are the two most rare pets in all of Neopia. Is it a coincidence that they are often paired together as Krawk/Draik? No.

If you want a Krawk, find a Krawk. If you want a Draik, find a Draik. If you want a trophy, try writing something for the Neopian Times. It's worked out well for me, so far! You could even try to enter your pet into a competition, like the beauty contest!


All Draiks are Different!

This guide, like my others, is a general guide. While most Draiks will fit into this guide, some don't! Some Draiks are quite scary, and you shouldn't try to make them nice just because my guide says they are! Some Draiks are pacifists, and will absolutely hate the battledome, even if they are attempting to defend their honor. And some Draiks find "honor" preposterous!

So before you adopt your new pet, make sure you get to know them! I can assure you that if you treat a pet with kindness, they will treat you with kindness, too! Even the scariest pets are kind to their owners, if they are treated with respect. And remember, all a pet wants is a good owner, and a nice home!

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