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Best and Worst Toys for Babies

by vslats


Everyone knows that babies are the cutest pets around. In fact, I have a baby Acara named Baby_Vanellope, and love her to pieces. But unfortunately, being cute and all, they can be quiet hyper, playful, and needy too. Vanellope loves to play with everything in sight, whether it's a pair of shoes, a Crystal Eyrie Sculpture, or anything else like that. So what to do about that?

The solution is a toy. But which one? Babies have different tastes than other neopets. Your Shoyru might have loved his Halloween Lupe Plushie back when he was red, but since he's a baby now, he is terrified by it. But worry no more, baby owners!

Vanellope and I are here to help you find out what toys are ok or not ok for baby neopets to play with.


Colouring Book

What baby doesn't love coloring? A coloring book can bring out your baby's artistic skills, and moving the crayons around can help your little tyke with hand coordination, too. Vanellope loves scribbling all over the pages, and it's a quiet activity for a rainy day.

Baby Tonu Plushie

What an adorable little plushie! His precious, happy face can make any baby smile. This is one of Vanellope's favorite toys, she loves his squishy body and takes him everywhere! We highly recommend this!

New Year Dummy

All babies cry, and most of the time, a dummy is the only way to calm them down. The yellow star shapes makes it appropriate for boy and girl babies! Vanellope has this in her mouth almost all the time. Plus, its size makes it easy for your little tot to grab off the floor easily and put in their mouth by themselves.

Feepit Usuki Set

Vanellope has seemed to have a liking for Usuki dolls, because she'd crawl into her big sister Fluffy's room and try to play with hers. But even though Fluffy loves her sister very much, she didn't like the idea of Vanellope touching them because she broke a Fuzzie Bear toy once. So I decided to buy Vanellope one of her own. But I didn't think my baby was ready for a doll. Their hair gets messy easily, changing their outfits are hard for pets with little hands, and the pieces get lost easily. So I got her this one.

She loves it, since she has a Feepit as a petpet already, and it's super soft! It's the size of a small action figure is easily for babies to grab and hold. Plus, it teaches your little tyke how to care for one, if you decide your baby is too young for his own pet. Although, it comes with tiny parts, like the food bowl, which are a choking hazard for little ones, so remove those pieces before giving your baby this toy. But if your set comes with a brush, keep that in a safe place in case it's fur gets a little messy.

Baby Security Blanket

Now this is the ultimate baby toy! Babies can nap on it, cuddle with it, be wrapped up in it, and chew on it when teething. Unfortunately, it's expensive and rare. I don't even own one myself, but I've seen other babies with them. So if you want one, you'll have to save up those neopoints!

Baby Ogrin Rattle

Since the baby rattle itself is too hard to grab, we settled on this cheaper one instead. Vanellope loves it! The plush head is good, in case your baby ends up stepping (or crawling) on it, so you won't have to spend an hour wiping away tears and bandaging a bruised leg. Plus, the ring attached makes it easy for little hands to grab.

And now, the worst:

Blue Evil Fuzzle

I have to be honest, this toy kind of looks frightening to me, too. But I wanted to see what Vanellope thought of it. She didn't appreciate its frightening face, even less when it screamed "boo" at her. I spent an hour cuddling with my poor, bawling, traumatized infant, who was refusing to be let go of until the toy was out of her sight. Big waste of neopoints!


It's cute, indeed, but what can a baby do with a sticker? Pretty soon, you'll be trying to pull it off your table leg, living room floor, or even off your own baby's body! Great for bigger pets, but not for babies.

Festive Gobbler Paint Set

I thought this was a cute little set, but it's not so good for a little one. See, it will get all over your babies paws, and they will try licking it off, giving it a tummy ache, or even blurred vision if it gets in his eyes. Also, Vanellope didn't know what it was for, and started getting paint EVERYWHERE! I spent at least two hours scrubbing dry paint off the walls, floor, and even out of her own fur! Tons of fun for an older neopet who knows what paint is for, but not for a young baby.

Purple Acara Balloon

It's a cute balloon, alright, but unsafe for babies. Balloons can be popped easily, which will leave your baby with a piece of string and balloon pieces, and you a crying baby because of the loud noise it made and that her new toy is broken. Plus, babies could put the string-or the balloon itself- in their mouths, which is a choking hazard for them.

Halloween Kacheek Plushie

To tell you the truth, I thought this was an adorable little plushie, but Vanellope didn't seem to like it. She crawled away and hid under the rug when she saw its face, and started crying until I discarded it. Waste of neopoints, if you ask me.

So, here are the best and worst toys for your baby. But these aren't the only good baby toys around. Remember, you can always have fun experimenting with your little cherub and finding out what toys he likes and doesn't like.

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