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Waiting for Usukicon - 10 Essentials to Take

by daughters_ofthe_moon


My name is Dreamalia and if there is one thing you should know about my owner it's that she's Usuki crazy, or maybe just crazy; it can be hard to tell. Our house has usuki furniture, we eat usuki foods and wherever you turn you'll see shelves lined with usukis. Each year during the month of Hiding my owner starts to get more and more excited because near the end of the month it's the Annual Usuki Doll Convention. We've been going to Usukicon since year 7 when my owner first started collecting and every year we seem to start queuing outside earlier and earlier. It all stems from year 8 when, as I'm sure you know, a manufacturing glitch in the factory meant there were very limited gift bags and my owner missed out. From that year on she has been paranoid about missing out and so with five days to go as I write this we are already outside the convention centre waiting.

The first thing my owner always brings is a tent to wait in, the weather isn't always nice. Year 9 it rained for four days, it was miserable and so were we. From where I'm sat, out of the way of the noisy rabble, I see my owner sat in her NeoQuest II Tent. She says it's a hint to the usuki makers that whilst lots of our most famous Neopians are imortalised in usukis, our brave adventurers have never been among them. I'm not sure anyone but the other usuki fans are even anywhere out here to take notice. She says a Rohane usuki would be ideal for her collection, but I think she still has enough to collect without asking for more to be released.

Food and drink are the second and third things you need; remember, it could be a long wait. You can bring whatever you like. While we wait my owner likes munching on a Usuki Rarebit to keep up her strength. You can buy it in the shop, but since we travelled past Mystery Island to get here she made a quick stop at the cooking pot. It turns out you just have to throw in a grilled cheese sandwich and a traditional welsh usuki (we have lots of spare ones in the collection!) and there you have it - your usuki rarebit. My owner says it tastes better if you make it yourself. I'm not sure if that's true, I think she might be hyper from the Robot Mynci Energy Drinks she downs during the long wait; she says they keep her going. She keeps a stash of them in her Usukicon Y11 Messenger Bag. A bag is your fourth essential, my owner keeps what she calls her 'must have usuki items' in there. You need lots of space for all the usukis you can get at the convention. I'll see if I can peek in her bag and see what she has brought with us this year.

*rummaging in bag*

I found her Usuki Collectors Guide which she brings every year. She says it's important to know before we go in just what we're looking for so we can all split up and look. I know last year owners were rushing round like mad snapping up those rare and much wanted usukis and even some easy-to-buy usukis were being fought over by new collectors. This is your fifth essential and something every usuki collector surely already has. This year we are all supposed to look for a Valentines Girl Usuki; my owner has wanted one forever.

Also in her bag is her Usukicon Y12 Personal Deodorant; she uses it when she thinks no-one is looking. I'm really glad she packed that because we've been waiting in line for three days now and my sense of smell is more sensitive than hers and it was really starting to get to me. I think last year they put them in the bags because in Year 11 they almost had to close the Usukicon – the smell was soooo bad! This is the sixth item you need and for me the most essential item.

The seventh item is something my owner always brings for me. She always keeps something to stop me from getting bored in her bag. As you will know if you've been to any convention the wait can be long and a little boring. This year my owner has an Usuki Campground Play Set. I love the sleeping bag and the little campfire on the front of the box. My owner doesn't let me take it out, though. She says just looking at the pictures on the box is fun. I think it would be more fun to open it, but if I do I'll get the lecture about mint condition and collectors value. *sigh*

The eighth item you need is one of your favourite usukis. This is to keep you motivated when you get fed up waiting. If you falter even for a minute and step out of the line then you have to go to the back so it's really important to stay strong. You would think this would be an easy choice but no. My owner spends weeks before making her choice. She wants an usuki that she loves to keep her motivated, but not one that's so rare that if she loses it the world ends. I told her to take her Autumn Princess, but she said it was too cheap and everyone would laugh and say she wasn't a serious collector. Finally she decided to bring her Usuki Pirate Wench. I would have gone with her little brother usuki – he's so cute.

The ninth item -- or items I should say -- is your doubles. As any collector will know sometimes you end up with doubles of sets or usukis. Especially if you have a big collection, it's easy to forget and buy or trade for ones you already have. My owner often comes home really excited at her new purchases only to become really upset when she realises she already had them. The convention is the perfect time to trade those doubles with the other collectors for ones you do still need.

The final item you should always bring to the Usukicon is coins. Nothing is free and whether you use brass usuki coins like some owners or neopoints like others it is essential you make sure you have enough. One year we didn't have enough for the Usukicon Y7 Guide Book and my owner still hasn't managed to get her hands on a copy. My owner was really cross because I dropped lots of our coins in the wishing well on the way past. I didn't get any presents for advent that year. I didn't tell her but since I wished to be painted royal it was definitely worth it!

My owner is beckoning me over so I'd better leave you now. If you're reading this as you wait for the doors to open give me a wave – I'm the one wearing the Pretty Miss dress.

Happy Usukicon Y14!

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