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Hey, TNT! I looooove how you've been updating all of the dailies lately! :D Anyway, I have a question: will Premium users ever get their deluxe Neofriends list back? You know, the one on the portal that showed exactly who was online, or when someone was last online (36 minutes ago, 3 hours ago, 45 days ago, etc.). I really loved that list and used it a lot. Thanks! :) *throws Neocola tokens* ~xantaquana
We're currently working on three new Premium updates that will go live over the next few months. Neofriends isn't part of that group (sorry!), but that doesn't mean it won't be added back! Once we're done with these three, we'll look at our list -- it contains things that were once on Portal, requests from y'all, and some new ideas -- and see what we'll add next. So, while we can't promise it'll be added back any time soon, we can promise that it's on the list!

Hello, great and powerful TNT. You remind me of the babe. My apologies if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if work-in-progress Galleries have a chance of winning the Gallery Spotlight, as in Galleries that are still being added to / worked on. Thanks bunches if you get a chance to answer. ~dootzbugg2001
What babe? A Gallery doesn't have to be fully complete to win (it does help a lot, though), but it should have a high percentage of appropriately-themed items. Also, it needs to not have items that are not related to the theme in it, since it displays all of the items at once when we display a Gallery.

Hey, TNT! Is the Nuranna with Laserbeams a reference to a certain movie about a certain spy who has certain dated catchphrases? ;) ~metakitsune
We have no idea what you're talking about. *cough*

Um, TNT... would you please care to explain how it's possible to catch a puddle of water on a fishing rod at the Underwater Fishing hole? I'm stumped... ~zeldaisdabomb
Surface tension. Lots and lots of it.

It hasn't FULLY grown on me yet, but I think I like the new Fruit Machine... I especially enjoy the animation, even if I've always imagined the Neopets shuffling through a stack of cards and picking one at random. I suppose this method seems a bit more efficient. :P Also, who knew an Aisha could be so tall? Thanks for keeping the ears gold all the way to the top. On a final note, would it be completely shameless to praise you and then ask for a favour? 'Cause I'd really love it if, in the near future, Abominable Snowballs could be painted desert. Surely an artist or two currently has the Lost Desert on their mind... ~allizon22
A Desert Abominable Snowball? That's just demented.


We love it! *pencils it in for the winter*

By the power of the completely out of place Meowclops on the Editorial submission page, I command you to answer this with an inside joke from your office. ~kimchiin
All jokes are inside jokes here. We don't work outside!

Anyone want to go see Out of Place Meowclops after work?

Jimmi and Woogy demand their very own smilies. ~cereality_2
Who are we to argue with Hasees?

So, there is this game in the fictional world of jelly called Jelly Blobs of Doom. Apparently, if you type "marissa" on one of the screens, it comes up with "now are you happy?" and Marissa is MY name... what does this do?!? Is this a conspiracy?!? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!? ~hamzandrilez
Hahahaa. When the game was being programmed, one of our artists named Marissa complained that there weren't enough small jelly blobs at the beginning of the game, so this secret code was added with the message asking her if she was happy now.

Since we're allowed to talk about Jellyneo now, are we also allowed to talk about / link to their item database? It seems that it's actually a different site from Jellyneo itself, so I don't know if I can mention it to people or not. 0_o ~aqueendia
Yes, that's fine. :) Anything that shares the latter half of the URL, such as * or * is an approved link, so it can be posted and discussed.

TNT, what are the benefits of connecting your Facebook account with your Neopets account? If you put this good question up, I will give you all cookie points! :) ~heartgold468
Ease of use, really. :) When NTK was up, we had new players coming to to sign up, so we wanted it to make it easier for them by using the same credentials. For you existing players, connecting accounts just gives you another way to log in, and doesn't offer any perk aside from convenience.

Who exactly answers the questions sent in to the Editorial? I'm curious because some of them are just crazy weird. xD ~purplemadam
Are you calling the questions or the answers weird, or both? The answering is really a group effort. It's like a conglomeration of weird. Like, an "if we were a giant dungeon jelly that you were fighting, we'd all be stuck in it making silly faces" kind of weird.

Hi, TNT! Are users allowed to (politely) advertise their Beauty and Caption Contest entries? I know there has been some confusion lately about whether you can have a link to your entry in your font and if all boards are acceptable places to advertise. Thanks for any insight! ~klipster
You may only actively advertise for the Beauty Contest on the Art Board. Having a link in your signature is fine, too, as long as you aren't spamming other boards just to have the link seen.

So, I see the Elephante at the Fruit Machine was fired, or maybe he was taken away by Meepits? Could it have had something to do with Jelly Wor-- AAAAUUUGGHH! ~ziapeper
After a decade of sitting in the hot sun all day holding out cards millions of times, he decided he was ready to retire. Maybe he retired to Jelly Wo--AUGGHH!

Hey, TNT! Can you end this Editorial with the most cutest picture you have? 0:-) ~cool213704
We, the Meepits of Neopia, have deemed this to be the cutest picture Neopia has to offer.

See? We are not hostile.
Lay down your weapons and you shall see! *meep*

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