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Paintbrush Peculiarities

by katiecoo802


Have you ever noticed the cement feet of the topiary-like Woodland JubJub? What about the eerie red eyes and bows of the White Usul? Neopia is filled with pets who defy their color standards, and today I'm here to tell you about some of the coolest, most unique, or just plain oddest colors you can paint your pet. The Neopies may be long gone, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate all the truly astounding pets that Neopia has to offer! Whether you're looking for a new permie, or just a fan of perusing potential pet colors, this fantabulous article will expound upon the most unique and innovative pet colors ever to emerge from the Rainbow Pool. Let's get started!

Category: Oddest Basic

Winner: The Yellow Wocky

To start, it's back to basics—literally! Though there is some variation within all the basic paint brush colors (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), the Yellow Wocky is truly unique. Eschewing the sunny hues typical of Yellow pets, the Yellow Wocky instead adopts a much more neutral tone to complement its signature pink neck ruff and ears. While other Yellow pets are similarly toned down with more golden-brown palettes, the Yellow Wocky alone sports a sandy blonde coat, making this pet a standout among the basics.

Category: Most Oddly Colored Species

Winner: Chia

Runner Up: Usul

Not only are Chias adorable, but they also have some of the most unique and outrageous colors in all of Neopia! Sporting fruit and vegetable colors from Asparagus to Tomato, the Chia has no fewer than twenty-one exclusive looks available to no other species. A close runner up to the Chia is the Usul; Usuls only have one species exclusive color (Usuki), but frequently break coloring norms with their bows and neck ruffs, such as the smelly green accessories of the Skunk Usul, or the tribal markings that adorn the defiantly non-green Speckled Usul.

Category: Most Varying Paint Brush

Winner: Spotted Paint Brush

Though the Spotted Paint Brush, like all Neopet colors, has its own standard (golden-brown with black spots), it allows for the most differentiation of any other color-fill paint brush (other paint brushes like Royal and Halloween are inherently variable). Nine of the fifty-two species which can currently be painted Spotted have individual looks which can be as drastic as the dark grey-on-grey spots of the Spotted Tuskaninny or as subtle as the giraffe-like square spots on the Spotted Ogrin. From Acara to Zafara, the Spotted Paint Brush is full of surprises and unique looks!

Category: Most Varying Lab Color

Winner: Robot

Up until now, the words "paint brush" and "color" have been used somewhat interchangeably in this article, so I thought the Lab Ray, which can also grant its own list of Neopet colors, deserved its own special category. The Lab Ray, available only to those who have found all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, offers six distinctive colors (colors not obtainable by Fountain Faerie Quests, Morphing Potions, or other magical items), but none is so varied as Robot. Both the metal casings of Robot pets and their wire-filled interiors match the individual personality of each pet. For example, the Robot Cybunny offers a sleek but decidedly cute look typical of all Cybunnies. The Robot Grarrl, by contrast, has fatal looking metal teeth and wicked claws that bespeak the Grarrl's aggressive nature.

Category: Most Clothing Items

Winner: Lost Desert Paint Brush

Several Neopet colors come with clothing which is otherwise unobtainable, making certain colors more desirable than they might be otherwise. The Pound Chat is routinely littered with advertisements for clothed pets, and indeed many users trade for a pet simply so they can repaint it and use the old paint brush clothing. The color which comes with the most unique clothing available in Neopia, however, is Desert. Though some Desert pets wear only a simple white tunic, most come with a head piece, jewelry, and a shirt or coat, making Desert a top choice among many players. Some pets even include make up as part of their looks!

Category: Best Homage to a Famous Neopian

Winner: Darigan Eyrie

Runner Up: Ice Hissi

While many colors boast unique pets, there are a few which seek to emulate the look of Neopians past and present. One standout example of this is the Darigan Eyrie, which looks exactly like the villainous Lord Kass of the Battle for Meridell. While I certainly hope your Darigan Eyrie isn't quite so malicious, the exaggerated black neck ruff and piercing red eyes of this pet can't help but recall Kass's equally intimidating features. A close second in this category is the Ice Hissi, which bases its look off of the Snowager of Terror Mountain with its icy stripes.

Category: Best Real Life Representation

Winner: Silver Flotsam

One of the subtlest paint brush peculiarities is that of the Silver Flotsam: at first glance, the Silver Flotsam may seem like just another shiny Silver pet, but a second look reveals that this sea dweller is in fact the Neopian version of a bottlenose dolphin! The Silver Flotsam's contrasting textures, lighter belly, and flippers give it the same rubbery, smooth look of a dolphin, as opposed to the all-over shine of other Silver pets. Also worth noting are Maraquan and Woodland pets, many of which are based on specific real life sea creatures and plants, respectively.

Category: Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Royal Paint Brush

All of the colors featured here have proven themselves to be original and versatile, but one paint brush color has continually exceeded all others in both its diversity and creativity—the Royal Paint Brush. Since it was first discovered, the Royal Paint Brush has offered Neopets the chance to cast off their plebeian lives and enjoy the status of royalty. While the first few Royal pets all sported classic Meridellian garments, since then the Royal Paint Brush has expanded to include regal looks which pay homage to other Neopian lands such as the Shenkuu, Altador, and Maraqua with the Nimmo, Kiko, and Koi respectively. In addition to providing fabulous clothes, the Royal Paint Brush also provides some of the most interesting base colors, allowing owners of Royal pets to mix and match to their hearts' content, making this paint brush the best of the best.

These outstanding pets and colors are only a small example of the many wondrous and shocking pet colors that exist in Neopia. Whether you're looking for a pet that looks unique without having to customize it, or you're looking for an interesting new base color, there are dozens of pets with radically individual looks. So what are you waiting for? Get to the Rainbow Pool to discover more of Neopia's peculiar pets today!

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