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Just wanted to congratulate you on your August 2nd mention on Jeopardy! You must now feel like one of the big guys. :) ~drowenharper
Thanks! We were pretty excited, too! For those wondering, the question was: "Shoyru, Kacheek & Bruce are title critters at this .com backed by Nickelodeon." Plus, Alex Trebek even pronounced Shoyru correctly. *thumbs up*

Hi, TNT! I've been playing Neopets for... about as long as I can remember, and I've always wondered how the Petpet Protection League picks the Petpet of the Week. I've been looking through past picks, and I've noticed that a few Petpets (Albot, Flowper) have been picked twice. Does this mean it's just completely random? If so, what are the chances of, let's say, the Pirate Doglefox being selected in a given week? ~emma50030
We have a list of Petpets that haven't been picked for PPL yet. However, we're pretty much down to either Robot Petpets or Petpets that are considered too new to be selected. To avoid spotlighting a Robot Petpet every single week, we're now selecting some of the oldest previously-chosen Petpets (though in different colours, of course). Since the Tyrannian Doglefox was picked fairly recently, we doubt the Pirate Doglefox will be picked anytime soon. :(

Last week I entered into the Caption Contest and got through the first round of moderation, to the point where I could receive votes from other users. I asked a few of my Neofriends to advertise and help me gain more votes in the contest, although we were stopped by another Neopian (who also happened to be in the contest) that told me having my friends advertise for me is against the rules. Is this true, or is this other Neopian trying to gain a leg up on the competition? ~username removed :)
They were correct. Much like the Beauty Contest, you cannot ask your friends to help you get votes. Only you can advertise your entry.

So, I know you guys have a sparkling new Premium account option that's different from the old sparkly Premium account option. I was wondering if, with the new sparkly Premium option, you still get the Neomail Addict avatar? Someone in my guild just got Premium and didn't get the avatar, and I was wondering if this was just the new normal? What other features are now missing that you could have before? ~kiwi1986t
The Neomail Addict avatar is no longer received through Premium, as it was tied to the 15-day trail that we don't offer anymore. You do get the Space Faerie avatar, though. If your guildmate wants the Neomail addict avatar, they'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

The other services that were removed were:
Portal (replaced by the Notification Bar!)
Real-World Feeds
Internet Dial-Up Service
Aliases and Subaccounts

They were replaced, however, with the ability to have five Neopets. :)

TNT, I was role-playing with a friend of mine (sidette) and, somehow, the topic of The Lord of the Rings came up... anyhoo, long story short, we were wondering if there was a way to go through the mountain separating the Haunted Woods from Shenkuu, instead of taking a flying boat or trekking through the mountains... what are those called, anyway? ~pennycents_
Not that anyone's officially discovered yet! Maybe your intrepid explorer Neopets might find something, though. :) That's one of the reasons why it took so long to discover Shenkuu -- those mountains are pretty impassable! As for the flying ships, the Cyodrake's Gaze is actually the only one known of at this time.

You've gotta wonder what the insurance
rates must be on that thing...

Hello, TNT! I have a graphics site here on Neopets, and on it, I used the code #VISITOR so that the visitor's username would show up when they viewed the page. However, my sister brought it to my attention that, when she visited the site, instead of displaying her username it displayed mine. I assumed that I had made a mistake, so I changed the coding back to #VISITOR. When I saved the changes and looked back at my coding, though, it still said my username! When I save my changes, the #VISITOR code automatically changes to MY username, no matter who is viewing the page. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a glitch? Thank you! ~strawberrycakeshort
We looked into this and weren't able to replicate this glitch in any of the three most commonly used browsers. If this is still happening for you, please send in a bug report telling us which browser and version you are using, as well as any screenshots you can provide, so that we can fix it. :)

I have been dreaming of winning the Gallery Spotlight ever since I found out about it, and after 10 1/2 years on Neopets I think I finally came up with the perfect Gallery for me. My Gallery needs to be organized in a specific way to understand the full awesomeness of it, so I am grateful that we have the option to organize our Galleries. However, I have seen and heard that, a lot of the time, when a Gallery wins the spotlight the organization of the items can get messed up on the Gallery Spotlight page. This forces people to go to your actual Gallery if they want to see the correct organization. If I was lucky enough to win the spotlight, I would really love it if anyone who viewed it via the Gallery Spotlight page would be able to see how it's supposed to look. Is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. =D (Please remove my username) ~username removed
We're aware of that issue, and lately we've been directly linking to the winning Galleries rather than the competition page, and will likely continue to do so for Galleries that are carefully arranged.

O wonderful artists of Neopets! I have long lamented the desert Uni's inability to wear most wigs. You see, the horn on a desert Uni is angled differently than the horns on its brethren, so there is a gap where the "normal" Uni horn should be. (Try it! I'll wait.) Could the desert Uni horn be moved to the same angle so that it works with all of these lovely wigs? ~sorceressraichu


Magma Skeiths have no wings. By the way, have you noticed that Skeiths look like they're driving racecars nowadays? ~ellbot1998
Haha, we didn't think of the racecar thing, but now we can't unsee it. Thanks for bringing both of these to our attention! We've alerted the artists, so hopefully they'll get a chance to correct these art issues. :)

I, along with several other people, have found myself suddenly locked out of my account. The only answer that people have come up with is that it's a "glitch" on your end, where there are random strings of characters added onto our emails and secret words. Some people have gotten quick responses and regained access to their accounts. Others have been waiting without answers. Is there really a glitch like this? Do you know why it's happening? What should we do if this happens to us? I think a lot of people would appreciate some answers on this matter. Please remove my username. ~username removed
If you've been affected (and not scammed), please submit a "Passwords / Account Access" ticket to regain access to your account. If you believe you've been scammed (there are items missing, or that have appeared in your account), then please submit a ticket to the "Scammed?" area.

I must tell you, TNT, that the Copper Moustache is glorious. That is all. ~emma_manatee
We're thrilled you like it. Thanks for your support. :)

Bonjour from the French boards, TNT! I just came back from vacation and oh, surprise! When I log in, I see that Neopets Fan Sites are now officially recognized! Yay! I was wondering something, though. Would you accept websites in languages other than English? I think this would greatly encourage the foreign language communities to develop and organize themselves. Don't you agree? ~petitehirondelline
Yes, we do! Fan Sites of all languages are welcome to apply! :)

Hey there, TNT. Thank you guys for everything you do! So, my question: say we're looking at the High Score Tables and we see the top positions have scores that are literally impossible to achieve in a game. What is the best way to report this cheating to you? ~dottie27a
You can report potential cheating at our Abuse Report page located here, or you can click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page and go to the Neopets Help Centre. From there, click on Contact Us and then "this form" to report abuse.

Hi, TNT! Just wanted to wish all you guys a happy Olympics. :) Oh, and is the Editorial the wrong place to wish you guys this kind of stuff? |: ~shootingstar_23
Thanks! We've really enjoyed watching all the amazing athletes compete, even if we're often up until midnight doing so. We hope you're all enjoying it, too. :) Also, the Editorial is just fine for most any general question or comment!

Thankfully, the beach volleyball
competition doesn't take place in Neopia...

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