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A Customizer's Guide to Spring

by coco_bella


With spring in full bloom, it is important for customizers to know how to match this beautiful season with their pets' wardrobe. However, with so many options available to customize your pet with, it is often difficult to plan and execute your pet's new spring wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed Customization Addict, I have produced this guide to aid you as you develop your pet's new look. Not only will I provide you general guidelines on choosing a look, but I will also provide you a list of the top 10 items- both NC and NP- that can make your pet's look go from great to astoundingly wonderful.

Elements for Developing the Look

THEME. No matter what the season is, the first thing you must always do is decide on the theme your customization will portray. While you may love your Eliv Thade Face Paint, it won't work when using the Negg Painting Workshop Background. That may have been an extreme example; however, you understand my point. Themes are essential in creating a good look. Decide on yours and stick to it; don't go outside your theme.

One of the great things about spring is that it provides so many various themes for customizing with. While the obvious one that may spring to mind is the Festival of Neggs or Floral, you may also choose to dedicate your look to rain (April showers, anyone?). Also, with Grey Day and Tyrannian Day around the corner, you can also choose to center your look around a grey or tyrannian theme, as well.

BACKGROUND. The next step in developing your look is to choose your background. Because this is the part of the customization that takes up the most screen, it is only reasonable to use it as the foundation of your look. Choose the background that matches your theme, and move on from there.

WIG, CLOTHES + ACCESSORIES. Dressing your pet should be the next step when developing your look. As always, be sure the items you select match your theme.

FOREGROUND. The next step- and possibly the most important in completing your look- is selecting your foreground. There are many foreground options that you can choose- from foregrounds themselves to plushies. And, in terms of spring, there are many beautiful flower foregrounds that can add so much to your pet's look.

GARLAND. Similar to the foreground, the garland is also important in completing your pet's look. However, caution must be exercised in choosing a garland, as it can easily overwhelm the customization or clash with your foreground. When selecting your garland, be sure that it blends well with the background and does not cover up any part of your pet- even if it's just the tips of your Aisha's ears.

Key Spring Wearables for Customizers

1. NEGG PAINTING WORKSHOP BACKGROUND. I absolutely love this background in terms of customizing for spring because it features a beautiful pastel yellow and a soft cream color. Not only does the yellow provide a splash of color without being overwhelming, but it is soft and subtle enough that it won't clash with any other color you choose in your customization. In addition, this background is perfect for those who chose the Festival of Neegs theme, but I don't believe that I need to provide an explanation for that.

2. SASSY NEGG WIG. A relatively new item, the Sassy Negg Wig is the perfect wig for spring. Featuring soft white curls and a negg hair clip, this wig is feminine, soft and lovely. The only thing that could make it more perfect is if the hair clip was made from edible candy neggs...

3. GARDEN TEA DRESS. The Garden Tea Dress is a very popular item because it features soft ruffles, and a beautiful palette of light pink and yellow. This dress, while often used with the Garden Tea Party Background, goes perfectly with a customization theme based off of both the Festival or Neggs or spring flowers. This is an absolutely beautiful dress, and its only fault is that there aren't enough for everyone.

4. SPRING TIME FEMALE KRAWK BOUQUET. For those lucky enough to own a Krawk, the arrival of spring introduces another wonderful benefit to you- the ability to use the very lovely Spring Time Female Krawk Bouquet. Featuring a delicate blend of light purple, white and yellow flowers, this bouquet is the perfect addition to your Krawk's floral customization scheme.

5. SPRING GREENHOUSE BACKGROUND. This is the perfect background for those that chose the floral theme or want a subtle Negg theme. While the addition of a negg-related accessory (like the Easter Negg Basket) creates a look of Negg-hunting, adding in a floral foreground (like the Pretty Tulip Foreground) will play up the look of spring flowers in bloom. In all honesty, this background has earned its place as a staple in my pet's wardrobe.

6. MME2-S1: MYSTICAL RAIN SHOWER. As many NC traders know, this MME item is incredibly desired, and it's no wonder why. Not only does the Mystical Rain Shower feature a soft, slanted rainfall, but it also adds a misty (and mystical) pink and blue haze towards the bottom of your pet's look. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful rain-related items out there, and it's definitely perfect for a customization based off of rain.

7. MINI MME9-S2: RAINY SPRING PORCH BACKGROUND. Another MME item, this background is also a wonderful option for those who want to feature rain in their customization. Relatively lower in value than the Mystical Rain Shower, the Rainy Spring Porch Background is a more realistic option. While it does keep your customization options more limited, this background is very lovely and still provides much charm to your pet's look.

8. STORMY CLOUD DRESS. For those who chose to feature rain in their customization, the Stormy Cloud Dress is the perfect dress for your pet. Featuring a soft blue color and silver, this dress immediately evokes the feeling of a relaxing and serene rain shower, similar to those often found in the spring. While the dress may be difficult to match to a background, when it is paired with the Mystical Rain Shower, your pet's rainy look is completely lovely.

9. REGAL SEQUIN DRESS. As regal as the name implies, this dress provides spring with a bit of elegance. Featuring sequins and soft spring colors, this beautiful gown is perfect for the pet wishing to greet spring with a sense of grace and regality.

10. BABY SPRING WIG. Another relatively new item, the baby spring wig is the perfect addition to your baby pet's wardrobe. Featuring soft blonde curls and a crown made from flowers, this wig is whimsical and lovely. Whether your pet is inside or out in a field of flowers, you will find that this wig can complete your pet's look beautifully.

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