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A Grarrl October

by liyuuki


In celebration of Grarrl (that's pronounced Grah-rar-L) Day, this article aims to provide everyone with nine fun things to do with your Grarrl. I mean, they are a reasonably popular Neopet species, loved (or at least respected) by all for their ferocious strength and unyielding nature. Hence, it is imperative to make your Grarrl happy on this day, not only to show your appreciation for these lovely Neopets, but also reiterate the fact that you, wonderful and kind owner of your Grarrl, are not food in any form or shape, and should not be eaten. Ever.

1. Feed them a Bony Grarrl Club

No, seriously. Even if you don't have the hundred million neopoints or so to actually buy one of these, or if you do, lack the willpower to feed it to your Grarrl, at least make an effort to give your Grarrl some nice objects to eat. These can range from Battledome weapons to clothes, even your annoying neighbour's prized garden plants. In fact, Grarrls (if you are naive enough not to notice), will eat anything (occasionally including you)! Yes, this does mean that you can give them your piles of dung to eat, but you really wouldn't want to make your Grarrl mad, would you? A recommended item for those who are slightly stingy with their neopoints is a Rubber Chia Toy. Rubbery enough to keep your Grarrl chewing for hours, this cute little toy will definitely satisfy your Grarrl's appetite.

Since Grarrls are such flexible eaters, owners might want to consider feeding their cute but worthless junk to your Grarrls, rather than dumping them into your Safety Deposit Bank and leaving your Grarrl to languish in the Neolodge.

2. Take them to the Battledome and challenge a (insert Neopet species here)

It's true; your Grarrl won't mind fighting any Neopet of any shape or size! So long as they can have some fun beating up opponents in the Battledome, your Grarrl will be happy. Make sure you pick strong opponents for your Grarrl though, as they are easily bored by weaklings and cowards. We only warn you that letting your Grarrl fight for over an hour is a bad idea, as they are easily addicted to battling, and may not be willing to leave the Battledome if this happens. Attempting to pry your Grarrl away from the Battledome if such a thing occurs is also a bad idea. Just let him or her fight until they are forcibly removed by the Battledome maintenance staff, who are infinitely better at handling angry Grarrls than you.

3. Dress your Grarrl up in Halloween clothes and terrorize some unsuspecting Neopets

It may be a bit too early to celebrate All Hallow's Eve, but trying out some Halloween costume designs a few weeks early is a great way to make your Grarrl happy. Simply dress up your Grarrl in the most terrifying costume you have (design one if you don't), and set him or her free to rampage at night. Also take this opportunity to check out your costume design as well, making sure it as scary enough to frighten lots of candy from any Neopet, living or dead (or both)! It's a win-win situation for all, and once Halloween rolls around, have fun enjoying all the sweets you've gotten from scaring hapless Neopets.

4. Read them some books

While Grarrls may not seem like bookish, nerdy Neopets, most Grarrls do like to read. While some sources may say otherwise, Grarrls do not actually gain knowledge by eating books, just like how you do not get the Grarrl Warrior avatar by feeding a Bony Grarrl Club to your Grarrl. Giving them a book or two to enjoy is not only a good way to occupy your Grarrl's time in a peaceful way, but it is also a step forward in shaping your Grarrl to be a cultured individual.

The recommended list of books include: The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia, Grarrl Mythology and Grarrl Picture Book. There does seem to be an obvious trend in the type of books Grarrls like, but hey, who doesn't want to read about themselves?

5. Take them shopping

This may seem like an uncharacteristic thing to do, but shopping is a good way to let your Grarrl exercise off some of that limitless amount of energy. For female Grarrls, as with all female neopets, head over to Uni Faboo and Mystical Surroundings. Male Grarrls will probably prefer browsing at Battle Magic or the Book Shop, while younger Grarrls will head straight for the Toy shop.

However, keep a careful eye on your Grarrl as you browse through those shops. A particularly hungry Grarrl may simply reach over and take a bite out of the decor! You wouldn't want to be banned from your favourite shop, would you? Also remember to bring along lots of neopoints, because while Grarrls are many things, conservative is not one of them.

6. Play Grarrl Keno

It is not the most interesting game in Neopia, or even Tyrannia (though significantly less boring than the Wheel of Monotony), but Grarrls do love playing this game. Watching little baby Grarrls hatch out of eggs is especially enjoyable to middle-aged, female Grarrls. Be sure to bring along a good amount of neopoints however, because Grarrls like to bet large sums of neopoints at one go.

7. Buy a Camelior for your Grarrl

It is a well-known fact that petpets are terrified of Grarrls, for obvious reasons. Most people do not even bother getting a petpet for their Grarrl, for they can neither stand to see those poor little things accidently becoming lunch for their Grarrl, nor stare as their funds are used to constantly replace each petpet companion. The Camelior, however, native of Tyrannia, is an excellent petpet to get for your Grarrl. Nimble and fast, this petpet is easily able to outrun its owner, thus avoiding the possibility of becoming food. Their unique ability to camouflage with any surrounding also aids them in getting away from your Grarrl if he or she happens to become unusually hungry.

A constant companion like the Camelior is 100% guaranteed to make your Grarrl happy, and we all know the importance of that. *wink*

8. Take your Grarrl to see a concert

Whether it be Moehawk, M*YNCI, Yes Boy Ice Cream or the dozen other bands playing, your Grarrl will definitely enjoy a concert. However, Grarrls do not have the best of hearing, so we advise getting a seat that is close to the stage. Like shopping, enjoying music is not a conventional thing for Grarrls to do. However, unlike being dressed in pink or given piles of dung to eat, Grarrls do enjoy doing things other than constantly fighting and eating. Hence, take this chance and let your Grarrl enjoy some good music, and see how much he or she enjoys it.

Your Grarrl will also be pleased by the souvenirs you get to take home. If you plan on keeping them, place them out of reach of your Grarrl's sharp teeth – a high shelf is very useful for such things.

9. Take a relaxing walk along the beach

Really, Grarrls spend so much time simply doing things – fighting or eating or terrorizing innocent neopets - that they just need some time to unwind and relax. A lovely nighttime stroll along the beaches of Mystery Island is a perfect way to loosen muscles tight from training all day at Training School, and it also helps in digestion. It is a wonderful way to close the day, especially Grarrl Day, which you've spent having oodles of fun with your Grarrl. (Right?) Simply place one foot in front of the other, stare up at the twinkling stars, and let the sound of the sea wash over you...

Now that you've done all the things on this list, we hope that you and your Grarrl have a much better understanding of each other, and continue to live happily together.

Happy Grarrl Day!

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