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Hey TNT, I was just wondering... are our questions less likely to be in the Editorial the later we submit them? Consequently are our questions more likely to be in the Editorial the earlier we submit them? Thanks for answering. :) ~quartzice
The Editorial is completed either Wednesday or Thursday of each week, so questions around there are likely to be the first ones viewed. However, to find enough questions that we can answer for the Editorial, we usually need to look through the entire week's questions, so generally speaking it doesn't matter all that much when you submit them.

What is a Fat Cat? I saw someone with that as their Petpet. Please reply to this, unlike the rest of my questions. ~josieaurora
The Fat Cat is one of a small number of Petpets that had their art updated or dramatically altered into a different Petpet some time ago. They no longer exist as items at all, as they have been overwritten. (For example, the Fat Cat is now the Baraga Petpet.) However, if these "replaced" Petpets were equipped to a Neopet prior to the change and were never removed, then they still remain intact with their original art and item name. If they are ever removed from the Neopet, they will instantly update to the current art and item name.

HI! *gives TNT an army of OVER 9,000 Meepits to invade Neopia* What if someone were to discover a way to get an avatar, like the Wishing Well avatar... would they have to give the answer out, or can they be mean, torture everyone, and not give out the answer so that others have to figure it out for themselves? Oh, and could you please give us a hint for the Wishing Well? Anything?!? A number, in Binary, in French, in MD5?!? PLEEAASSSE, with a Meepit on top? :) ~toe_bob
They are free to offer or withhold the information as they please, though under no circumstances could they accept "gifts" (Neopoints / items / Neopets) or charge other players for the knowledge. As far as clues go, we already gave you guys a subtle third clue earlier this week. It's not our fault if you didn't catch it. ;)

Hi! On June 23rd, 2011, you released two new collectable charms in the news. Now, the Techo Statue Collectable Charm is activated and, while VERY rare, does appear on the Trading Post occasionally. The Elephante [Lamp] Collectable Charm, however, is nowhere to be seen, and unlike the other 17 charms, it doesn't show up when you search in the sidebar. :( I'm wondering if it was accidentally given the wrong rarity. If it was assigned an incorrect rarity, could you please fix it? Thanks! ~gabyblack
We checked on the Elephante Lamp Collectable Charm and confirmed that it is, indeed, set at a restockable rarity. It is r99 however, making it a super-rare item, and of too high a rarity to appear in the sidebar item search.

Apparently I'm just annoyingly rare, not broken.

Is it possible for the Petpet Lab Ray to zap your Petpet into a retired Petpet? I've asked around and gotten mixed responses. ~kolinkspark
No; only Petpets with a rarity of 101 or less are possible from the Petpet Lab Ray. Retired items and Petpets are generally set to rarity 180. However, all "lab ray only" colours, such as chocolate, gold, etc. are available through the lab ray, regardless of the rarity of the Petpet.

Hey TNT, I was wondering: do you guys have something against Elephantes? There are some hats that exist for checkered, grey, and transparent Elephantes, but... they can't seem to wear them. :( ~shadowman2004
Well, this is just embarrassing. You're quite right that they exist; it seems they were just overlooked. They are now properly activated and attached to the paint brushes, so you will now get the hat when painting an Elephante one of these colours. If you have already painted an Elephante one of these colours, but didn't receive that hat, please send in a request for one to our Support Department.

Heya, TNT. I was bored and looking through older Editorials, and did you know that in Issue 154 it was said that making Neopets actually capable of wearing clothes was not feasible? What do you think past-you would think if they saw customisation? ~angelyuffie
Hahaha, well, a lot has happened that we could have never foreseen, though we must say that the amount of effort it took to make Neopets capable of wearing clothes was... astounding. Our artists worked relentlessly for a very, very long time to make it possible. As always, we do our best to give you the best current information we have in Editorials, but just like any newspaper, what was true then (or even now) may be drastically different in the future.

Do you think there might be a... *gasp* Faerie Noilkeet in our future? *crosses fingers* ~dreampetz_
That does sound like it would be ridiculously cute. Keep an eye out for one during the upcoming months. :)

A couple of weeks ago there was a user who said that the first time the reference "TNT" was used in an Editorial was Issue 208. Correction, the first time it was used was in Editorial 154. The user was talking about the Caption Contest. ~werftt
x__X We further salute such dedication. TWO gold stars!

Anyone going for three?

There's been a rumor going around that the Krawken was summoned by Isca to destroy Krawk Island so that she could have Garin again. Is this true??? ~amylicious127
Darn it, now we need to find a new premise for our upcoming Neopets reality TV show.

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