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Top 10 Mutant Shopkeepers

by _owlsong_


It’s Mutant Day. The whole of Neopia is slathered in slime, tentacles, and of course the monstrous creations of Dr. Sloth. What better way to celebrate our mutated pets but to change your shopkeeper! *Silence* Okay, so I understand that most people would think that maybe mutating your pet, or buying random mutant items would be a much better way to celebrate of mutants. But this is NOT a top ten list of mutant petpets or mutant pets. This is a list of the best, number one, totally amazing Mutant Shopkeepers! *applause*

Chia – Mutant Sale

The Mutant Chia, one of the most recognized Mutants in Neopia today. They are well known for eating petpets and starring in the game Feed Florg. I personally enjoy this Shopkeeper because basically he took a bite out of that sign! I mean, how awesome is that?! I also like how cleanly this Chia and its sign are drawn. If you look closely, you can even see the grain on the wood. That’s what I call detail! This would be a good shopkeeper in any shop or gallery.

Tuskaninny – Mutant Waving

*Waves back* This shopkeeper really shows a mutant's friendly side. Most mutants are sadly stereotyped as bullies. This is not so. Many mutants are kindhearted Neopets who look different from everyone else. Of course you still get some mutants who would as soon bite your ear off as have a cup of tea, but that happens. Overall, I love this happy waving mutant. This would be a good shopkeeper in any shop or gallery.

Ruki – Mutant Weaponry

Hiya! This Ruki shopkeeper is perfect for a weapon or Battledome based shop or gallery. One arm is raised with weapon in hand ready to protect your shop from thieves and wrongdoers. The other arm is poised to offer expensive goodies to potential customers. What I really enjoy about this shopkeeper is that his mouth is open as if he really saying something to your costumers!

Kiko – Mutant Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream, especially when it’s in the hands of this handsome mutant. This is the perfect mix of cuteness and ugliness. With the Kiko’s green slobber dripping out of the side of its mouth and flying over the rainbow colored ice cream, how can you possibly say no to this amazingly adorable shopkeeper? He would be a wonderful shopkeeper for an ice cream themed gallery of shop.

Petpet - Ghostkerchief Mutant

What is that? Snot, green slime, or radioactive glop? That’s all for you to decide with this Mutant petpet shopkeeper! From his smirking face to his off-white body, this is one of my personally favorites. Normally Ghostkerchiefs are popular and well known; they come as everything from Battledome items to wearables to the traditional petpet. This shopkeeper would make an astonishing shopkeeper for any spooky or Ghostkerchief themed gallery. I love the extra eyeball on the end of his string. Or is it a tail? You can never really tell sometimes on these mutants.

Grarrl - Mutant Listen

Hello? Is there anyone there? How can you not love this cute little Grarrl? This Shopkeeper shows how loveable both Grarrls and mutants can be! I also like how mutant Grarrls look like dragons! With a slight, fang filled smile, this shopkeeper would be perfect for any shell based or Grarrl gallery. He also makes a wonderful shopkeeper for any shop. He is one of the cuter mutants on this list. Who can say no to a chubby dragon, after all?

Petpet - Mutant Slorg

Would you like salt on that, Sir? Well, perhaps that wouldn’t be such a good idea, after all... This is yet another petpet shopkeeper, presenting one of Neopia's all-times favorite petpets. A Slorg! Even if you aren’t a fan of slorgs, you can’t help but love this slimy little slug (even if he does get some slime all over your merchandise). My favorite part is not the slorg, but the piece of unidentifiable fruit! It adds a bright contrast in color, and pulls the image together nicely. This Shopkeeper would do well in a petpet or fruit/berry/food related guild. He also would do well in a petpet shop!

Flotsam - Mutant with Candy

I want candy! And so does this Flotsam shopkeeper! With a creative use of his forked tongue, this Mutant Flotsam rates high on my awesome shopkeeper list. Is it his hideously beautiful eyes, or his impressive array of fangs that captivates our attention? Or is it that little red and white piece of candy that we love? All I know is that this shopkeeper is an absolute dream! This Mutant would be a perfect shopkeeper for any candy/sweet themed shop or guild.

Krawk - Mutant Rawr

With two extra arms and one extra eye, this Mutant Krawk sure is extraordinary. Look at that detail! The shadows and highlights, even the color of its sharpened talons and the buggy cuteness of its multiple compound eyes are done perfectly. I am scrambling to find things I dislike about this shopkeeper! In all, Krawks are cool shopkeepers, given that they themselves are expensive to obtain. This Mutant Krawk in particular would be fantastic for what else but a Mutant gallery. Even without a gallery by his side, this Krawk would look fabulous in any shop.

Mutant - Lenny Watching

What can I say? This is my all-time favorite mutant shopkeeper. It might be the fact that mutant Lennies are captivating in their own way. But I personally believe that it’s just a pure masterpiece TNT has given us. From each detailed feather to the lemon yellow glaring eyes to the grooves left in the sign, I adore this Mutant Shopkeeper. He would go with any gallery and shop from faerie food to Lost Desert weaponry; this captivating Lenny is one multipurpose bird!

Well, that concludes our tour of the Top Ten Mutant Shopkeepers. From each glob of green gloop to every sharpened fang and quivering talon, I really hope you enjoyed gazing at these fantastic options for shopkeepers. Until next time!

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