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Adhison's Destiny

by rezure


Life is like a whirlwind. There were days that Adhison did not even know what date it was; all she knew was that it was just another day that her mother wasn't home. She had learned to fend for herself. This had allowed her to grow up considerably beyond her years at age four.

      She had to fight to find food sometimes even in the Haunted Woods, since she didn't have any money nor did she have a lot of food left in the fridge. Days went by where she wished her mother would return, but she knew there was no telling where she was or when she was coming home to her. Adhison walked alone in the cold, lonely streets looking for her mother but coming up with nothing. Day after day she would search until her tiny Chomby feet could not bear to walk any longer. She was forced to go to her neohome where she awaited another night alone to sleep in a cold house. There was no heat or light because she could not pay the bills.

      Adhison was wise beyond her years. Her vocabulary was extensive and her knowledge was that of someone who went to a prestigious college. Though she was only four, if you were to meet her you would think she was considerably older than any normal Baby Chomby. Her adventure was about to begin, though she had no idea when.

      It was on a windy and cold day in October that something mysterious happened to Adhison. She found herself standing near the book store in downtown Neopia and the next thing she knew she was halfway down the bookshelf aisle. Although confused at what just happened, she went on about her day. But it happened again. This time it was in public where people would notice! Alarmed, she went into hibernation until she realized what was happening to her.


      After extensive research, she realized that what she was experiencing was the ability of teleportation and that it was a very rare trait, especially in someone younger than the age of twelve. Over the next few days, Adhison did her rituals in trying to strengthen this teleportation until one day she teleported into someone's bedroom. As she looked around, mystified, she saw a furious black and white face staring at her.

      “Did you just teleport into my room, little one?" the voice of the face questioned her as she just sat there dumbfounded.

      “How did you know I teleported? And I am not one to be called little as I have an IQ much higher than those of scholars!" she said, justifying herself, though not explaining why she teleported to his room in the first place.

      “My apologies. I am Rahshiki the Skunk Eyrie, and I work for the royal family of Meridell. I noticed you teleported into my room. That is quite the ability you have there; when did it start occurring?" he asked her, looking curious now rather than mad, since she was the one who came barging into his room.

      “Well, uh, I believe that it started a few days ago, and a book I had picked up from the book store said how remarkable it was for anyone under the age of twelve to acquire such an ability. You see, my name is Adhison and I am only four years of age, and my mother has left me. She has been gone for two months now and it's getting difficult to look for food." Adhison just sat there looking uncomfortable as Rahshiki started pacing back and forth, clearly thinking of a way to solve this problem that had just occurred.

      “Well, Adhison, it is a pleasure to meet you. As you can see, I have quite the space here in this little neohome of mine; it would be my honor if you would stay here for the time being until we find a more suitable arrangement. It would be irresponsible of me to let a young child live on her own in a house with no electricity or heat. We will send a carriage to get your belongings and leave a note for your mother in case she comes back looking for you."

      He paused before he continued. “As for your powers, I do believe that I can help and teach you all about them, since I have my own, but we shall discuss that at a later date. You must stay under the radar of the royal family, which shouldn't be too hard seeing as the king and queen are hardly here and I am friends with the princess. Sound good to you?" He extended a hand to shake on the agreement, which Adhison gladly shook.


      As soon as she had left to go retrieve her personal belongings, she realized how much life was looking up for her. How she now had at least one friend and how kind Rahshiki had been to her situation, giving her a place to stay and more. She wondered what his power could possibly be and how he would help her with her own power. Hopefully all would be revealed as time went on.

      When she arrived back at the kingdom, she found Rahshiki talking to a masked figure in the hallway, but she didn't think too much of it. She unpacked her belongings in the open space Rahshiki had cleared for her. He stepped through the opening and sat down on the bed, putting his paw over his head and sighing. Life must be tough here to be an employee of the royal family, Adhison thought, gazing at him with concern.

      “Rahshiki, may I ask you something?" Adhison asked timidly, unsure if this was the best time to ask her question about his ability.

      “It's fine, Adhison, you may ask me anything you like."

      “Okay, well, can you tell me what you plan on doing about my ability and what is your own ability that you possess?" she asked, anxiously awaiting a reply and hopefully the answer to her many questions that had been going through her head at the same time.

      “Well, Adhison, my ability is telekinesis. This simply means that I have the ability to move things with my mind." He demonstrated by moving the book from the bookshelf over to his waiting paws on the other side of the room.

      “You see? It can be helpful at times, when I am really lazy and do not wish to get up. Now about your ability, I think I could possibly help train you to make your ability stronger in order to help you teleport a greater distance than what you are able to do now. How does that sound?" he said with a genuine smile spreading across his face.

      “Whoa, cool power. That would be great! I've been doing a little bit myself, but I wasn't sure how I exactly do it. Thank you, Rahshiki!" She raced over to give him a hug, feeling more like his little sister than his roommate.


      Her life was finally falling into place. That night Rahshiki cooked a meal consisting of turkey casserole, cranberry sauce, and the surprise dessert of Scorchio chocolate cake. This was the first time in a long time that Adhison was able to sit down and have a nice hot meal awaiting her. As soon as she finished eating the very last piece of her cake, she sat up to look directly into Rahshiki's dark eyes.

      “Rahshiki, who was the masked figure you were speaking with outside of your home?" she asked, this time with no hint of intimidation in her voice.

      She held his gaze as he began to speak. "Oh, you saw that. Well, that, my dear Adhison, was the princess. Princess Vaighl, that is; she has to dress differently because she isn't allowed out past the gates. You will meet her soon enough. She is like you and me, except with an increasing power that keeps strengthening every day."

      He stood up abruptly, making his chair squeak as he pushed it back. “If you don't mind, Adhison, with all the events that have happened today, I would greatly appreciate it if we could head to bed early. I have set up your bed and laid some books from my library on your bed to read if you wish," he said before picking up his plate and walking away. Without another word, Adhison crawled into her oversized funky blue and orange bed. It wasn't long before she found herself drifting off to sleep.


      Before she knew it, Adhison was being awakened by Rahshiki shaking her and telling her he was off to work and when he got home she would finally be able to meet Princess Vaighl. She heard the door shut silently before she hopped out of bed to make herself some breakfast.

      The day passed slowly and uneventfully. Being stuck in the neohome was not how she saw herself living, but hey, at least it was warm and cozy. At around 5 o'clock, she glanced over when the door began to open slowly. Rahshiki walked through the door, leading the masked figure in behind him. The Kacheek, dressed in a brightly colored dress, stepped gingerly toward Adhison, grasping her hands as she did so.

      “Ah, Adhison! How wonderful it is to meet you. I am Princess Vaighl, and I have heard all about your situation and am pleased to let you stay with Rahshiki. We could possibly find you some work, since he tells me you are quite the little genius.”

      “Oh stop, before you make me blush. It is my honor to meet you, Princess Vaighl," Adhison said, adding a little courtesy to her reply.

      As they all got acquainted, Vaighl began her story. "I'm sure Rahshiki has told you all about my power, but if he hasn't, you must know that I have the ability called Telepathy. It means that I can read people's thoughts. At this stage I can only do so by touching their hands, but hopefully in time I can do so just by being near them. Rahshiki, as well as myself, have some extensive knowledge, Rahshiki more so than I since he has had his power longer." She paused for a quick breath before she continued.

      “We shall help you understand and hopefully get your powers to progress into something much more powerful. Don't worry, this is all kept secret; the king and queen know nothing and no one ever should. I hope you understand, Adhison, and are willing to let us help you. We could be our own little family with our abilities."

      Viaghl spoke with such certainty that it made Adhison believe her on a much greater level. She had already made up her mind as to what she was going to do.

      "YES! Thank you, Adhison." Seeing the puzzled look on Adhison's face, she added, "Oh I did it again, didn't I? Sorry, I didn't mean to read your thoughts, but I am glad you have decided to stay and let us help you and your power grow. I will speak with the king and see if we have a job opening for you. This is the beginning for all of us."

      She looked first at Adhison and then at Rahshiki, before she dashed out the door, a smile plastered on her face.

      “Oh, Rahshiki, I can't seem to thank you enough. And Vaighl seems so genuine, not at all what you would expect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Adhison said before dancing away into her little bedroom. She sat down glancing at the picture she had taken of her mother and herself.

      Though her mother was gone, she would not be forgotten, and with this new life Adhison led, everything would be all right. Everything was finally starting to fall into place and this, this was where Adhison was supposed to be. She could feel it; in the castle of Meridell was where her life had taken her and that was where it should stay. With help from Rahshiki and Vaighl, everything would be splendid! Her life couldn't possibly get any better than this because this was who she was no matter what any other Neopet said.

The End

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