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I bought a Copper Nerkmid to use in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, but it doesn't work! The item description says, "This is a special token that can be used for the Alien Vending Machine. The better the Nerkmid, the better your prize will be!" and there's no indication that it won't work on the vending machine page. When I go to the vending machine page, however, the Copper Nerkmid is not shown. Help? ~element02
It seems Copper and Aluminum Nerkmids are so new that the Alien Aisha Vending Machine thought they were counterfeits. Some alien Aishas have landed and made the proper adjustments; the nerkmid machine is now accepting these new nerkmids.

When individuals ask how to gain access to the Magma Pool in Moltara, others state that the "special" way has not yet been figured out. Is there any way to gain access other than by finding out the time frame of when the guard falls asleep for an individual? ~maelstrom
Yes, but as far as we can tell, no one has discovered that method just yet.

The 17 Pound Trout & 9 Pound Coconut both have weights of "1 lb." What? ~captain_awesome
Hello, captain_awesome! (Sorry, we just wanted to say your name because it's awesome.) You're quite right, and now both items have the correct weight. Thank you, captain_awesome.

Hi there! I was just wondering if you would be willing to link the plot page to the trophies on our User Lookups for the Faeries' Ruin plot like the other plots? I know I've been slow to pick my prizes, but they're all so pretty and I can't decide! Thanks bunches! ~achr307
Yes, we are willing -- we just need to squeeze in the time to do so. We can't make any time frame promises, but we are planning on having the trophy link to the plot page.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering how you guys pick the Better Than You challenger each week. Is it random, or do you just choose the characters you like best? Either way, having Ciona Broan as a BTY challenger this week was awesome. :D ~chocolate_lover67
Usually we try to theme the challenger to the game, but then there are other times... well, let's just say that our BTY guru is a bit of a Yooyuball fan. ;)

Hey, TNT! *throws empty ginger ale can* So, in the past month I have accidentally donated chocolates from the Negg Faerie quest and two books. I also just spilled ginger ale on my kitten, but that's not relevant. You know how, when you select "discard item," a little pop-up asks if you're sure you wanna do it? Could we maybe get one of those for donating, too? Pleeeeeaaaaase? Otherwise, I'll have to start paying attention to my actions and surroundings. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go bathe my cat. ~sidain
Oh dear. For more... erm, accident prone people, we suggest that you use Quick Stock when dealing with items. There is a confirm button for both donating and discarding when you use Quick Stock. Good luck with the cat bathing!

Here, just in case.

Dearest TNT,
I won't throw anything at you... this time... MUAHAHAHA!!! I do, however, have an urgent matter that's been bugging me for a very long time. Has anyone noticed that, off the coast of Altador, sits an island shaped like a backwards question mark? TNT, it irks me that such an interesting island exists, yet I have no access to explore it!!! Please consider making Confusion Island into an explorable place sometime in the near future! If this gets in, THANK YOU SO MUCH TNT!!! ~happydays885

Oh, that island? That's the Isle of--*dragged away by Meepits*

Hey, TNT! I was buying stocks in the stock market when I noticed some of the companies (such as BOOM and NEGG) were completely bankrupt, with their stock values at zero. Curious, I looked through the old Editorials and found one that said if a company goes bankrupt, then its stocks will be worthless forever! Could this still happen to my stocks? I don't want to lose my hard-earned Neopoints. :( ~phdinmagic
O.O *watches another Editorial writer get dragged off* Well then... uhh, where were we? Ahem, to answer your question: unfortunately, that is one of the risks of the Neopian Stock Market. D:

Hi, TNT! I have a question about hand-held wearables. Most items that are hand-held by Neopets that have two legs are placed differently and sit on the ground, on a table, etc. for Neopets that are on all fours. I was just wondering why these same items couldn't function the same way on our unconverted Neopets (since, essentially, they're in the same predicament as four-legged Neopets by virtue of not being able to hold things)? Thanks very much if you answer my question! ~whitehouses
Since unconverted Neopets can be in a different pose entirely, it's not time efficient for us to make sure that the item looks and works properly with them. While we know and appreciate that many of you highly value UC Neopets, please understand that they are from the previous age of Neopia and are considered "no longer supported" by post-customisation Neopets (similar to how we no longer support older browsers).

*throws mr.coconut* I was just wondering: if you won a Neopian Book Award with a Neopet, but then abandoned it in The Pound, would you still be able to keep the trophy? Not to sound greedy or anything. *hides behind couch* ~zeliasxx
If the trophy is on your Neopet's lookup page, then it belongs to your Neopet, and he or she will take that trophy wherever it goes. Only trophies that are on your User Lookup are the ones you get to keep regardless of your Neopets.

I have a question about the Caption Competition. Once you start posting peoples' captions on the voting page, do you still accept new captions? If I were to enter a funny caption AFTER you started displaying the captions for the current week, would I still have a chance at getting into the competition? ~la_la_93_1992
No, because it's too difficult for latecomers to catch up in the number of votes needed to win.

I enjoyed Daily Dare. It was very thoughtful of you to award a Blumaroo Dice token with the prizes. I enjoyed playing the game. I noticed that there are no options for previewing the prizes (that I could find) the way I can when trying them on in the shop. I was not so happy to discover that the Twirly Dancing Skirt fits over my JubJub's face (hiding her mouth) instead of where a skirt traditionally fits. Naturally, I am therefore a bit disappointed in my prize selection. Could you please either update the Twirly Dancing Skirt so that it fits my JubJub properly or figure out a way to let us try on items that we wish to select as our Blumaroo dice prize? Thank you. ~rccarmichael
Whoa! We know clothes can be a little... difficult on JubJubs, due their absence of, well... everything but a head and feet. You're quite correct, though, that the Twirly Dancing Skirt is not placed correctly. We've informed our artists so that they can correct it.

Hi! I don't have a question, but instead I'd like for you to hijack this question and tell us something important that you would like to announce, or want us to know. No need to show my username because the spotlight's on you. ~username removed
O.O Oh, umm... let's see. Oh, we know! We were honestly just kidding with the "question mark" island question. There really isn't anything interesting there aside from--*also dragged away by Meepits*

Ahem. Greetings Neopians, this is King Jazan. As it seems the Editorial writers have all been dragged off to some ill fate and apparently I have pulled the short straw (I still say Altador cheated), I have been asked to close this week's Editorial. I know you're all fond of some coconut that's on fire or something, but instead I shall delight your eyes with a photo of my favourite Ixi in all Neopia.

WHAT?!? That's not the right picture!!!
Hanso, you are SO dead when I get my hands on you.

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