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Three Things Your Skeith Should Not Eat

by navigator123


Skeiths are very lovable pets, despite their appearance. They may look angry and powerful on the outside, but inside they are warm and fuzzy (almost like a JubJub). Although they are very strong, they are also quite lazy. Due to their laziness, they have also become the largest inhabitants in all of Neopia. This means that they sure love to eat. Skeiths will eat just about anything. If you fish out a Mossy Rock from Ye Olde Fishing Vortex, a Skeith will certainly love it for a midnight snack. If you stumble across some Maggot Stew while visiting Edna in the Haunted Woods, a Skeith would not think twice about what is in it, and instead will eat it up. Best of all, if you feed a Skeith something with the world Skeith in it, such as a Chocolate Skeith Cone, you will get an avatar. Now, just because a Skeith will eat anything does not necessarily mean that you should feed your Skeith anything. There are several foods out there in Neopia that a Skeith should stay away from. They have very strange side effects. The top three foods, and their respective side effects, that you should avoid feeding your Skeith are listed below. If you are a Skeith owner, like me, I would memorize the following list and stay away from these foods at all cost.

1. The first type of foods that you should stay away from is anything with the word “spicy” in it. Now, a spicy treat may be good now and then when you want to jump start your taste buds, but not for a Skeith. If you give your Skeith a handful of Super Spicy Jelly Beans you have been warned. A Skeith will eat just about anything, and yes, he will swallow this, but he will not know what hit him until it is too late. At first a Skeith will not feel anything, but within a few minutes they will feel a burning sensation within their stomach. This burning sensation will then rise towards their throat, and then finally hit their mouth. Before a Skeith can yell for water, a giant burning flame will emit from their mouth. Yes, eating spicy food will cause a Skeith to breathe fire. The urge to breathe fire will be uncontrollable. This urge can last from minutes, to hours, and yes, even days! The length of time depends on what you fed him and how much of it. A fire breathing Skeith has been known to burn down houses, and even whole villages. No known cure can be found in the Neopian Hospital. So, be careful when handling spicy foods, especially around a Skeith.

2. The second type of food that you should keep away from a Skeith is any vegetable. Yes, Skeiths do not like vegetables. Then again, who does? Whether it is a healthy Asparagus Borovan Lasagne or a delicious bowl of Mushy Peas, keep it away from your Skeith. Now, you may be wondering what is wrong with eating vegetables; they help you grow strong muscles and bones, and are vital for a healthy body. Well, not for a Skeith. Vegetables, especially green vegetables, make a Skeith act like a vegetable coloured Chia. It may seem entertaining at first seeing your Skeith run around pretending he is a Pepper Chia, or burying himself in the ground thinking he is a Chokato Chia, but as entertaining as this may be, it is harmful to your Skeith. If he eats enough vegetables, he will permanently pretend he is a Chia. Your large, powerful Skeith will no longer do Skeith things like eat anything in sight. Instead, he will become a very picky eater. He will only eat certain foods, that is if you even managed to cook it to his liking. Your inventory will be full of unused kelp, or items given out from Tombola, and yes, even gross foods will overrun your inventory. You have been warned; keep vegetables far far away from your Skeith. Don’t even think about bringing them to your house.

3. The final type of food that you should keep away from your Skeith is any sweet with a high amount of sugar. This is the most dangerous food item that he can consume. This includes, but not limited to: Extra Sugary Birthday Cupcakes, Sugar Coated Lupe Treats, Twisty Sugar Doughnuts. Although a Skeith can have a slice of Aisha Chocolate Cheesecake every once in a while, do not overfeed him sweets. What high sugar items do to a Skeith is unfathomable. The instant sugar rush will cause a Skeith to run around, fly around, leap around, and even dance around uncontrollably. They will be running up walls, flying to the highest peak in Terror Mountain, and come back down, and then fly back up again. They will keep running and moving and make strange noises. You will not know what to do. This will go on for hours. You may try shooting him with Dr. Sloth’s Sleep Ray, but this will not work. The Skeith will have to use up his entire energy supply before the sugar rush escapes his body. After he crashes, your Skeith will sleep for days. You may have thought it was very difficult to wake Turmaculus, but waking up a Skeith after a sugar rush is even worse! There is nothing you can do. You must wait it out. Then, after your Skeith finally wakes up, he will consume anything he can get his hands on. Please, whatever you do, keep sugary foods away from your Skeith.

With this simple guide, you will know what foods to keep away from your Skeith. Caring for a Skeith is so pleasurable; they are fun to play with and they are very loyal pets. Best of all, they can protect you from harm. Although feeding a Skeith is easy work, keeping foods away from one is not. They enjoy eating all sorts of things, even things that are bad for them. Overall, they are wonderful pets and I would not trade my Skeith for anything, not even a Draik.

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