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Petpetpets and Sugar

"It makes them smarter!"

by djudju22_8
The Fight

Bring it on.

by qutgrl7
Shades and Hues 10

Shattered Purity Arc; Part 6/15

by mstr_dark
Notebook Giggles (Volume 1)

Don't you hate it when your friends are naturally smart?...

by _x_bjork_x_

Brucicles, good or EVIL!?!?!

by helenasback
Neoschool - Episode 1: The Storm

Children, please do not roll in the mud.

by scechoi
The Substitute

Even the Money Tree deserves a day off... :3

by rain_e_days
A Lesson Learned

Never trust the Grundo Leader.

Art by repulsives

by ava_ked

AYEE Love the Alphabet!

Recite the alphabet?

Idea by suzerz

by chikolina

Hanging Offer

How about this...

by tammytas
Xweetok Family 1

Mmm, chocolate.

by 5966001

*shifty eyes*

Also by marcthegr8est1

by _kawaiidesu_

Team Mayhem

Well... He can at least sell it, right?

by dark_moon_blossom
Spotted: Can't Stop Shaking


by dogcrazy04140
Spooky Happenings

Good job, my little 'beast'...

by oceanologist
The Discarded Magical Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

So that's why you only get to talk to it...

by friend101253
The Neopian Hospital

I knew he was behind it!

by 1992jk1995

No one comes here anymore....

by forest_creatures
Locked: Trip to The Snowager


by lockednloaded21
Hoban Woes

How dare you!

Art by invalid_character

by bartdrunkeys

Neopian Happenings

The Dangers of being a Chia are revealed!

by saqo
Not a Peautiful Day!


by amarillida
Chia Hug!

On three...

Idea by carrbot

by bananerr

(Un)common Sense - Chia Pops!

How sweet!

Art by soccergirl101397

by kuroge

What's For Dinner?


by driftwood
More Hardships of...Habitarium P3s Part 6

Getting a new color isn't always something to be excited about.

by alagfalaswen
Neopian Anomaly, Part 4

I do wish you wouldn't point. It's so impolite.

by lizica166
The Great Thing About Edible Chias

Chocolate Chia Day!

by purplebee2000
Random Oddness

She's just... so... evil!

by mistyqee
Neopian craziness - Monthly freebies

Guess what my Chia picked. :D

by petmuju
Chia Food

Tomato Chia?

by souxis
The Bunker - The Makeover (Part 11)

I'm fairly certain also as well.

by hubadawaha
Chia Party - Thanks for the invitation?

Fruits, good for you.

by mysticmirella
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"The Ringleader" by kateee366
Dr. Death unlocked the giant metal door with a key longer than his forearm and entered the cage room. His hunched frame and crazy mad scientist hair scared every owner that came here, as it made him look near the brink of insanity. As he stepped through the caged hallways, hard soles clomping along...

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Home, Sweet Home
Perhaps I could one day say "home, sweet home" with joyful thoughts of a family I belong in.

by evaniab


Tales From Number Five: Legend of the Ghostkersword - Barallus
Unfortunately, Barallus had not inherited what his family called 'the fighting gene'. He wasn't brave...

by rider_galbatorix


Improving Your 2p Battling Skills
The best way to get better is constantly practicing.

by el_stoicador


Chias: More than Food
The Chia is one exceptional Neopet, characterized by a special trait above all others. This characteristic is of course, the option of becoming a fruit or vegetable.

by zoologynerd


Before the Tale: Part Four
"I cannot believe you did that!" Jaycee yelled at Sebastian as they were following a worn path through the Woods.

by tanikagillam


On His Majesty's Secret Service: Part Two
The door to the dungeon was slammed open, and an Eyrie Guard marched in, holding a young Kyrii by the scruff of his neck.

by herdygerdy

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