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Salvaging Your Safety Deposit Box

by carrotbreath


Also by jesshiepls

A safety deposit box is one of the greatest inventions in Neopia. A place to keep your items safe whether you're trying to hide your valuables from the Pant Devil, or from another one of those villainous thieves, or just wish to keep your items safe, your safety deposit box gets the job done!

But what if one day after you've done your dailies, but can't be bothered to clean out the Ummagines, Grey Sea Ferns, and all those other items the Money Tree is crawling with, your inventory reaches max capacity. There's no need to panic; you can still decide what to do with the items, but soon after you realize it's full, Queen Fyora, the queen of all faeries, asks you for an item. Now this is when you hit crisis mode and quickly open Quick Stock, deposit all items into your safety deposit box, thinking you'll just get to them later, since this was of dire importance. Now your inventory is empty, Queen Fyora's been appeased, and your pet is now stronger. Everyone is happy.

But what if this same situation, or some variation occurs daily for months? Soon your safety deposit box will be in the thousands, and you'll be living in a clutter without knowing why certain items are in there, or why you even felt the need to keep those items for safe keeping in the first place. So you make the ultimate decision, to clean your safety deposit box! It might be terrifying at first, when you notice there's over 100 pages, but no fear you have all the time in Neopia to clean it.


Here are a few preliminary things you should know about some limits set on item storage and transfers.

Quick Stock - you quickly move items around to your shop, safety deposit box, donate, discard, gallery, closet, or shed; this is extremely useful, but you can only transfer 70 items at once.

Inventory - can hold an unlimited amount of items, but the maximum you should hold is 50 items; if you go over 50 you'll be unable to buy items from shops.

Alternatives for item storage, which also keep them safe from harmful random events:

Closet - your closet is used to store wearables, either NC wearables or NP wearables, which can be used to customize your pets. This has a limit of 650 items, which can be extended on the preferences page, but allowing more items may make your closet run slowly while customizing.

Storage Shed - used to store items to customize your Neohome.

Gallery - there may be items that you rather not sell and maybe even show off, therefore a gallery is the perfect choice for you. A gallery doesn't have a set limit, only the limit you give it, meaning that you are able to increase the size of your gallery, by paying a certain amount.

Getting Started

The thousands of items in your safety deposit box may overwhelm you, and if you want to preserve your sanity I suggest you don't go through all those 100 some odd pages all in one day, and break it down to maybe 5 or 10 pages a day. You should also go into the situation with a game plan in mind, having some sort of idea of which items you want to keep in your safety deposit box, and which items you plan to take out. For example, try keeping items that you know may grow in price in a few months and try to take out those worthless items, which only take up space. Honestly the worth of an item is relative to the owner, so all I suggest is to go into it ready to let go of those items that you never plan to use. Also, pay attention to the quantity (qty.); you may want to sell the excessive items that have accumulated.

Items You're Sure to Run Into

Fishing, Tombola, etc.

Most of your dailies are notorious for having the ability to clog up your inventory, so you may have many lurking in your safety deposit box too. I suggest spending about five minutes at the Money Tree; you're bound to see a couple of those items donated, and it'll help you get an idea of which items are worthless and ultimately junk or you can try checking each individual price on the Shop Wizard, which is more accurate but tedious.

Advent Calendar Prizes

The Advent Calendar gives daily prizes all throughout the Month of Giving. If your account has been around for more than a year, you might have some of these items. I still have prizes from Y7, and after a couple years it gets excessive. For some reason, I'm too attached to these items to sell them or use them. If you're like me, then this might be helpful; I transfer all my advent calendar prizes to a spare account's safety deposit box; this way my main account's safety deposit box is kept clean and clutter free, while all the items are sitting in a spare until I decide what to do with them. Now the items are kept safe and you're feeling quite organized.

Unusable items

Can that clothing item not be worn? Do you have no one to give that gift to? Has your pet grown tired of that toy or already read that book? Or is your pet too bloated to eat that item? There are many items which are no use to you, or that you don't plan on using and would rather not keep contributing to the clutter. These are the items you should plan to let go of first, either by selling or donating them.

Shop - you can price your items and sell them here. Like a Gallery there is no size limit to your shop, only what you make it. The maximum price you can make an item is 99,999 NP, but if your item is worth more, you should use the trading post.

Auctions - a time crunching auction is sure to get your item sold! An auction can last from one hour to two days, and you choose the starting price and price increment for bids.

Trading Post - here you can put more than one item on a lot, and write a Wishlist of what you would like for exchange of those items.

Money Tree - if any item is worthless or you're feeling kind, why not donate it to the Money Tree. You'll make someone else happy, and one less item.

Second-Hand Shoppe the equivalent of the Money Tree, but for wearable items.

Quick Tips

When in the process of cleaning out your safety deposit box, try your best not to deposit items you'll regret later, take time to gallery, sell, or donate.

Still don't want to let go? Why not try storing some items on your spare account, and keep your main's safety deposit box clean.

After you're done, try not to let it get as bad again, and do regular page inspections every now and then.

Try to keep your safety deposit box under two thousand items; honestly no one actually needs that many.

Quick reminder of your alternative options: Closet, Storage Shed, Gallery, Sell, or Donate.

After your safety deposit box has been cleaned, please feel free to bask in your awesomeness and organization.

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