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Unlimited Score Submissions

by herolann0


NEOPIA CENTRAL--Would you consider it a dream to send... *gasp*... endless score submissions for neopoints? You could play all of your favorite games every day as much as you like, aware you are piling up those neopoints. According to Neopet's current trends, you can only send a maximum of 3 score submissions per game unless there is a special event occurring. Bummer. Imagine the endless things you could do with your well-earned neopoints with unlimited score submissions. Obviously, like most users, you would spend your neopoints. This topic is often argued and discussed to a point where two sides of the idea are torn. Many players agree they cannot decide whether being allowed to send unlimited scores would really create happiness. Some fellow Neopians disagree with this idea of endless score submissions. As much as the dream may seem pleasing, there is a darker, complex side to this “fabulous” idea.

Planning ahead, the Neopian Market would be pandemonium. No matter how much we users would love being able to send endless scores, would the prices of those dreamed items stay the same?


The infamous Nigel the Commodity Broker Chia kindly agreed to answer some difficult questions about this topic that you might have. He helps explains the possible outlook if infinite score submissions for games were allowed. (Sloth wanted an interview as well, but unfortunately had to decline our request due to his galactic plans for domination. We apologize for this inconvenience.)

Q: What would directly happen to the Neopian market?

A: Market trends and inflation would skyrocket. At first, there would be a frenzy of “sending and spending”. Eventually, our market would adjust to the change. The price of every item for sale would increase as more users have more neopoints. I find this sad because some [users] could become even richer than I am.

Q: Would the Stock Market suffer?

A: The prices [of stocks] would go up like everything else. Those buying [stocks] might suffer; however those selling will be filled with joy.

Q: Would some users struggle with the change?

A: Yes, most definitely. It would become very difficult for users who do not own as many neopoints as a typical user. Simple things that are cheap and easy today would become outrageously overpriced. The Soup Faerie would be very popular for those who do not send as many score submissions or do not earn as many neopoints like others.

A: What if TNT did not raise the prices of items in shops?

Q: Most users would obviously be able to afford anything available in the shops. Users would own the same items, look the same, blegh, BORING!

Q: How can TNT make things fairer for everyone?

A: Decreasing the neopoint ratio [for games] would help ease the chaos, but it would probably become very frustrating. Earning 40 neopoints for your ultimate high score on Meerca Chase is not exactly what I’d call ultimate.

Q: How could you personally benefit from the idea?

A: Good question. I do like the thought that I could be known as even more prosperous.

Q: If the Meepits were carrying out their planned attack on Neopia, would users notice? (question submitted by Meepits)

A: Honestly, everyone would be playing games. So no.


If you are selling a paint brush, you would want to price it well so you earn a good profit. Right? Deciding how you will price it will make you perplexed at first. You would want to make sure you would earn enough like the others who are selling the same paint brush. This is an example why the market will go insane if we are just free to earn neopoints unlimited. Everything would become more expensive or unbuyable, placing a monster roadblock for those who don’t care for flash games.

Many can agree that it would be certainly nice to be able to gloat at our bank accounts; however Neopets would require some large changes to fit the needs for our bank deposits. Such as prices of items in shops increasing, like Nigel the Stock Broker Chia mentioned. If inflation increased, either we would have to raise number of the “unbuyable” limit in user-owned shops, or auctions and trades would become trendier.

Sloth recently reported that he would not be very happy knowing everyone else is too happy and busy to realize his plans for world domination. Owners of kadoaties stated they would be extremely displeased acknowledging their suddenly overweight kads due to a large crowd of enthusiastic feeders. Number Six also admitted he would be aware some users have a larger amount of neopoints that he has. The *cough* friendly green Skeith that helps with your service at the National Neopian Bank declared he would be closer to quitting his job than he already is. Although we may appear to benefit from this genius scheme of endless score submissions, some of our beloved characters and site features would suffer.

"AUGHH!" The confusion! The drama! Now thinking twice, our experiences would not all be the same. Despite the fact that unlimited scoring submissions would make users ridiculously rich, the feeling of working hard and long for your treasured neopoints is gone. We are only allowed sending a maximum of 3 scores per game each day, yet many can agree that is what makes saving neopoints more challenging. When reading that sentence, remember that the word “challenging” is not described as if you are running an impossible obstacle course. “Challenging” can be referred to being dedicated, working towards a set goal, and feeling euphoric afterwards when the goal is complete. You have to admit it is more fun to be able work hard than earning neopoints quickly enough you cannot understand hard work. Okay, it may not seem fun now, but if endless score submissions were allowed, eventually you would miss it. We are apologetic if you are planning to run an extreme obstacle course sometime soon; at least have a good time.

TNT in all probability would be happy that players are more eager to play games, but what about everything else featured on the site? It is difficult to think about playing non-flash card games, such as the classic Pyramids, when you could be playing Kass Basher endlessly earning a gazillion neopoints. There are ways that can help ease the neopoint craze, such as lowering the neopoint ratios. However, this would make games less fun and unpopular for many.

Behind the begging to TNT to allow endless score submissions for games, we fail to realize what consequences would evolve over time. Our market inflation could skyrocket, making prices unfair to some users. There are endless possibilities for the outlook of our beloved Neopets if we could earn as many neopoints as we dreamed; however, it makes it too difficult to imagine if we were a ghost town. Ask yourself: “Am I thankful?” BWAHAHA! Sure you are. ;)

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