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The Pollenitus Phase

by tiptoeboo


It’s that season again. Summer. Hot days, brilliant sun and lazy days on the beach (unless of course you live in Terror Mountain ;D ). However, for some unfortunate neopets, this can all be ruined for them by one small, easily curable illness, Pollenitus.

Pollenitus causes uncontrollable sneezing, watery eyes and an itchy nose, making your pet feel very ill. It's definitely an illness they do not want in this awesome season. So what do you do when it strikes?

1. Run to the Pharmacy to get some Crater Fruit Elixir as soon as possible!

Foul tasting to some, this elixir is made of different plants and crater fruits, it is suitable for vegetarian pets and an absolute must have for any pets with Pollenitus. When you have got hold of this medicine, you must carefully measure the dose for your pet – about two spoonfuls every hour should get your pet as right as rain within a day! However, if you cannot afford this elixir, you should visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland where the Water Faerie might be able to give you an immediate cure. She gets quite busy sometimes, though, so you may have to go back several times for her to make your pet better.

2. Send your pet to bed

An absolute necessity when you have a sick pet is to give them lots of rest and recuperation – and how to do this without a decent bed is completely beyond me! There are many lovely beds on the market at the moment, depending on what sort of bed you are looking for. For spooky pets with a large budget, you could buy a Gothic Bed complete with canopy and matching pillows or if you have a slightly smaller budget you could go for a very nice Toy Train Bed – comfy and stylish at the same time! There are even Altador Cup themed beds in the NC Mall at the moment, for example the Regal Lost Desert Bed (Go Lost Desert! Woot! :D ). So you have no excuse for not offering your pet the quality they deserve for when they are ill!

3. Buy some tissues

You probably don’t want your pet to leave snot all over your house, so as soon as you can leave your pet, buy some tissues for them. It is even rumoured that Snot pets came from pets that didn’t blow their noses when they were ill and it has become fashionable amongst the younger Neopian generation, to the horror of thousands of owners!

4. Feed your pet when they are feeling well enough

Although many pets will hate me for saying this, Gruel is one of the best things for a sick pet! Nourishing and tasty and coming in many different forms, Gruel is a complete must have! It also has the effect of making your pet get well faster just to avoid eating the Gruel. >;D

5. Groom your pet

When your pet is sick, they will probably not be feeling totally rational and will only want to know that you love them! A really great way to do this is to groom them. And again. And again. And- well I think you get the idea! You might even want to head off to the Grooming Parlour to buy something especially for them, the Shopkeeper could probably help you find something exactly suited to your pet! I mean, what Kougra wouldn’t like some Kougra Shining Soap, and what Gnorbu wouldn’t like a Blue Gnorbu Brush!? Also, while you are at the Grooming Parlour and your pet is feeling ill, you should seize the opportunity to get some Nail Clippers! Most pets hate having their nails clipped, so really, while they are helpless, go for it!

6. Buy a present for your pet

Another way to show your pet that you truly love them is to buy them a little present to show them your affections. A plushie is always a good bet. All pets love hugs and something to squish (but you must be very careful that your pet doesn’t try to feed their delicious Gruel to their new plushie!). Also, a plushie may take your pet's mind off being so ill and distract them a little from their itchy nose. However, some pets feel that they are too old for the likes of plushies, so another good gift idea is a Bottle of Love. Stylish and elegant, this is a really symbol of appreciation, whether it be for a friend or for a sick pet! Or if you aren’t feeling very rich, just remember a hug is worth a thousand words, especially long snugly ones!

7. Get some more food for your pet

After a while of Gruel, you can give your pet something a little nicer to eat as a reward for taking their Elixir so well. An instant favourite with pets of all ages is a Bar of Chocolate – so simple yet mouthwatering! YUM! YUM! YUM! You might just want to get a couple of bars in case you get hungry on the way home!

8. Don’t neglect your other pets!

This is very very important! You must remember to care for all your other pets or they might want to become sick to get all the attention, which you definitely do not want! A nice way to do this might be to take them on a day trip to Roo Island to have a go on the Merry go Round and play Dice-A-Roo for a few minutes. Who knows, you might even get a spiffy avatar from it! Or you could take a trip to Mystery Island to chill on the Beach with some ice-cream; it is summer after all!

9. Care for your pet

After your pet fully recovers, you must be very vigilant for any returning symptoms. Even if they just look a little sniffy, take them to the Hospital at once to check it out! You really don’t want to have to go through all this over again!

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