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NeoSchool (Just My Luck)

by jamba_jukeba


Hey, friends. My name is Kimmy3310. You can call me Kimmy, for short. I'm a Desert Kacheek. I live in a small area near Neopia Central with my mom and three brothers. Tomorrow is my first day of school! Yay!

     "Mom, what's Neoschool like?" I asked, curiously.

     "Its a lot of fun. You'll make lots of new friends and learn stuff, too," said jamba_jukeba, my mom.

     "What kind of stuff will I learn?"

     "There's a lot of things you'll learn like the alphabet, some new songs, and how to read!"

     "But Mom, wha-"

     "Please, that's enough questions. Go to bed; you have a big day tomorrow!"

     "Okay, Mom."

     Mom tucked me into bed, and turned off the lights. Hours passed. I couldn't sleep. What if Neoschool isn't so much of what I expected? What if no one likes me? Well, whatever. "Just be yourself, and everything will be fine."

     The next morning, Neoschool started at 9:00 AM. I got up extra early to get dressed. Mom had put so many things in my closet- hats, shoes, handbags. I couldn't choose! I knew how Neopets who entered the Customization Spotlight felt. I didn't forget to bring my lucky charms, like my Lucky Bone Necklace. I don't start anything new without it.

     Mom and I walked to school, and she waved to me. I gave her a big thumbs up. I entered the Neoschool building thinking, "This is it!" I looked at the class list, trying to find out which classroom is mine. I skimmed through..."Karly, Katherine, Katie..." Where's my name? I heard the bell ring. Uh-oh. I'd better hurry. "Kimmy3310." Yes, I found it! Room 30. Now to find it.

     So, I ran to Room 30. I entered, and glanced at the classroom. Every Neopet in it looked much older than me. They all looked at me as though I didn't belong there. Like they weren't expecting me. I heard the teacher yelling across the room, "Sweetie, are you lost?"


     "What's your name?"


     The teacher looked around for my name under her class list.

     "Honey, your name isn't here. You are supposed to be in Room 03."

     Great. I entered the wrong classroom, on the very first day. It was a totally different grade, too. I must have mixed up the numbers and read, "03" as, "30" How could I have made such a silly mistake?

     *facepalm* So much for the Lucky Bone Necklace.

     "Thank you, ma'am."

     I left the room, and headed for Room 03. How embarrassing was that? I entered the right classroom, and everyone stared at me as I found my seat.

     "Okay, class, let's all introduce ourselves," said the teacher, an old Blue Elephante.

     Good. At least I didn't miss a lot of the first class.

     "Let's start with you." He pointed right at me. So, I introduced myself, and he went on to the next person.

     Soon, the class was over. Time for break. Not a lot of Neopets were talking to me, except one.

     I just sat there, eating a Chocopie Slice that my mom packed me. The cake was delicious. But, the frosting tasted like Dung mixed with cherries and topped with whipped cream. I just scraped the frosting off and ate the rest.

     "Hi," a little Spotted Kau said to me. "I'm Emily. What's your name?"

     "Kimmy3310, but please, call me Kimmy."

     "I love that name!"

     "Really? Thanks!"

     "So, why were you late to class?"

     "Oh, I mixed up the room numbers while reading the class list."

     "Don't worry. It happens."

     So, now I have at least one friend. Perfect. This is working out.

     Emily pointed to my Lost Desert attire. She told me how much she adores it. I personally thought it was a bit tacky with the jewels and all. But, the current price of the Lost Desert Paint Brush is about two million Neopoints, so I can't complain.

     Spotted Kaus don't get Paint Brush clothes, but she was so well dressed. She wore all black to match her spots.

     We talked, and talked, and talked. She even invited me to her sleepover on Saturday.

      When the bell rang, the break was over, and we walked back to the class. We learned how to sing some new songs, and had Silent Reading. I picked out my favorite book, Faerie Folk. But, while I was reading, a Buzz carrying a huge stack of books lost his balance, and dropped everything on my feet. It hurt a lot. Then, I pulled the page of the book so hard, it tore a bit. That wasn't my book, you know. So, I had to pay a one hundred Neopoint fine to replace it.

     The final bell rang, and I was so excited to tell my mom everything that happened today, when all of a sudden, I suddenly tripped on my tail down the stairs. Unfortunately, I fell over another Scorchio in front of me, and stepped on HIS tail. He started yelling at me loudly, too. Just my luck.

     He shouted, "Don't you ever watch where you're going?"

     "Listen, it was just an accident."

     "Why are you such a klutz?"

     I was pretty much silent then. A klutz? Am I really that clumsy?

     So, I replied, "I know I am, but you're... you're... really fat." Oops. Maybe that wasn't the best comeback. Pretty lame, I know.

     Then, the old Elephante teacher came to break up the argument.

     What was that Scorchio's problem? He is such a grouch.

     I was so embarrassed, that I sprinted home. I didn't even look back. I didn't want to see the other Neopets laughing at me. Then, as I ran home, I saw a large crowd in Neopia Central. I think it was because of a sale at the NC Mall. I needed to walk across Neopia Central to get home. But, there were so many Neopets there, I couldn't get through. I had to take the long way, and walk around Neopia Central. It was so tiring, my legs were aching and I was sweating when I got home. Why was I having such a bad day? I know that sometimes everyone has bad days, but mine was particularly bad.

     My mom was waiting at the door of our Neohome. I ran over, and gave her a big hug.

     She asked, "Hi, honey! How was school?"

     "Terrible. I was late, and I went into the wrong classroom, a Buzz dropped books on me, and I tripped on the stairs, and stepped on a Scorchio's tail. Then, there was a large crowd at Neopia Central, so I had to take the long way home."

     "Oh, no!"

     "But, I managed to make one friend. Her name is Emily. She's really nice."

     "That's good. Today was a tough day, wasn't it? I bet it was because you forgot your Lucky Bone Necklace."

     "What? No, I didn't forget it, it is right here-" I looked at my neck, and it wasn't there. I was a bit thrown off. I knew I put it on before I left the house.

     "I found it on the doorstep this afternoon. It must have fallen off. How many times do I have to tell you to be careful with your things?"


     Seriously? No wonder I had a bad day. Well, today may not have been a very good day for me, but I'm sure tomorrow will be the best. I've got a new best friend. She seems like a very nice girl to keep me company.

The End

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